18th century romance part 5

PART 5 OF MY QUIZ!!!!!!!!! hope you like it.

i will try to get the other quizzes out as soon as i can.

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. Elisabeth comes to your manor but she is not alone."my parents were worried about us traveling alone so they made me bring Alexander,Eugene,and William "
  2. she introduces you to Alexander and Eugene "this is Alexander, is my older brother" he smiles and kisses your hand. "and this is Eugene,my cousin." Eugene also kisses your hand "so you're the famous ____? I've heard quite a lot about you." he says with a dazzling smile.
  3. you get into the carriage. who do you sit by?
  4. during the trip you are very tired and fall asleep. you wake up in someone's arms. who do you want it to be?
  5. "you're so beautiful when you sleep" someone murmurs. you open your eyes and see Alexander walking away.
  6. you look around and realize you are in a room. you decide to sleep some more. who are you dreaming about?
  7. you are woken up by someone stroking your hair. you look up and see
  8. you hear someone walking in the hallway and the person who,unknowingly, woke you up goes away.you decide to get back to your beauty sleep.
  9. when you wake up, it is morning. you walk around the mansion. you bump into Elisabeth who is really happy ti see you and tells you that everyone is going into town to do some shopping
  10. you go shopping. which dress do you choose?

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