Beautiful Secrets Part 27

Announcements: Here are all of the names for the Beautiful Series (lol, corny I know). Beautiful Secrets, Beautiful Lies, and then Beautiful Endings. Yeah? yeah.

Alex Hart has jet black hair, icy blue eyes, a sexy collar bone, and lean muscles. Nick Martinez is more of the athletic type with his nice tan, brown hair like Zac Efron's, gray eyes like a light rainfall, pearly white teeth, and a pretty amazing body. Sam Mitchell is the adorable, quirky, shy one of the bunch with his strawberry blonde hair, green eyes like a freshly mowed lawn, and that one dimple that always gets to you. Zac Anderson is Mr. Seductive. He has dark brown hair, big brown eyes, a nice lean body, and smile that makes your legs go wobbly. Christofer Henderson and his mysterious ways eggs you on to learn more about him with his coal black hair, strange hazel eyes, distinct jaw line, and fit body.

Created by: Dannica
  1. We all sat down in the living room, Gumbo chilling on the rug. "Wait, can you guys understand Gumbo too?" I inquired. "Only I can," Sam said, "since I'm a faerie and all. Alex and your Auntie Lisa can only understand if they drink the same potion." I nodded and then motioned Auntie Lisa to go ahead. "You and Christofer were teenagers in love." I heard Alex make a noise and I couldn't help but think he was jealous. "I always liked Christofer, but I also had the feeling he was a bit dangerous. When your mom told me about Oath, well I didn't know what to expect. For a few weeks we all lived in peace until we were ambushed by a man named Bounty at the house. Your mom and dad fought him off while I dropped you off to Christofer's house. Ever since then you stayed there with his family while your mom, me, and your dad stayed at my home, hoping we'd confuse Oath. After your parents drained your powers, Christofer and his friend broke you out of the Sanctuary and then fled off to his friend's house where I guess that's where he gave you your memory erasing potion.
  2. "After that he kept an eye on you making sure you were safe, but he never actually interacted with you ever since because he wanted you to start over without him, that he'd lead Oath somewhere else away from you. Although now that you've moved to California, Oath is regaining his memory. Slowly, but surely. And he can sense you. We don't know exactly how, but he can. And now he's captured Christofer so you can come to him. Please don't go to the Core. It's too dangerous!"
  3. A flood of memories raced through my mind, but they went by too fast for me to actually live in them again. I remember Christofer kissing me one last time that night while he went to go fight off whatever was chasing us. But that was it. A big void filled my mind and it frustrated me so much, I wanted to hit something. Where's Tara when I actually want her around me? I sighed deeply and said, "I'm sorry Auntie Lisa, but I have to go. If what you said is true, then I owe Christofer. I owe him so much for everything he's done for me. He kept me safe. Now it's my turn to rescue him. Besides, I wont be going alone." Gumbo stretched and lifted his ears. "Of course not, darling. You wouldn't last 10 minutes alone in the Core alone. I'd be quite ecstatic to accompany you. Why don't you ask your little boyfriend to go too. What's his name? Alexander." I was about to scowl at Gumbo but then I remembered Alex didn't know what he was saying. K, good. "I'd love to go," Alex said with a smile. I widened my eyes and glanced at Sam, who was laughing silently. Faeries these days. "Alex, you can't go. You're injured." If there was any sign of offense on Alex's face then it was gone when he smirked. "It doesn't matter, princess. Broken leg or not, I'm going to the Core with you. Besides, I hear the nymphs there know how to party. It'd be nice to see you jealous for a change."
  4. I rolled my eyes and looked at Auntie Lisa. "See? Nothing to worry about. Unless of course, you want to come." Auntie Lisa sighed and shook her head. "Although I'd like to, humans aren't aloud in the Core. Whenever one tries entering it, they reduce to bones and are fed to the Hell Hounds. I trust you guys to be safe. I haven't heard from your mom either and its gotten me worried that maybe your parents have been imprisoned too." That was one thing I did not want to hear. I got out my cell phone again and tried calling Mom. Voice mail. I hit end and flung my phone against the cushion. "If it makes you feel better, I doubt they have coverage in the Core. Maybe that's why she's not answering," Gumbo offered with an amused smile.
  5. I didn't even know dogs could smile. "Shut up," I said under my breath. "How long are we going to be in the Core anyways? A day or two?" Sam snickered. "2 weeks if the Inferiors decide to go easy on you. A month tops. The only hard part is getting through the Banished Provinces. That's where all the Inferiors have been places. After that just go to the Square and ask around for the Underbelly. Someone out there has probably heard of it." Ugh, I forgot about the Inferiors. The Inferiors are the mean, evil creatures that have been banished to the outer parts of the Core for security and punishment reasons. We're going to need a whole lot more to get through the night than a mind reader, a talking dog, and a drained princess. "Then I guess we better start packing."
