Beautiful Endings Part 19

Announcements: Guys! I'm close to pre-writing the Spring Ball! That means it's almost over :c And I'm still deciding whether or not I should do Beautiful Beginnings. I kind of want to do a new series...

...what is your input? I mean, I have no trouble, but I just don't want you guys to get tired of the same plot and everything. I don't know. Just comment what you think :P

Created by: Dannica

  1. Alex was taken by a guard whom he learned was named Sawyer. The purple electrical fence that surrounded him was no longer there. Oath was walking in front of them, Sawyer twisting Alex's wrists behind his back. Alex tried moving things with his mind to maybe hit Oath in the head or something, but it just wouldn't work for some strange reason. He was led to Oath's headquarters with the big cherry brown door. Sawyer escorted him in while Oath took a seat in his chair by the fireplace. Sawyer let Alex go and stood by a pillar, ready to attack at any moment if Alex decided to try and do something. It's a small word, isn't it?" Oath asked, popping a bottle of wine and pouring it into his glass. Alex remained silent. "It's a good thing Misty asked for you. Or else I would never have known that you were coming. She's a lovely girl, you know. One in which I would approve of. I don't know why you choose the other over her."
  2. Alex clenched his teeth. "I don't need your approval for anything." Oath spun his finger around the rim of the glass. "Of course. So how's your mother doing? I hear she broke out with her husband, am I correct?" Alex made a move to lunge at him when Sawyer grabbed his shoulder hard. Oath remained composed. "But anyways, I'm glad that girl volunteered for you. It would be a shame for my own ton to do so. How would you like to join me? I suppose I owe you that much." Alex couldn't believe what he was hearing. He owed him that much? "I would never join you in anything. Do you have any idea how much damage you've caused in my life? Do you know how sick you are?" Oath laughed heartily. "Calm down, Alexander. It was only a suggestion. But you deserved those beatings. You were so foolish."
  3. "I was a child." "A child that had such potential with their powers and yet failed to meet them. I was only trying to help." Now Alex was getting mad. "I was a kid. A toddler. You hit me, you shot at me, you burned me, you did everything possible to tear me down. Dads don't do that. Dads encourage you, and they try to understand, and they carry you when you're feeling tired, and they love you with all their heart and don't let anybody hurt their children!" Oath's smile faltered as he stood up. He walked over to Alex slowly and calmly rose his hand. Alex flinched as the hand smacked across his face. "I made you strong. Like me. Sawyer, you're dismissed. Close the door on the way out." Alex's cheek was burning. He should be used to it, but it hasn't happened in such a long time he was in utter shock. Oath walked in circles around him. "You think now that you're older you can disrespect me? You think now that you're older I wont hit you again? Oh, Alexander, you have so much to learn. You want to fight me? Then let's fight. Right now."
  4. Christofer was thrown into a dark dungeon that looked as if it'd been abandoned for years. His guard was standing there with a whip in his hand, smiling crookedly. Then James appeared behind him, a finger mounted to his lips. Suddenly there was a loud clang! and the guard fell to the ground. James smiled and helped Christofer up. "Thanks, man," Christofer said with a small smile. "No problem. But your girl is in trouble. She ran into a thing with Bounty and her eyes turned all black before she killed him. I remembered Oath talking about this thing named Zathara, which I assume is the voice in her head. I heard Michael talking about it once. Oath once had it, but when she cut him it transferred to her since it moves according to power waves. What did you do with her power?" Christofer looked down. "She smashed it against a rock and it went into the sewer. Why?" James shook his head. "Zathara feeds on power. If she doesn't then it goes to the last resort and focuses on the soul. The only way to get it out is if Zathara transfers to somebody else, but the voice has been in her long enough so you can't just chop off her hand so..." Christofer looked James dead in the eyes. "So what?" James looked down, trying to avoid Christofer's stare. "So she has to die."
  5. I was in a memory. It was a memory with Christofer; one I hadn't remembered before. I figured it was back in the day when my memory wasn't erased. We were on top of a cliff, overlooking a body of water that I don't recall. I don't think it was in Arizona, but I guess it didn't really matter. We were sitting down, our legs over the edge. I've always been afraid of heights. I always have and I always will. But this time was different. I started remembering as the memory progressed. Christofer's right arm was around me, holding onto my right hand and kissing me on the cheek. He knew I was afraid of heights, so he wasn't sure if he wanted to take me to this certain place. But of course I said yes. I would go anywhere with him. Somehow we just ended here, overlooking the edge of a thousand foot cliff hanging over rocky waters. But there was something about him just being there, and his voice, and his laugh, and his smile, and the way that he always has to pick the stray hair out of my face that makes me feel warm and tingly and protected from everything in the world. Even heights. Then I remembered. This was where we first exchanged "I love you's".
