Are you truly beautiful?

There are many beautiful people in the world. Beautiful means nice. LOOKS. DON'T. MATTER. And some people need to learn that! I'm basing your results on if you're kind!

Are you beautiful? Are you nice enough to be considered beautiful? Beautiful means nice and kind. Find out in this quiz... soo umm yeah :) Haha and ..

Created by: Ali
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  1. People say you are _____.
  2. If you see a man steal a lady's purse you _____.
  3. If someone's being bullied you _____.
  4. A little kid is crying, you _____.
  5. You _____ makeup.
  6. You _____ your parents.
  7. A girl is dating the guy you like only because you like him. (Switch it up if you're a guy)
  8. You have a talent?
  9. Your hair is _____.
  10. Your eyes are _____.
  11. Rate?
  12. Comment?

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Quiz topic: Am I truly beautiful?