Beautiful Endings Part 4

Announcements: Okay, so the romance will kick in maybe during Part 5 and so on. Also, I'm on Spring Break so expect a bunch of these coming out! And for the people who want to be in one of my stories...

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Nick was dead. When Sarah told me I was speechless. I just couldn't fathom that Nick—a human—was dead. "at first I thought it was Sam," Sarah said. I shook my head. "Sam wouldn't do that." Sarah laughed a little. "Faeries are capable of anything. But they can't necessarily lie, so he didn't do it. I was talking with him on the Compor, but we got disconnected. He said a name I think, but I couldn't really comprehend it." Fist April, Nick...I don't want Sam or Auntie Lisa to be next. How did Oath know Nick? Did it have anything to do with me in the first place? And I never gave him his birthday present.
  2. Alex touched my shoulder as I inhaled and exhaled slowly. "Give me the Compor," I told Alex. "That's not a good idea," Sarah sang. Alex ignored her and gave me the Compor anyways. I opened it up and wished to see Sam. At first it was dark and you couldn't see anything but a red light square in the middle of the circular mirror. Then after a few seconds the red light opened up into ringlets of color until Sam's face was staring at mine. "______," he whispered. "Give me that," ordered an unrecognizable voice. The picture started blurring and then focused on Sam's face again. "Don't worry about your Aunt and don't worry about me. I'll be—" And then it returned to pitch black. I shut the Compor and set it down on the table. "Xavier was there," I thought aloud. "Why was he with Sam?" "Xavier Martinez?" Sarah input. I nodded. "That's funny," she said. "Because they had his funeral maybe a week ago, so I've heard." She caught the shock in my eyes. "Looks like you've just seen a dead man's face. Now my vision makes sense. Xavier's going to kill Sam."
  3. Was he saying goodbye to Sadie? Yeah. But was she the only thing he was saying goodbye to? Probably not. Sarah said he was going to die soon. Maybe this was the soon she was talking about. Sam knew taking up this position would have deadly consequences, yet he still volunteered to do it. He didn't mind anymore now that his job was done and he did everything he could. "Why so serious, Sammy?" Xavier asked, turning left. Sam was in the passenger seat now, his wrists bound in rope. "I don't know, Xavier. Maybe it's because you showed up unexpectedly and then tied me up as your hostage," Sam said with a roll of his eyes. Xavier exited out the highway. "Shut up." They continued on driving silently until Xavier turned on the radio. He tapped his finger on the steering wheel to the chorus of We Are Young while turning right into a cul-de-sack. He parked in front of an old looking house with rickety looking stairs and peeling cherry red paint.
  4. Xavier got out of the car, opened Sam's door, and assisted him out roughly. "Where is this?" Sam asked. Xavier smirked, dragging Sam up the creaky stairs. "A friend of mine." Xavier rung the doorbell three times and waited. After a minute he rung again, but this time five. It was a sort of code, Sam thought. Finally, the door opened by itself. Sam and Xavier went inside, Sam cautious, Xavier anxious. The door snapped shut on its own while they walked down a narrow hallway with walls covered in black paint. "Scary," Sam whispered under his breath. "I'm sorry if it frightens you," a female voice said from an unknown destination. Startled, Sam looked around him. Xavier came to a stop and grinned. Out of the shadows came a ghostly looking girl with brown-red hair, scarlet lipstick, and piercing stormy eyes.
  5. "You must be Sam," she purred. She was about his age, maybe a little bit younger. She sat down in a chair and played with her hair. "I would introduce myself, but I don't feel its necessary since I just need to ask a few questions. Is that all right?" Sam was enchanted. This girl was gorgeous. Beautiful, actually. He wanted to know her name. He wanted to hear her voice again. "Anything," he mumbled out. The girl laughed. "Where's the Gateway to the Core?" Sam flashed out. "Why?" The girl lost character and gave him a look not to question her. Soon enough she went back to looking like an innocent girl. "I'm looking for someone, and he happens to be there."
  6. Sam shook his head. The girl got up from her seat, her hair flowing from the back like a waterfall. She touched Sam's shoulder and put her mouth to his ear. "Please? I'm not going to cause any trouble." Sam got goosebumps. She circled around him and got face to face. Her eyes were abnormally big. Although, they made her look cure, he had to admit. "I don't know where it is." The girl flashed a smile. "Don't lie, Sam. I know you know where it is, so don't lie to me. I have to find him. Please. It's my only chance." Sam exhaled slowly. She danced her finger across his lips. He quivered. Her touch made him feel so enlightened and at peace. "Somewhere in the school." The girl grinned. "Thank you." She turned away and started walking. "Xavier," she gestured with her hand, "please do something about our guest. He seems rather cold."
  7. "We have to help him!" I exclaimed, jumping up from my sitting spot. "Shh," Gritzo cut in, peeking his head from his room. "My kid is sleeping." He closed the door as I started pacing back and forth. "I'm not going to let him die," I kept muttering to myself. But what was I going to do? He was over there while I was over here. I sat back down and put my head in my hands. I looked back up and saw Sarah with her eyes closed away in a corner. I watched her nervously as she opened her eyes again. She started walking back to the group with concern in her eyes. "What happened? Alex asked her. She shook her head. "It's too late. They burned him alive."
  8. "Who's they?" Ash asked for me. "I don't know who they are, I just saw Sam screaming in a pit of fire. Although, I assume it was Xavier and possibly another person," Sarah said. I could tell that my eyes were red since everything became all blurry. Sam was amazing and he always made me feel happy whenever I was with him, and he was always there and everything. Now he's dead. Just, poof. Gone. I saw Sarah again with her eyes closed. "What did you see?" I asked her when they opened up again. She tilted her head and smiled. "I think I'm going to head out for a while. I'll be back in maybe a couple of days or so." She turned around to leave when Christofer entered. She looked over her shoulder at me. "Some things are better told in the future." And with a wink, she exited out as if nothing was broken.
  9. Sadie flipped the sign in the window from open to closed. She brought Auntie Lisa to the back of the store and sat her down in a wooden chair. "Are you the dentist?" She asked with a fake grin. "No, I'm...No, I'm your doctor. You're here for your yearly check-up." Auntie Lisa smiled and nodded. "I didn't sign any papers though." Sadie chewed on her lip. "Um, we don't need you to do that here since it's just a check-up." "Ah, of course," Auntie Lisa responded. "This is your office, I presume?" Sadie looked around the old looking storage room. It was just filled with herbs and potion bottles and cauldrons atop chipped wooden shelves. "Sure. Just stay here while I get my, um, medical utensil tools." She turned away and started looking through the shelves. Personality Disorder Spell, right? She thought to herself. I guess I could try to fix her up. Sadie heaved the cauldron onto the table and heated it up, waiting for it to get sizzling hot. She added a pot of water and slowed it down to a simmer while putting in a couple of bay leaves.
  10. "What are you making?" Auntie Lisa asked. "Your medicine," Sadie replied. And this time, she wasn't necessarily lying. Sadie turned again and thumbed through the many ingredients on the shelves, picking through each of them and setting them on the table. "And one flower petal would do," she muttered to herself, picking a petal from a Venus Flytrap. She tossed everything in the cauldron and stirred it until it became thin. She took a whiff and cringed. Sadie turned the fire off and grabbed a vile from the top shelf. She got out a ladle from the drawer and carefully spooned in the potion into the vile with steady hands. After finishing, she corked it up and set it down. With a proud smile, she turned to Auntie Lisa and said, "Let's get started."

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