Beautiful Endings Part 24

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Created by: Dannica
  1. Nobody seemed to have brought a jacket except Sarah, so we all had to trudge around in the rain and mud. "Where is everybody else?" I asked, shivering. "After Gumbo and Ash blew up the entrance, they all left." Bella looked over her shoulder. "Lady Kora stayed behind though, to talk to Sadie about getting the smaller Districts in the battle." A bolt of lightning streaked through the sky, making us all, except Gumbo, jump. "I hope she's not punished," she added. Cole smirked. "Knowing my headmistress, that's a very low possibility."
  2. I looked Cole and Sarah over, whom were walking fairly close together and sneaking glances. "Are you two, like, a thing?" Sarah looked at the ground while Cole remained composed. "Yeah. She was on to me from the very first time she met me. I kept reminding her that we just met. but she just kept clinging on. And then she asked me to the Ball in the middle of battle. It's crazy." Sarah punched him on the arm with a smile. "Shut up." They were definitely a thing. ~ We were following Bella, because she said she knew a place where we could get fixed up. On the way there nobody asked about me or what happened with Zathara. Part of me didn't mind, because I wouldn't have wanted to have to describe everything, but at the same time, another part of me wanted to just tell everybody so that I could just let it all out. "Why are we talking about my love life?" Sarah asked. "I think yours is much more interesting, don't you think, Bella?" Bella kept on walking, but she nodded anyway. I heard a snicker from Gumbo. "Oh, it's very interesting. Tell me, have you come to a conclusion yet, darling?"
  3. Christofer kept his gaze straight ahead, while Alex just set his eyes on the ground. I think my whole body twitched from wanting to step on Gumbo's tail. "Um. So when's the Ball?" I didn't want to answer the question so I just changed the subject. I hope that didn't make the boys have any ideas of me not wanting either of them. "Today," Bella replied. "It should be starting in about an hour or so." I tucked some hair behind my ear. "How do you know? And wont the rain affect anything?" I could sense Bella smiling. "We started planning the Ball five weeks ahead. I think I should know. And it's inside the Faerie Lands. It'll be held in the Queen's castle." Right. It was silent for a good fifteen minutes or so. There were little conversations on the side, but I decided to lay low in the back. My shoes were soaked and covered in mud, and I missed my bow and arrow. It was the one thing I had to protect myself, you know? Just me and nobody else. But I guess hopefully I wont need it anymore.
  4. As we walked on farther away from the Underbelly, the easier it got for me to accept the fact that we were indeed finished with. No more worries about somebody trying to kill me or my friends, no more having to watch my back all the time, no more voices in my head other than mine. It actually felt like something to look forward to. things can just ease back into normal"ā€¯before any of this happened. "It was pretty fun, though. You have to admit that." I flashed out of my thoughts and saw Alex standing by me with a small smile on his face. "Reading my thoughts again, I see?" He nodded. "Couldn't help it." I nudged him on the shoulder. "How's the rain doing for you?" He rolled his eyes. "I just need a blow dryer and I'll be okay. I look cute when my hair's wet though, don't you agree?" I grinned. "Wow. Going through all this, and you still manage to keep your wit. How do you do it?" He grazed his hand over mine. "Guess I got it from Oath." I faked a laugh. "Cute." He smirked. "Very."
  5. He paused and flicked his eyes at the ground. "I'm glad you're okay." I took a moment to figure out what to respond with. "I remember what you said to me know." His icy blue eyes gazed into mine, slicing through the droplets of rain, making them look like glaciers. "Good. Because I meant it. Every word." "I know." He smiled. "So am I doing a good job?" I looked at him, confused. "At what?" "Keeping my promise." I looked down and smiled. "Very."
  6. Bella led us to a stop at a bush with weird berries on them. "Wait...," Ash said. "Isn't this Gritzo's place?" I looked around and saw the deep hole in the ground from the fight with the Berd. "Yeah, Sarah said. "I guess fate has its ways." Bella opened up the bushes and started climbing down the ladder. Once everybody was inside the hole, we started making it through the familiar passageway, all the way to the door. She knocked a couple of times, hearing a shuffling on the other side. Finally, the door opened and goblin was standing there in the door frame, having not aged a bit.
