Beautiful Secrets Part 30

Announcements: This will be the last part for Beautiful Secrets, but there will be a sequel called Beautiful Lies! Thank you so much for all of the support and positive comments throughout all of my quizzes, and hopefully you'll come back for more!

Alex Hart has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, a sexy collar bone, and lean muscles. Nick Martinez is more of the athletic type with his nice tan, brown hair like Zac Efron's, gray eyes like a light rainfall, pearly white teeth, and a pretty amazing body. Sam Mitchell is the adorable, quirky, shy one of the bunch with his strawberry blonde hair, green eyes like a freshly mowed lawn, and that one dimple that always gets to you. Zac Anderson is Mr. Seductive. He has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice lean body, and smile that makes your legs go wobbly. Christofer Henderson and his mysterious ways eggs you on to learn more about him with his coal black hair, strange hazel eyes, distinct jaw line, and fit body.

Created by: Dannica
  1. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by an eccentric Gumbo. "Guess who just left you some flowers," he panted with a smile. "Not Christofer since he's in the Core enduring physical torment. A lad named Zachary left them. I had to fight the urge to pee all over the bloody things." Gumbo could be rather harsh. But he was right. Sitting on the couch were a bouquet of red roses. On a card it read, "Sorry about the party. Forgive me? - Zac." I set the flowers down and felt angry at him. He shouldn't break up with April because we kissed one time. Ivan was right. Zac is a player. I picked up the roses and threw them in the trash in the kitchen. "What's wrong, princess?" Alex asked with an amused grin.
  2. "Did you guys do it?" I asked Sam, not wanting to answer the question. "Yup. And we also called Mrs. Bonet. She'll meet us there tomorrow at 4. How'd your thing with April go?" I slumped down on the couch and spoke mostly to Alex. "It turns out that April is also a mind reader. She's better than you, Alex." He looked annoyed, but I continued on. "She's coming to the Core with us. Her dad is in the UPA and it turns out Oath ambushed them on the trip. Meaning our parents are being held hostage too." Gumbo jumped on my lap and nuzzled my knee. "You smell like pixie dust." I furrowed my brow. "Thanks?" The dog hopped off and went into La La Land. I told everyone the whole story, even about Mr. Irvine. In the middle of it all, Auntie Lisa came downstairs and thanked me for her coffee. "So tomorrow you guys are leaving for the Core?" "Yeah, we are. Sam's going to keep here to keep things on the down low and to make sure nobody tries hurting you," I explained. "You kids better be careful," she said. "I'm more worried for you guys rather than myself."
  3. After an opulent, good nights rest, I got up and texted April to meet at my house so we can head out for the Core. She was there within less than half an house with a backpack filled with appropriate supplies and waterproof makeup so she could possibly find herself and Edward Cullen or Jacob Black for herself after her nasty breakup with Zac"”which thankfully she didn't bring up. Alex packed lightly, since his crutches delayed him. His leg was much better now though, which put some stress off of my back. Gumbo brought along Christofer's duffle bag, in which the contents, I was too scared to look through. I went downstairs, prepared and determined to get my parents and Christofer back.
  4. Sam, Alex, Gumbo, and April were already waiting for me in the car. I turned to Auntie Lisa, realizing that this might be the last time I ever saw her again. We stood there for a moment just looking at each other until we both lunged in for the hug. "Good luck out there, kiddo," she whispered into my ear. My eyes were getting all watery, but I wanted to make this easier for the both of us so I stopped my tears from falling. "I'll be back," I said with a half smile. She opened the front door for me and gestured me to go forth. "You better be." I stepped out and made my way back to the car. I turned back around and waved one more time before I got into the car. "Ready?" Alex asked with a nudge to my shoulder. I smiled. "Let's go." Sam drove away, Auntie Lisa watching us until she finally closed the door.
