Beautiful Endings Part 25

First off, I'm not too happy about this part. Secondly, I got some comments on the last one saying that they didn't like Christofer that much. AW WHY HE'S SO ADORABLE. lol, I guess I'm obligated to say that, however, since he is my creation...

...but what a wonderful creation he is. Anyways, Question of the Day is in the results, and loads of romance is to come in the few remaining parts of Beautiful Endings.

Created by: Dannica
  1. "What made you think you could go under my rule and lead the smaller Districts into the war?" Lady Kora was looking down at her, a grin spread wide across her face, trying to keep a nice tone in her tone. Sadie fidgeted with her fingers. "I-I heard that you guys were losing, so I thought you guys needed some help." Lady Kora laughed. "Oh, but my dear, I appreciate you doing so, and I admit to it that I should have thought about it, but the problem is that you made me look like a fool in front of the other Districts." Her grin vanished. "I am Lady Korasinth, headmistress of the Vampire District, secretary of the Core Council. Do you know how much you have hurt my reputation?" Sadie could only shake her head slightly. "I was ridiculed in front of my own District. What do you have to say for yourself?" Sadie pursed her lips. "But if I hadn't brought out the smaller Districts then you would have lost the battle."
  2. Lady Kora stopped in her tracks. "Are you questioning my tactics?" Sadie quickly shook her head no. "I was just telling you—" "Bring the boy!" Sadie heard leaves rustling from behind her. She turned around and saw Chant with ankles and wrists bound together in rope. "What are you doing?" Sadie asked, running over to him. Lady Kora giggled. "Faeries and Pixies always got on my nerves." Sadie tried removing the rope from Chant's hands, but it was too tight, and she didn't want to hurt him more, since she saw that the rope was digging into his skin. "Let him go!" Lady Kora sighed. "I will once I redeem myself in the Council." Sadie removed the cloth that was in Chant's mouth. "What do you want?" She smiled deviously. "A favor."
  3. Somebody was shaking me awake, and I was guessing it was Christofer. It felt like I've only been sleeping for what seemed like a couple of minutes. I opened my eyes and saw his gorgeous face hovered over me, watching me with those cool, yet careful eyes. He pecked me on the lips. "Hey." Then he smiled. "Time to get ready." I grinned and sat up with a yawn, stretching my arms out. Alex was there leaning on the door frame, arms crossed. Great. "Hey," he said, keeping his face neutral. Oh no, I thought. He's going to get mad and then there's going to be a whole bunch of drama again. And I thought this whole thing was over. Then he laughed. "What makes you think I'd get mad, princess? Who's the arrogant one now?" I sighed in relief. It looked like things were turning for the better. I swung my legs over the bed and got up just as Bella's head popped in. "You're awake!" She waltzed in and grabbed my arm. "Come on! There is the most perfect dress that the brownies made for you!"
  4. I was dragged down the hallway and into a room with a white door, where Sarah and the brownies were sharing a bed with three dresses sprawled across it. Bella shut the door with an excited squeal. Aw, she was so cute. The brownies disappeared like they always did, and Sarah picked up her dress, which was a scarlet red. "I wouldn't look appetizing to him, right?" Bella and I exchanged glances and then grinned. "You DO like him!" Sarah put on a face. "I just asked if I would look like a glass of blood on legs, okay? It doesn't mean anything." She walked inside the closet. "Now, I'm going to change. You two should really stop assuming things." She closed the door in our faces. She so digs him. Bella picked up another dress from the bed, this one an ivory color with a sweetheart neckline. It was a simple, yet elegant dress—just a little bit above the knee with a slightly flared skirt. It was truly beautiful, with a buttoned lace back, and hints of floral on the front. Then Bella handed it to me. I just stood there, holding the dress. "I thought this was yours?" She laughed and picked up the last dress, which was a lovely Spring yellow. "Oh no. That color is what Salem is wearing. It's an old rivalry thing, I'd rather not explain."
