18th century romance part 3

PART 3 OF MY QUIZ. please rate and comment. like i said in part 2, the details will become very clear in the next few parts of the quiz.hope you enjoy the quiz.sorry for the spelling mistakes

hope you enjoy the quiz. please take parts 1 and 2 before you take this quiz;it will make more sense.part 4 will come soon. thank you for taking my quizzes.

Created by: elisabeth

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  1. you look around and see the gardener waking towards you. "thank goodness you have been found."i didn't didn't feel well when i was in the maze;William took me to the nearest bench" you answer. the gardener walks away and you decide to go back to the mansion.
  2. when you come into the mansion, you ask a maid for some hot tea and go near the fire place to warm up. you see Francis sitting on a chair. he gets up and hugs you tightly." ____,i was worried to death about you! where were you? what happened?"
  3. before you can answer him, he kisses you. you feel light headed and pass out.
  4. you wake up and see Francis sitting next to you holding your hand. "how do you feel?" he asks. you look around and realize you are in your room. you try to get up but you feel too tired,and Francis insists you don't get up.
  5. he tells you that he is leaving early in the morning.before you can ask him anything, he leans down and kisses you. then,out of nowhere, William comes into your room
  6. "hasn't anyone taught you to knock before you enter a room?!" growls Francis. William shuts the door and leaves.Francis gets on top of you and continues kissing you
  7. you don't know how much time has passed but soon realize it is dawn. Francis tells you to get some sleep, kisses you one last time and leaves.
  8. when you wake up you go down to the dining room and are told that it is lunch time. after lunch you go to look for William. you find him on the third floor. you
  9. he ignores you when you come up to him. you ask him why he is acting like this." i thought you were different from the rest of them!i thought you loved me!" he says fiercely in a raised voice. you feel your eyes fill with tears. you turn around and run to your room.
  10. you hear the door open"go away" you yell. "whats wrong?" you hear someone ask. you look and see Elisabeth standing at the door. she comes over and sits on the bed. come for a ride in the woods with me. there you can tell me everything.

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