  6. I said it first, and then I clammed up thinking that I made the biggest mistake of my existence and that he wasn't going to say it back. I was so nervous and scared and I thought that I was going to lose him. I even had this crazy thought that I was going to fall off the cliff and die. Of course, that didn't happen. But he smiled. He smiled a smile I've never seen before"”so happy and rejuvenated. And then he kissed my hand, and then my arm, and then my neck, and whispered it back into my ear. It was the best feeling I ever had. And then we kissed like we just got married and everything was perfect and happy and life was easy and things were simple and I knew who I wanted and where I wanted to be and who I was. It saddened me that all of this changed. Then I felt pinching, the memory escaping my head, planting itself neatly into my brain like another piece in an ongoing puzzle.
  7. Pinching. Somebody was pinching me on the arm. Hard. My eye lids were heavy from the sedation, and I wondered if it was done already. I didn't feel different though, which I guess was a good thing. I felt nails digging deeper and deeper into my flesh like a jackhammer into a pile of manure. "Ouch!" I finally exclaimed, sitting up and rubbing my arm which was suffering from red soreness. Misty was standing beside me, watching with careful eyes. "Are you okay?" she asked tenderly. I looked around the room. I was in what looked like a doctor's office without the cute banners that bordered the walls. It was more like a surgery room. Misty reached for a glass of water, which was on the nightstand next to three syringes filled with three colors of blue, red, and green. I took the water, but I didn't drink it. I was just staring into the transcendency, confusion rippling me over. "Why?" Misty glanced at the shots and then back at me. "I couldn't do it. What you did fro them...For Alex...You love them a lot. Those shots would have turned you into a monster."I looked at her in the eye for the first time and saw she was sincere. "I can't have Alex anymore," she said. "But you can. He likes you a lot. I just had a b--ch fit and got pissed at him for not wanting me back. But I guess it's understandable." She started explaining to me about the whole reforming process, and how Zathara was one of the Reforms, so she called it. Together we figured out that if I don't get her out of me she's going to use my soul to either create a whole new being or just became me either way. I didn't like it.
  8. But then Misty started crying. It was random, and I still felt a small wrath of hatred towards her for bringing this upon everybody just because Alex moved on from her death in which she didn't really die from. It was strange, and I didn't know what to do. She sat on the edge of my bed and didn't even try to stop the tears from tracking down her face. "Why are you crying?" I Knew it was one of the most unpopular things to say whilst one is sobbing, but it would make things easier for me. And I didn't even say it in a mean way, so I couldn't have offended her. She stopped and choked on a tear. "I just don't know what to do anymore." I fidgeted awkwardly. "I have nowhere to go and nobody to be with," she said later on. And I felt bad for her. She came for Alex and she couldn't have him back. Because of me. Of course it's because of me. Everybody's problems start because of me. I was going to try comforting her when someone burst through the doors. "Get away from her!" James ordered Misty, threatening her with a sword.
  9. I got off from the bed and stood in front of her. "She didn't go through. The serum is still here." Christofer and James exchanged a glance and then nodded at each other. Christofer walked over to the bedside and grabbed the syringes. "We need to get rid of these," he said roughly. "Now." Misty pointed to the sink. "You can drain them out there." Christofer ran the water and dumped everything in. "How's the fighting?" I asked, stepping away from Misty and towards James. "We're winning as far as I can tell. Some girl named Sadie led in the smaller Districts, which surprisingly helped us a lot."
  10. "Where's Alex?" I asked. Then the water stopped running and Christofer held onto the sink for dear life as if mad at something. "He's with Oath. I totally forgot about him." My breath caught in my throat and then I started panicking. "Well we have to go then!" I started for the door when Christofer held me back. "We have other things to worry about." I saw the seriousness in his eyes, but it couldn't be more important than saving Alex. "It's about Zathara"”" "I know about her, but let's help Alex!" "No, you don't under"”" "Christofer, we're wasting time!" "But if you want it out then you"”" "ALEX MIGHT BE DEAD, CHRISTOFER," I interrupted yet once again. He closed his eyes, frustrated, but then nodded. "Fine. But after that, you listen to me, okay?" I nodded urging everybody to hurry and get to the door, even Misty. "Stay close," Christofer said, linking my arm with his. "I'm not letting anything or anybody hurt you. Remember that."

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