Beautiful Lies Part 10

Announcements: So some of you have been wondering why I made the 3-5 games in the first place. Well, I'm not sure whether or not I should pair everybody with Alex or Christofer, so I made a game for you guys to decide...

...the winners of the game gets to vote on who they want to end up with towards the end of the story. Angelic4 had a very good suggestion involving me making two endings, so that will be an option. If you're a winner, then I'll tell you guys when to cast your vote.

Created by: Dannica
  1. I was shaking, shivering, scared. My mind was at 4000 places at once. I felt my arms and my back, expecting to feel scars or blood. Nothing. And it wasn't even my memory. It was Alex's. I could feel everything he felt. Every time he was slapped around, kicked, punched; I felt it. It was unbearable. "What happened?" Alex asked when I curled away from him. How was I going to explain what happened when I didn't even know how it happened in the first place? "I saw a memory of yours," I said softly. Alex's body tensed up. "What memory?" I sighed. He didn't want me knowing. Of all the people, he probably didn't want me knowing. I could tell from seeing it;being in his mind. That memory was hidden beneath so much emotion. He wanted it to just not exist anymore, but he couldn't let it go. "I saw you as a little boy. And I saw a man. He was...he was abusing you."
  2. Alex's eyes were wide. "How did you see that?" I was hoping this question wouldn't pop up. How was I supposed to answer that when I didn't even know myself? "Well, I felt this really big memory coming on and I thought it was going to be for me, but I was mistaken when I saw you as a little boy and your mom. But the man I saw wasn't your dad. Your mom called him Rob—" "Don't say his name!" He cut off. His hands were shaking. "Sorry," he whispered. His breaths were shallow, and he wouldn't look at me. "You don't have to be," I said. I kissed his shoulder and he relaxed ever so slightly. "Who was he?" I stopped myself. "You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Alex's jaw flexed, and he still wouldn't look at me as if he were ashamed. "He was my dad. My real dad."
  3. When you see a guy cry, it's probably one of the most saddest, cutest, yet vulnerable thing you could ever set your eyes upon. When Alex started crying, so did I. And we cried together, content in each other's arms. He told me everything behind that memory. How it started, when it started. How painful it was for him not only physically but mentally. "I trust you with this," he said before. "But when I do tell you, I don't want your sympathy. That was the past and this is now. The only thing that matters to me right now is that I'm with you and you're with me. I can't change my childhood, and neither can you. Okay?"
  4. "Before my dad right now, my mom was married before. You might think that this kind of stuff only happens to mortals, but love can do crazy things, so my mom said. We were once a happy family. You know, two newly weds and a newborn son. It was a good life before. Then when I was three, my dad hit my mom." I remembered that. That was the first image that passed when I was in Alex's memory. Little Alex was playing with his toy firetruck when he heard bickering upstairs. He decided to go check it out. When he got to his parents' bedroom, he saw his dad holding onto his mom's wrist really tight. She tried turning away to leave, but then he smacked her across the face. "I was so little, I thought they were just playing around. I went back downstairs and went on playing with my firetruck. When they came back downstairs, they acted all normal. Although my mom did start avoiding my dad after that. I think she filed for a divorce, but—" he choked out the name, "—Robert wouldn't sign the papers. His anger started out small. Like, he'd start getting really mad if there wasn't any milk or if my mom was late from work or something like that. But he was a good dad. Or, I thought he was. He always acted like a fatherly figure towards me even though he acted crappy to my mom. It wasn't until my powers started coming in when I was 6 did he start getting violent me. I knew I shouldn't have been surprised or anything. It's just that I thought...I thought he loved me."
  5. Alex's lips quivered a little bit. I remembered that part of the memory too. Little Alex was outside with Robert, working on his new found telekinesis. "Okay, son, you're going to move that rock, okay?" Little Alex nodded with a giddy smile. Robert didn't look that happy about it. Alex stared intently at the rock, but nothing happened. "I can't do it," he muttered. "Just try again!" Robert exclaimed, trying to sound cheery and patient. Little Alex started staring at the rock again. But the rock wouldn't move an inch. "I can't do it, daddy. I'm sorry." Robert snapped. "Of course you can't do it," he started. "You can't do anything right! What kind of son have I created? How do you expect to grow up and be a man when you can't even move a stupid rock!" Robert flung the rock with his own mind at Alex's leg. He tried cowering behind a tree, but Robert got up behind him, spun him around, and backhanded Alex right across the face. "Now, we're going to try every day until you move that rock. Got it?" Alex nodded, rubbing his cheek with blurry, water stained eyes.
