Are You Beautiful Inside?

Hey quizzers! Are you ready to take on this quiz, to see if your really beautiful inside? By the way, lying doesn't make your quiz results truthful. Because if you lie, than you won't really know who you are nor if your truly beautiful. So I suggest you tell the truth! Okay? Alright now go take the quiz and you better be a truther, instead of a liar!

Are you truly beautiful inside? Are you just really 'ugly' inside? Well, don't ask me... Well yeah, ask me. LOL! When you take this quiz, you will then find out who you really are. An angel... Or just a meany old grumpy old selfish old person. Do YOU know who you are? Well, obviously not if your taking this quiz. Anyway, go ahead and take it... I'll be waiting at the end with your results.

Created by: Da'Cynthia Symone
  1. How are you today?
  2. So, how would you spend $100,000.00?
  3. Okay, well do you get along with people?
  4. So, how would you describe yourself?
  5. Are you a Christian?
  6. Cool, so what would you do if a homeless guy asked you for a dollar?
  7. Now, would you report a drunk driver?
  8. How would you feel if you ran over a harmless animal?
  9. Would you cheat on your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  10. Do you have a lot of friends?
  11. Do you judge by character, color, or looks?
  12. So, are you gothic or something?
  13. Okay, are ya ready for those results? Well here they are!

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Quiz topic: Am I Beautiful Inside?