  5. The drive to the school was dead silent, except for the soft hum of the radio. The drive seemed way too short. In a few moments, Sam was parked at the school. I opened the door and got out followed by Alex, April, and Gumbo. I ran up to the driver's side of the car, opened the door, and bear hugged Sam. "Take care of her, okay?" I said, referring to Auntie Lisa. Sam tucked some hair behind my ear. "You know I will. Be careful." I nodded and sniffled before I closed the door again. "Thanks," I said through the window. "Don't thank me yet," Sam said with a wink as he started up the car again and drove away.
  6. Mrs. Bonet was patiently waiting for us. "Don't forget our deal," she reminded us. "We won't," I replied. I glanced at April meaning to fill her in later about that. People have failed to realize the lock of the school gate was melted away by Gumbo's toxic spit, so we had no trouble going through. We followed Mrs. Bonet to her classroom and stopped when she opened the door. We all stepped in, the eerie silence seemingly making all the noise. Mrs. Bonet took one step towards the closet, and BOOM!
  7. There was massive explosion in the far wall of the class and morphers jumped through. "I thought you guys said you disarmed it!" Mrs. Bonet shouted as she faded into a limp flower. "I suppose we were mistaken," Gumbo said as he calmly shifted into his battle armor.Alex and April were already at work, using their telekinesis to knock the morphers out of the way. I stood there not knowing what to do. I could throw books at them, I guess. God, these are the times where I wish I had some powers. A morpher launched itself at me while I wasn't looking and I stumbled to the ground. Before the thing could bite me, it was thrown off of me. "Stay down, I don't want you getting hurt," Alex said with a hint of over-protectiveness in his voice.
  8. Gumbo zoomed around, making wolves fall and cringe on the ground as he spat out fire from his mouth. The number of morphers decreased each second, and when I thought it was over, about a hundred more poured through the hole. "There's too many!" April cried, as a wolf jumped her. I got out a butcher knife that I obtained from my kitchen. A morpher was eyeing me, drool swirling down from it's mouth, ready to attack. It pounced, and I was about to slash at it when suddenly a figure jumped in front of me, missing my blade from inches, and decapitated the wolf with his sword.
  9. From behind, his black hair reminded me of Christofer, but I knew he was somewhere in the Core. The person moved quick with his sword, slicing away at anything that got in his way. The sword itself had some sort of magic to it that I couldn't quite put my finger on. For a moment I was mesmerized by the movements of this guy; his swift slashes, quick dodges, and perfect aim. And somehow, he looked familiar. He joined Alex, April, and Gumbo in fighting, and sooner of later, the morphers retreated, while the dead ones lay in ashes on the ground.
  10. Mrs. Bonet transformed back into a human. The mysterious guy shrank his sword into a grey cube and put it in his pocket. He wore a silly smirk on his face as he stood before us. He strode his way to the closet with a grin, knowing without him, we would probably be dead. With an even bigger smile he introduced himself. "Pleasure to save your lives. My name's Ash: your tour guide for the Core. Please keep all weaponry in sight at all times so that the Inferiors see us as a threat and we have a slightly lesser chance of being eaten alive." I almost fainted. So this was Ash? I knew he looked familiar. If I didn't know better he could be Christofer's older brother. Ash was a major cutie, that was for sure. "How did you know we would be here?" I asked him, recovering from my shock. "A little birdie named Jonathan told me," Ash replied. So I was right. The note in the book said the address of the school and Mrs. Bonet's classroom number. Mr. Irvine was the good guy. "So do you know?" April questioned. Ash snickered and looked at April head to toe. "And you are?" April blushed a little but didn't answer. "Your mom wiped my memory away," I scolded, taking an angry step towards him. He raised his hands up as if surrendering and said, "Whoa, Christofer told her. Don't blame me." He looked at Mrs. Bonet and gestured her to open the closet. "We better hurry. It's already night time in the Core. I'll try to explain everything while we stroll through the mythical, magical, serendipitous, land of the Banished Provinces where little animals try to kill you."

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