  5. Then the closet door opened and Sarah walked out in her dress, wearing black stilettos on her feet. "I look like the Devil's wife." I smiled. "I guess that's an exception since your boyfriend can't say God anyways." Sarah faked a smirk. "Funny. It's a good thing I look hot though. Your turn. Go in and change." I laughed and then went into the closet. I slipped the dress on after removing my clothes and felt the cold material fall gently on my body as light as a feather. I saw a pair of beige heels and put them on as I walked out. "Can someone zip me up?"
  6. Cole was in a room with the rest of the guys, putting on the clothes that the brownies had made them for the Ball. He buttoned up his shirt, adjusted his tie, and pulled his sleeves up to his elbows. He messed up his hair, so it looked like he just got out of bed. He looked himself over in the mirror and then at the rest of the guys who were wearing the exact same thing. Even the dog had a little suit to wear. Alex pulled up his left sleeve and joined Cole by the mirror. "Don't flatter yourself, bloodsucker. I look way better than you. Besides, you can't even see your reflection." Cole showed his fangs. "You can't, but I can. And you're lying. No one looks better than me." Christofer smirked. "I'm sorry, have we met before?" Cole grinned, his fangs gleaming in the light. "You all look lovely, so shut up," Gumbo commented, lazily laying on the floor. "Do you lot even have a date?" Cole rose his hand. "Mine is that pretty brunette, Sarah. She's a pain in the ass, though. She just can't admit her love for me. It's rashly annoying sometimes."
  7. Ash laughed. "At least you have a date. Who's _____ going with? You or Alex?" he asked Christofer. He shrugged. "I don't think either of us asked. I mean, there wasn't a moment to ask. But I'll win her over at the Ball. Just watch." Alex laughed. "I swear, the more time I spend with you, the more I think you haven't gotten a fairly good look at me. It's almost ridiculous." Alex looked at himself one last time in the mirror, then put his hand on the doorknob. "Ready to see the girls?"
  8. We were doing my hair. Bella and Sarah's were already done, both deciding to do half-up, half-down hairstyles with curls. I took a different approach and decided to do a waterfall braid on the sides of my head with my top layer and just curl the rest. I couldn't stop fidgeting in my seat, though. I was excited, yet nervous. Nervous and actually paranoid that all of this wasn't actually over and that something was going to happen at the Spring Ball. I dearly hoped in my mind that it wasn't all going to come true. "Done," Sarah announced. I looked myself in the mirror. And it was the first time I ever felt...beautiful. Sarah smiled and put her hand on the doorknob. "Ready to see the guys?"
  9. You know that cheesy moment in the movies when it's a major dance at school and the guy get there early and the girl walks dramatically down the stairs and the guy just stares there in awe? Yeah, that didn't happen. We left the rooms almost at the exact same time. It was a slim hallway, so we had to walk in single file, and the guys were behind us, and if you're picturing it the way I am, it's just a total, awkward mess. Gritzo was waiting for us with Baby Rock in his arms, Phosphorus sitting on the couch. We dispersed, and Christofer leaned into my ear and whispered, "You look beautiful." "As always," Alex add in. I blushed and looked down at the ground. "Alright, kids, Phosphorus needs you guys to do whatever he tells you to so you can make it to the Ball." Bella stepped forward. "You can come too, Gritzo. Everybody is welcome." Rocky burped. "No thanks, Bellamissima. Besides, I got a baby to raise. all take care now, you hear? This might be the last time you're going to see me."
  10. Then my stomach dropped and reality hit me. This was the last time I might see Gritzo. This might even be the last time I'm in the Core, or see Bella, or Sarah, Phosphorus, or even Cole. Gritzo groaned. "Ugh, don't get emotional, human. I said might." I blinked my eyes a couple of times to stop them from watering and stood alongside Bella. "Thank you," I said. "Gritzo, thank you for everything you've done for us. Without you, I swear we wouldn't have done it." Gritzo smiled. "I know, and you're welcome. But thank you all also. I will never forget either of you. Not so bad for a couple of teenagers." then we all gave Gritzo a group hug, and I swear he was hugging back. After that was done, Phosphorus told us to do the same ritual and the purple portal was made, and one by one, we all went through.

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