  6. "He wouldn't stop," Alex whispered. And even though he was trying to hide it, it was obvious he was tearing up a bit. "He'd hit me and hit me until...I had to stay in the hospital in a coma because of him. And after that he still wouldn't stop. He'd just keep hitting and hitting until his knuckles were raw and I was just..." I pulled him into a massive hug. "Stop," I whispered into his ear. "You don't have to. Stop." Alex nodded vigorously and pulled me close to him. It felt good: giving my shoulder to someone I truly cared about to cry on instead of the other way around for a change. And it was Alex. Of all the people, it was Alex. "Thank you," I said. "Thank you for telling me." Alex pulled away and stifled a laugh. "Thanks for listening. I've only told that story to one other person..." He stopped himself. "Who?" He didn't say anything for a while. "Misty," I guessed.
  7. "I didn't tell her any more than that my dad was rough on me," he said. "You're the only one that knows the whole story. Don't be jealous." He held my hand and kissed it. "I'm not jealous," I started. "But speaking of Misty..." Alex put his hand back to his side and bowed his head. "You didn't see that either, did you?" I looked down. "Maybe one tiny piece. You two were ice skating. You both looked really happy. She's pretty, you know." Alex bit his bottom lip, thinking about the right words to say. "She was really pretty," he said. "Beautiful, actually. And I was happy. I was extremely happy with her. That was the last time I had to be with her. I took her to a movie, dinner, and ended it with ice skating. We were in the parking lot, going back to my car, when her drunk ex boyfriend decided to show up. He was an Astrobit."
  8. I was starting to tear up again, but Alex's expression remained like stone. Actually, it didn't even look like he was crying before. "He asked her one more time if she wanted to get back together with him. She said no, and he crushed her with his gravity. When he realized what he did, he ran away, but he died later on in a car accident. But Misty...she died in my arms. I was devastated. I mourned for her every single day. And she's always going to be a part of me." Okay then. So, is this the part where I start talking about how happy I was with Christofer and how cute he is? "I promised myself that I would never give the love I had for her to anybody else." He tilted my chin up so we gazed into each other's eyes. "Until I met you." He laughed. "Believe me, I tried so hard not to get tangled up in my emotions, but it was just too hard. Every thing you did got me hooked day after day. The way you look at me whenever I say something arrogant. The shape of your lips whenever you smile. The sound of your laugh. It's like there never was a Misty. You make me feel better about myself. You fixed me. And now you know why I was so protective when it came to Christofer. I didn't want to lose another person that I cared about to an Astrobit. You're everything now, princess. Misty may have been beautiful, but so are you. You're every ounce of it. I'm with you, and you're with me. That's all I can ask for right now. And by the way, you were jealous."
  9. He wiped a tear from cheek and slowly moved his head towards mine. He smiled as our lips touched. He cupped my face with his hands while I wrung my arms around his neck, taking in everything about him. His smell, his touch, his face. This was it. I was going to propose my love for Alex. Right here, right now. And if I so happen to change my mind along the way, so be it. I had to stop thinking about the future. This is now. I'm with him, and he's with me, and we're pretty much making out after he pretty much told me all his secrets. It is a valid place and a valid time, and I don't think any persuasive essay could change my mind about my decision. I pulled away. "Alex, I—" And then the door opened.
  10. Alex buried his face into my shoulder, annoyed by the interruption. Gritzo peeked his green little head inside and grinned. "You lovebirds having fun?" I sighed. "What do you want?" Gritzo opened the door completely. He was wearing a business suit. "I'm going to have to borrow your little girlfriend for a little bit," Gritzo said to Alex. "We have some things we need to discuss." The Nostalgia. I gave Alex a small smile and made my way to the edge of the bed. "You gonna be okay?" I asked him. He held onto my arm and kissed it. "Yeah. I'll just wait here and name all of the wonderful adjectives that describe me," Alex said with a grin. I stuck my tongue out at him and followed Gritzo out of the room. The last thing I saw was Alex's gorgeous face before Gritzo closed the door.

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