Am I pretty quiz?

Do not let this quiz control your life, your result will not determine the rest of your life. Everybody is beautiful in their own way. God may have not given you the looks but that doesn't mean you don't have beauty in the inside. Just because your beautiful on the outside doesn't mean you have it on the inside so just remember that!!

Are you tiered of being called pretty but you know it's a lie. Find out if people are lying or telling the truth about your beauty. If you get a bad result, it won't ruin your life so just accept it because your beautiful on the inside :)

Created by: Lea woods
  1. Do you have high cheek bones?
  2. What size are your lips?
  3. How big are your eyes
  4. What is your body shape
  5. How clear is your skin
  6. How is your confidence
  7. Are you outgoing?
  8. Do you show off a lot of skin?
  9. What is your hair like?
  10. How would you describe yourself?
  11. What does your nose look like?
  12. Do you have fat fingers?
  13. What do your teeth look like?
  14. What is the size of your eyebrows?
  15. How long is your eyelashes
  16. Do you have a large forehead?
  17. How short is your hair?
  18. Did you like my quiz,( first time) (Wont effect result)

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