Tough Romance part 2

The sequel to Tough Romance! So who are you for? Richard the one who looks like Oyoama from angel beats with chestnut hair and hazel eyes? He's smart and cute. Or will it be Jacob the year older brohter who has Obi Wan's dirty blond hair, sky blue eyes, and is cheerful! Maybe its Matthew the eldest brother of them all. He's secretive and mysterious with his green eyes and black hair.

I'm glad you all enjoyed the last one and heres the seqeual to it to feed you Tough Romance Hunger. So your hunger will be gone! For now. Enjoy and have a nice day/night.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "Father I thought we went over this." Richard said right after Matthew left. The King sighed "here we go again." "Father I don't like repeating things but you never seem to learn. You never really try to talk to Matthew. He's getting more and more distant from all of us by the day. I try to talk to him but he barely says one word to me." Jacob nodded in agreement. "And it all started after you smashed his pride." Jacob said "And it was in front of the whole town too." Jacob said. Curious you say "what happened?" The King looked at everyone and said "I belive I shouldn't have to fix everything cuz he wont get over one little thing."But father-" Richard tried "look Richard I'm not gona baby any of you. Matthew is old enough to deal with his own problems. He's a young man and needs to deal with it." The Queen looked at him and just stared down at her soup. There was silence. "Well!" Queen Jasmine clasped her hands "i guess dinners over! It was a pleasent day!" Richard got out of his chair and walked silently out of the room.
  2. You thanked the King and Queen for everything and you walked slowly to your room. You got dressed in your white night gown and went to sleep wondering what happened that made Matthew liked that. You wake up with the morning sun in your face. It warms you up with a new welcoming day. You go to your closet wondering what to wear. You see a nice simple blue dress that hanged down to your feet. It's sleves covered your arms and a tight white blouse is under covering the top of your breast. You put on some blue slippers. You found a cream color bow and tie it around your neak as a necklace. You brushed your hair and put on some flower smelling purfume and a light pink lip stick. You took the sleep out of your eyes and looked at yourself through the mirror.
  3. You walk out and have your breakfest with the royal family. You all go your seperate ways. You walk through the halls with all of the painting of the royal family. You enter another hall and see paintings of the boys when they were young. One showed Jacob riding his first horse. On showed Richard writing down a letter to the neighboring Kingdom asking for their alliance. They did and now they are the best allys. One showed Matthew when his was about 2 and he had his first sword. Well wooden sword. He was actually smiling. One showed all of the boys together and they had armor on and swords on their sides. Richard looked cute in the silver armor. He looked about 12. Jacob held his sword up happyly. Matthew just looked depressed.
  4. You felt a tap on your shoulder. You turn and see Jacob. He was wearing a normal Pince's clothing (like the prince from cinderella). It was green with white linnning. "Hello ____" he greeted cheerfully. "Hi Jacob" you say. "So i guess you found the hall of the memories." he said and his voice echoed through the hallway. "Is that what it is?" you say in amazment. "yep Matthew actually smile in those days. I wondering would you like to walk with me around the palace?" he asked. You nod smiling. He takes your arm and together you walk to the outside of the palace. "so your from a small farm village?" he said. "yes I am." you reply. "I heard about that little village. In fact I visited there once on New years Eve." He said. "You did? when?" you ask brighting up. "I was 2. I remeber seeing you in you little dress. Remember I was that one kid who gave you the flower?" he said and you remember seeing a kid older then you pretending to be a scholor and gave you a flower. You never remembered his face but you still have that flower. "Yes I do. You were boy." you say remembering what he called himself. He laughs and says "I was hoping that you wouldn't remember that! I just got my tutor and I started calling myself school boy." You smile and laugh. You walk to the garden that was filled with snow. The plants seemed sad and depressing. They had no leaves or flowers. You let go O jacob and started walking around.
  5. As you walk around the place you get a strange feeling that someone is watching you. But it isn't a good feeling. Its like from someone who is evil or something. But you can't get it away. You look around but no one is there. There is no one looking through the window of the trees or past the wall. Jacob catches up with you. "You looked cold so I brought you a blanket" he said putting a nice warm blacnket around you. "Thank you." You say. "So may I ask you a question?" you ask. "Of corse what is it?" He asked. "Last night, what was your brother Richard talking about? Like what happened?" His cheery face got sad. He looked down and said "I don't like talking about people behind their backs but you deserve to know what happened. Especially if Matthew bothers you." "Oh it doesn't bother me at all. I'm just worried thats all." You say. "Well it all started when he was 15. He met this girl that he really liked. My father didn't like her that much so he drove her off. Matthew got mad. But he came back with his heart broken. Dad gave him an I told you so in front of the whole town right after he just did something amazing. He hummilated Matthew in front of the whole town after he did something that a father should be proud of. Since then he stayed quiet like a ghost."
  6. "We thought that he would be over it. You know like a kid with their toy broken. But he never did. We try to talk to him. But he just has that same depressed expression....he use to be the strongest of us all." Jacob looked down at the ground. You touch his shoulder and say "maybe things will turn out better then what they ae today." He looks at you and has a cheery smile. You smile back and you two spend the rest of the day together. At dinner you sit where you sat the night before. You look at Matthew and think "theres mor to tell. I can feel it...." You walk around and enter the game room which was next to the libary. You look at a canvas and some paints. You hear a voice in your head echoes "paint.....let the brush glide across the emptied depressed sea....." then automatically you dip a small paint brush in the blue paint and let the paint brush do the rest.
  7. You finish painting and the father clock in the room rang. It was midnight. The room was too dark to see. You bumped into the couch. You almost know down the canvas and the new painting on it. You feel the flowered rug under your hands. You reach up for the couch's edges so you could feel your way out. But instead you feel a nice warm hand grab it instead. "Jacob is that you?" you ask. There nothing. The mystrious helper lead you back to your room and closes the door quickly so you couldn't see who it was. You opened the door and found no one. Everything was the same as it was. You went to sleep wondering who was your helper. You wake up. The sun is blocked by rain clouds. You put on a white dress that had the bottom curved making it look like a gliding bird. You put on a white flower and some slippers and a small blanket like jacket.
  8. You walk to the dinning room and eat your breakfest. You walk around th palace once again. But your alone. You enter the study hoping to find a book that you might like. You search and search but the books don't catch your eye. The books are either too fake of too ralistic. Richard comes in and sees you looking around. "What are you looking for?" he asked. "Just a book thats about something but makes it seem real but not too real...." you reply. "Well your looking for a vary hard book to find." he said crouching down next to you. "Do you nee help?" He asked. You shook your head and said "no but thanks." "You sure?" he asked. "I'm sure." He sits on the couch and reads. After a while you get fustrated with the books and walk up to him. "Can you help me find a book?" yu say sheepishly.
  9. "Well....." he said getting up "I could help you by saying that your looking in the wrong spot...." You brighten up. "Where should I look then?" you aske curious. He walked over to a book and pulled it gently. Then you hear a crack. The ceiling above you gets higher and the picture of the necklace of peace went higher and higher and then a latter appeared and three extra levels of the study was added along with more books......
  10. Sorry that it ended here! But the next one should be coming out soon!

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