Beautiful Lies Part 11

Announcements: Part 12 is going to probably make you guys cause a riot and you guys are probably going to think I'm the worst person in the world because I know some of you really liked this character...

but I guess I shouldn't reveal so much. Anyways, Beautiful Lies is ending soon! But don't worry because next is Beautiful Endings! But it's the final installment, so I guess it's not very happy...

Created by: Dannica
  1. "Zac Attack over here has bin our lil' experiment," Thomas cooed, watching Christofer with amusement. Christofer turned on the guard, restraining himself from breaking Thomas' neck. "What did you do to him?" Thomas put on a wry smile, knowing Christofer couldn't do him any harm, but didn't answer the question. He held open the door and gestured him out. "Come on, pretty boy. Master has something special for you when he gets back tonight."
  2. Nick brought Sam outside to talk. Sam was nice enough to bring him a pack of Star Bursts. "Sorry for your loss." Nick smiled faintly and sat down in a chair. Sam sunk in next to him and said, "Ivan told me today while I was getting frozen yogurt. I didn't know such a happy treat could become so depressing." Nick laughed softly. "Thanks, man." He sounded kind of nervous. "What's on your mind right now?" Sam asked, sensing Nick's anxiety. Nick hesitated, and opened up the pack of candy. He plucked a red one and fiddled with the wrapper. "I think I'm going crazy." Sam smiled to himself. "How so?" Nick popped the Star Burst into his mouth and chewed on it silently. "I think my mind is making up illusions, bro. I don't want to tell you or you might think I need help." Sam put on his best sympathy face. "You'll never know." Sam expected this. He somehow knew it would come to this moment. Nick told him about Xavier and the doctor and how he watched his brother die. None of it surprised Sam in any way. Nick was a witness. And something needed to be done about that.
  3. I followed Gritzo down the hall back into the main room. "No funny business in my home, got it, girl?" He asked from behind his shoulder. I masked my grin and replied with an, "Okay." Gritzo stopped and dug his way behind the counter. He bent down and I heard the clinking of glass again. The goblin's head popped back up, an empty vile in his hands. "Is it invisible?" I inquired, not getting it. Gritzo rolled his eyes. "I have four bottles of Nostalgia. I used to have five. Anything interesting happen to you while you were in your room canoodling with Alex?" I shot Gritzo a glare, but made sure to keep my voice low. "You gave me that Nostalgia already? How?" Gritzo smirked. "The brownies." I opened my mouth, then closed it again. "But we didn't even have a deal yet!" I bent over the counter, wanting to choke him. "Human, please. I wanted you to see how it was beforehand to see if you're sure about this offer." I calmed myself down and said, "What was the point of feeling all of that pain? How is that supposed to help me out?" Gritzo stepped down from the counter and sat down in his mushroom chair. "That's not for me to decide, human."
  4. He kicked his feet up. "Do we have a deal or not? I don't see why you would use Nostalgia on Alex again, so I would advise you to use it on Christofer. Unless you're dumb enough to use it on somebody else, of course." I made sure to choose my words carefully. "Let's stop focusing on me for a little. What's in it for you?" Gritzo laughed, an ugly, gurgling sound. "You get sharper every minute. My part of the bargain is for you to get me a child."
  5. I almost choked on my spit when I sputtered out, "Excuse me?" Gritzo rolled his eyes. "A child, human. A little baby goblin." Ash walked into the room and paused when he echoed, "A little baby goblin?" He squinted his eyes and eased on forward to hear our conversation. "The human girl has taken it upon herself to make a deal with me. She wants Nostalgia, and I want a child. Simple as that. So, human, do we have a deal?" I glanced at Ash. "Where exactly am I going to find a goblin baby?" Gritzo opened his mouth to answer but I beat him to it. "And I'm not going to kidnap one, if that's what you were going to say." Ash scratched the back of his head and said, "Well, hon, not a lot of goblins like their children. Most of them try to eat them if that's what it takes. It shouldn't be so hard to get the kid. The only thing difficult is where I think Gritzo is indicating for us to look. You sure you want this?"
  6. My stomach dropped. This could either be a life or death situation. But hey, I seem to have a tendency to get into those a lot. I nodded at Ash and said to Gritzo, "I ode to get you a goblin child as long as you come along with us and give me the Nostalgia. Deal?" Gritzo scratched his chin. "I didn't mention going with you, did I?" I smiled, knowing that I won. "Yeah, but I know how much you want a child. Go or I'm not going through with this." Gritzo sneered. "Respect to you, human. My bargain seems to have backfired on me. We shall leave in the morning, and I'll make sure to bring an extra bottle of Nostalgia just in case one gets damaged along the way."
  7. I was alone with Ash after Gritzo left the main room to check on April. "What's the Nostalgia for?" He asked me. "Promise you wont tell," I said. Ash half smirked and shrugged. "Depends on what it is, really." I rolled my eyes and told him what I was to do with the Nostalgia if Gritzo withheld his end of the bargain. "Interesting," Ash commented. "Well, I guess you should get some rest then, if you want to seek for your goblin baby in the morning." With a wink, he left the main room and went down the hallway, where he disappeared behind a green door.
  8. Sarah was roaming around in the forest like she knew where she was going. Which she didn't, of course. She closed her eyes. Her mind saw a decayed bridge that was by a thumb shaped rock. She looked to her right and walked in that direction. Sooner or later, she saw the rock in her vision. "Moves like Jagger," she muttered under her breath with a grin. She tested the bridge with one foot. When she thought it was safe, she crossed it slowly. After she crossed it, she saw a pond. Leaning over the pond, filling a canteen, was a boy. As if sensing her, he turned around and was gone in a flash. She walked towards the pond, when she felt somebody behind her. "Your blood smells appetizing," a boy whispered into her ear.
  9. Alex was asleep when I entered my room. I can imagine so, from that big scene that happened a while ago. I felt tired myself. I didn't want to wake up, and I didn't want him to leave either. I slowly crept onto the bed and he stirred slightly. I fluffed my pillow and gently lay down so that we were facing each other. He looked so innocent when he was sleeping. I traced his lips with my finger and closed my eyes for just a few seconds to take this moment all in. I prayed for our safety and then slowly dozed off.
  10. Alex woke up in the middle of the night to _______. He grinned and touched her hair. She was so gorgeous. He watched her as she lay in bed and took note of her breathing pattern. He didn't do anything else but look at her. He wanted to hold her in his arms, but he wasn't sure if she'd want that or not. He loved her. That was obvious to him now. After everything they've been through, he finally had the guts to admit it to himself. He tried going back to sleep, but couldn't. His heart was racing way too much and his stomach was exploding with fireworks just by her being this near. Sometimes he wondered why she liked him. She was so humble and fragile and...amazing. He was just a guy that had really crappy things happen to him. He would have said that she was different and not like the other girls, but that would really just make him seem like every other guy that tries to be romantic. "I don't even have to try to be romantic. I just am," He whispered to himself with a smile. His smile disappeared as he sighed. He moved his thumbs and circles and moved sleeping positions so he was on his back. He stared at the multi-colored ceiling that the lights made quite enchanting to look at. He watched the lights and listened to _______'s slow breaths until he fell to sleep once again.

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