What's Your Pretty?

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Are you Model Pretty? Neutrogena Pretty? Or are you Pretty on the Inside Pretty (sorry)? Chelsey & Kelsey consider themselves experts on Pretty, and they want to use this expertise to help the world.

After all, if you can't help yourself, help others. So, find out what pretty you are and then watch Chelsey & Kelsey. They'll help you live your best Pretty.

Created by: Chelsey and Kelsey of Chelsey and Kelsey
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  1. What's on top of your Netflix queue?
  2. Which magazine is on your nightstand?
  3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
  4. What is your first date must-have?
  5. What would you dress up as for Halloween?
  6. Where did you get your UGGs? (c'mon, we know you've got a version)
  7. What's your favorite work-out class?
  8. What's your favorite online shopping site?
  9. Where would you go on your ideal vacay?
  10. What is your dream job?
  11. Who is your celeb crush?
  12. What's the beauty secret you hide from even your best friends?

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Quiz topic: What's my Pretty?