  7. He stepped aside with a grunt and gestured us to come in. When he saw me, he smiled. "I see you made it, girl. Good job. To all of you, that is." He closed the door behind me, while I sat down in the mushroom chair, exhausted. "Hey!" he scolded, "don't sit in my chair when you're soaking wet!" I got up with a roll of my eyes. "I was going to say thank you, but never mind." Sarah skimmed the living room. "Where's Baby Rock?" Gritzo pointed to his room. "Sleeping. He's gotten quite big since you guys left, however. Four days really makes a difference in goblin babies." Four days? "So are you guys going to the Ball or what? My brownies have been awful lonely lately." We all glanced at Bella. "Yeah, we are. But I think we should take a nice hot shower first, get in some pajamas, and take a nap though. Four days without sleep is crazy." "Are you sure?" Ash asked. "I mean, the Ball sounded pretty important to you." Bella suppressed a smile. "Yeah, but we can always arrive fashionably late. I just care about looking better than Salem Knight, honestly."
  8. I couldn't sleep. Everybody did what Bella said and took a shower, while Gritzo turned on the heater for us. We had forty-five minutes tops for our nap, she said, and then thirty minutes to get really all together. I was laying down in my bed, the covers pulled all the way up to my chin, listening to the sound of the rain thump outside. The light was off, and I was laying on my side, staring into the darkness, almost expecting Zathara's voice to echo back in my head. I waited for it. It never happened. I fidgeted in bed, trying to find a comfortable position, but nothing seemed to satisfy me. I finally sat up with a sigh, and lugged my legs over the edge of the bed and stood up, going over to the door. I twisted the knob and peeked my head out, looking left and right. It was all dark, except for a small light shining out from under a door crack. I smiled when I figured whose room it was. Just like old times, I thought. I knocked on the door lightly, hoping not to wake anybody else. "Come in," his groggy voice said, sounding as adorable as ever.
  9. I opened the door and remained standing by the doorway, crossing my arms. He sat up when he saw me and yawned, trying to fix his bed hair. "I'm sorry, were you sleeping?" He shook his head no. "I tried. Gave up a while ago. You can't sleep either?" I nodded. There was a moment of silence until he asked, "Wanna climb in?" I looked at the ground and smiled. "Yeah." He scooted over and peeled back the covers for me. I closed the door and got in the bed next to him, my stomach doing cartwheels and flips all over the place. It was silent again. It wasn't the type of awkward silence though, but more of the silence where we were comfortable and we didn't need words. All it took was just us being there together. While he remained sitting up, I lay down and rest my head on the pillow, just listening to his breathing and taking him all in. And then, I don't know why, but I started crying.
  10. "I'm sorry," I said with a sniffle. Christofer looked down at me with a confused expression, and when he saw that my eyes were all teary, he propped himself on his elbow and started wiping my tears away. "Please don't cry," he said. "Why are you sorry?" "For putting you through hell. You did so much for me and...I'm just sorry that we can't be that happy couple before. I'm sorry that we lost that. I'm sorry I did this to you." He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "Hey," he said. "Just because you lost your memory doesn't mean we can't be that happy couple again. Yeah, it's not the same, but as long as I'm with you that's all that matters to me. I chose to do this for you. And if this ever seems to happen again, I'd do it all over again. Even if it means more competition over you." I laughed, but it sounded like I started choking since I was crying. "So don't be sorry for anything. Go to sleep, and I'll wake you up when it's time to get ready for the Ball, and you and all the other girls can take forever to get ready, okay?" I smiled and nodded, him wiping the remaining tears off my face. He kissed me on the cheek, making me go red. When he pulled away, I put my hand at the nape of his neck and guided his lips to mine.
  11. He started kissing back, and crossed his arm over me, so that he was on top and I was underneath. And in that moment, I felt how I did when we were on the cliff. Like everything was perfect and infinite. "________," he whispered between the kiss. He pulled away and smiled. "Go to sleep." He kissed me one last time before getting off me and tucked me in. "Sweet dreams."

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