Lies and Perfection

This is a series. take the quiz and then type in Lies and Perfections ______(name of person you got) 1 orr you could click on my name or search me: Coach BooBoo

Really think about these questions. This is a very serious vurtual life. It could end in Tragedy.. Despair.. Love.. Hate OR you could not care and take it for fun. :DD

Created by: CoachBooBoo
  1. Youre name is Alison. You live in a small town and you are very popular. You are dating the star football star, Hunter. He is tan and gorgeous with brown hair and eyes and you have been dating since you started your sophomore year, 2 months
  2. You are at school with Hunter sitting in his lap when a creepy black rundown car pulls into the parking lot. You dont recognize this car so you stare to discover who will emerge. "Alison?" Hunter asks. "Come on babe lets go."
  3. Hunter walks you to class and you tell him about the strange car with no driver. "You havent heard?" He asks and you shake your head, confused. "Hes new.. Ive heard hes kinda creepy. Just started here today, Hes an outcast." Your town is a small close community that does not like strangers.
  4. You walk into class and the new kid is in there. Hes sitting in the back, in your usual seat. He has black skater hair and Bright green eyes, he is pretty well built, dressed in black and is very ppale. You take a seat next to him and everyone looks at you funny. You introduce yourself he replies with one word: "Jacen" His eyes seem to glow
  5. The next day, Jacen gives you his number and you start becoming friends. Everyone looks at you strange but noone says anything. You still sit with Hunter and friends at lunch but you drive home in Jacens black buick. Your friend invites you to a party and advises you not to bring Jacen. It makes you angry so you bring him anyway. But there, when Hunter leads you outside to make out, the glass window beside you explodes, you run inside. Jacen is gone
  6. Whatever you chose, you ask your friend what happened. Shes freaking out. "That FREAK friend of yours! The guys were laughing at him. They backed him up against the window and were telling him to back off you and he broke the window! I didnt even see him hit it!!" She shouts. oh no, you think. Poor Jacen. You drive down to his house which youve only been to once before and knock.
  7. Jacen opens the door. His eyes are rimmed red. Has he been crying? What did they say to him? He almost shuts the door on you. Until you hug him. "I am so sorry Jacen. I had nothing to do with that I promise." After a while, he hugs you back. He then lifts your chin and kisses you. You kiss him back . One thing leads to another and the next morning, you wake up, naked in his arms. All you can do is thinks about how guilty you feel
  8. The next time you see Hunter at school, he can tell somethings off. He apologizes endlessly about what happened at the party and tells it wasnt his idea. He continously tells you he loves you. You feel terrible and you decide to tell him. You pull hhim aside and tell him you had sex with Jacen. The hurt in his eyes is overwhelming as he turns and walks away.
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