  6. I excused myself and went upstairs to my room. I found my old backpack way back from the 6th grade and filled it with the necessary items needed. Extra clothes, my iPod, a book, blanket, flash light, and some toilet paper. I'll add more of the essentials like water and food downstairs. First things first, we have to talk to Mrs. Bonet. I checked on the school website and clicked on Lacey. Mrs. Bonet's website popped up and I got her home number off of it. I dialed it on my phone as I went downstairs so everybody could hear the conversation. I clicked on talk when I was in the living room and put the call on speaker. After about 3 rings, she answered. "Um, Mrs. Bonet? This is ______, by the way," I said into the receiver. I heard a sigh on the other end of the line and then Mrs. Bonet asked, "Is this school related?" I looked at the others and then said, "Kind of. This is something we have to discuss in person, actually. Do you think we could meet up as soon as possible today? Like, how about you come over? It's really important." There was a pause on the other end and I thought she'd hung up at first. "I'll come by in 10 minutes. I have the notice from the community so I know where you live. I have a bad feeling about what you want me for, and I hope it's wrong." It was clear this conversation was over, so she hung up.
  7. "Crap. I forgot I had to meet up with April at Star Bucks tonight at 5:30," I reminded myself out loud. "I don't think this is the time for a girls night out, love," Gumbo said. "It's not a girls night out. I have to explain myself to her for kissing her boyfriend." Alex glanced at me and then quickly looked away at the ground. "You kissed Zac?" Sam asked with a grin. "I'm surprised I'm not jealous. Zac's been with a lot of girls. You should watch your back if you're planning on taking things further along with him." I looked at Alex and thought about Christofer and Nick. "There's a rare possibility of that. But who knows? Fate has its ways."
  8. I plopped down on the couch and let out a big sigh of air. What does Oath want with me? What was that mist that engraved itself into my back in my latest dream of a memory? How in the world am I going to get Christofer back. The thoughts of the adventure ahead frightened me a little bit. I've never actually been to the Core before. My parents have meeting there once in a while for UPA business, but that's as close as I've ever gotten to it. "We'll find Christofer. Don't worry," Alex said, taking a seat next to me on the sofa. I managed a smile and rest my head on his shoulder. Gumbo jumped onto Alex's lap and whimpered. "Snuggling up to your boyfriend, I presume?" If only Gumbo wasn't an animal. "We're close...friends," Alex replied.
  9. Surprised, I gaped at him. "You're okay with us being friends?" Alex stifled out a laugh. "Princess, your mind is very entertaining to read. You still have feelings for Christofer. I don't want to interfere with that until I know what you want. I should feel alarmed, but I'm not. But if you pick me at the end of the day, let me know." He got off of the couch and waddled away on his crutches to get the door. Well this was just amazing. Mrs. Bonet rounded the corner and stood there looking at me. "Take a seat, Lacey," Auntie Lisa gestured with a weary smile. Mrs. Bonet nodded and sat down. "I believe you want entry to the Gateway?" She asked in a sharp tone. "Yeah, we need to get to the Core"”" "Well unless you decapitate the morphers that guard the Gateway then I can't be of any assistance," she said, cutting me off.
  10. Morphers. Just like in my dream. "If we do, then you'll open it for us?" Alex asked. "If it means preventing oath from wrecking havoc on this planet, then yes," Mrs. Bonet clarified. "But you must do me a favor once in the Core." I gestured her to go forward. "The last time I was there, I made a stupid deal with a mermaid named Juno and now she has my Compor. Get it back for me and you may use it on your journey as long as I get it back." Alex cleared his throat and asked, "What's a Compor?" Mrs. Bonet made an agitated face as if she's explained this millions of times. "It's a compact mirror. It's like that thing in Beauty and the Beast where you ask to see a certain person and it shows you. The only difference is the person on the other line can answer back as long as he has a Compor as well. Luckily for you, I have an extra."
  11. She dug in her purse and tossed a baby blue compact to Sam. "You're going to need this." Sam opened the Compor and asked, "How do you know?" Mrs. Bonet laughed slightly. "While you're in the Core you might want to visit a seer. My husband is one. And by what he told me, you kids are going to need all the help you can get. I'm going to go now. Contact me again after you disarm the school." Mrs. Bonet stood up and excused herself from the living room. A few seconds later I heard the front door close.

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