Beautiful Endings Part 11

Announcements: I will not be adding anymore characters to this series because if I do then you guys will get a small amount of time and it wouldn't be fair compared to the others who had such a big part...

...I will make you guys into Beautiful Beginnings and some might be in the remake of Meet Me Halfway, so if you're okay with that then I'll definitely include you. I hope this part caught you off guard c:

Created by: Dannica
  1. It was only a few minutes before we headed out to go to the Underbelly. We were in the living room, dressed and prepared, just taking some time to prepare our minds for the task ahead. I was going to go to the Underbelly, find my parents, and kill Oath like I was f--king Mr. Miyagi. As I was thinking of the many scenarios that could go wrong because I'm just not that much of an optimistic person, Gritzo's kid shred the loudest burp I'v ever heard come from a baby. "Are you sure that's not one of Shrek's kids?" Alex asked with a laugh. Gritzo chuckled and lay the baby down on the couch. "Good job, Little Rocksters." I glanced at the baby. "You named your kid Rock?" Gritzo furrowed his brow. "I named him Rocky. I want him to be a fighter, just like all ya'll when he grows up." Ash led the chorus of sarcastically sincere aw's, as we all gathered into possibly one final group hug. "That's enough," Gritzo said. "You guys should get going. Ready?" We all looked around at each other. My hand clenched at my bow tighter. "Ready as we'll ever be."
  2. Since Gritzo wouldn't let us demolish the floor of the room with the green door, we had to go through the other way. We exited Gritzo's home that served as shelter for us through our rough times in the Banished Provinces, and followed Christofer to wherever he was leading us. Nobody talked along the way. And I was nervous. I never had any real training with these arrows, I don't know anything about medical stuff, and I certainly do not know what I'm going to do when I actually see Oath face to face. And what if that stupid voice interferes? I know I shouldn't be worrying about this all because it's not helping with my nerves, but how can you not? Suddenly everyone came to a halt in front of a big willow tree. "I assume this is it?" Gumbo inquired. Christofer nodded and tapped on the tree seven times, each in different places. The tree swayed for a moment and then the bark started disintegrating and peeling away. I stepped back, afraid that the tree would give way, but it didn't. In its place of the bark was an arch shaped door, big enough for a human, if hunched over, to fit in. "We should hurry," Christofer advised, "The opening only stays open for so long."
  3. One by one, we climbed into the tree, where the smell of dirt and nothingness awaited us. I reached into my handy dandy utility belt for the handle of my flashlight and clicked it on. Soon enough, our light beams lit the tunnel ahead of us. I looked behind my shoulder at the opening of the tree as it shrunk millimeters smaller every step we took. The light in my hands was shone in every inch of the tunnel, and I got the same thought and felt the same thing as we continued on walking. Dirt. Sure there were a few stubs of rocks here and there, and sure I tripped over some of those rocks occasionally, but other than that, the tunnel was pretty bare. "Are you sure this is the way?" I asked for maybe the millionth time. "God Almighty, please shut up," Gumbo called from behind me. "We're almost there," Christofer assured. "And I'd like to apologize on behalf of my dog." Gumbo snarled at him. "How much longer, do you think?" Alex asked, keeping his hand on the hilt of his sword. Christofer took a minute to think. "I'm not entirely sure, but I'm thinking maybe 30-45 more minutes." I sighed. Do iPods work in the Core? I slung my backpack from my shoulder and opened up my smallest pouch. I dug for my purple iPod Nano, which seems to be extinct nowadays, and tried turning it on. There wasn't even a sign of it trying to spark up. "No luck?" Alex asked with a faint smile. I shook my head and threw my iPod back in my backpack. "Looks like we're not going to be party rocking for a while."
  4. We decided to take a break so that we could re-hydrate. Gumbo insisted that we could go that while walking, but I begged the differ. Christofer didn't want us staying in the same place for a long time or else it would attract Bogies. The majority of us that didn't know what Bogies were—me included—didn't want to stick around to find out, so after eating and drinking some water, we continued on walking. As we went deeper into the tunnel, the dirt started becoming less crumbly and more stable looking. Instead of looking like the tunnel was going to collapse and bury us alive, it seemed like a sturdy cave that would hold up for days on. "We're almost here," Christofer said more to himself than us. "I can feel it."
  5. I could honestly say that I could kind of feel it too. I started feeling more anxious and uneasy as we progressed further into the tunnel. I could just picture us coming to a pair of doors, Oath just patiently waiting for us inside as if expecting us to come. It was frightening, yet exciting at the same time. My flashlight started flickering, as well the others. Soon enough the batteries would be dead, and none of us packed extra for we thought we wouldn't need the extra light. Yeah, that was a stupid decision. But Fate was partly in our favor, because I got a sight of a faint light, growing brighter and brighter the closer we got. "We're here," Christofer muttered with an airy tone.
  6. Our flashlights died by the time we got to the light, but we didn't need them anyways. Along the dirt walls were lines of torches lit with embers of fire, cracking and sizzling, although not really dangerous that the place could set on fire. At the end of the row was a pair of double doors the color of blood red. The same red that I saw Michael, Bounty, and Mr. Woodbury wearing in their cloaks. I stepped forward, but an arm took hold of my shoulder, stopping me mid-step. I turned around and saw Christofer was a twisted smile on his face. Suddenly, the light torches blew out all at once, and we were in pitch blackness where I couldn't even see my own hand. I hear doors opening and then closing, footsteps running across dirt, familiar voices wondering what was happening, and I heard that voice in my head again, sending me the most disturbing message of its demonic little soul. 'Little girl, come to die.'
  7. I could still hear commotion all around me. I heard my name being called from multiple people, the voices mushed together so I couldn't make out who was who. Then the light turned back on; the fires lit once again, illuminating the tunnel with vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange. We were all still here: Ash, Alex, Gumbo,...Never mind. Christofer was nowhere to be seen. I looked at the others with worried eyes. "Weapons out," Ash ordered more than suggested. I loaded an arrow onto my bow while looking around for anything suspicious looking. Gumbo nodded his head towards the double doors. And right on cue, the doors opened revealing two people. My jaw hung open from shock. This couldn't be possible. Zac and April.
  8. They were standing there with the same smile Christofer had on before the lights went out. "Gritzo said there would be illusions," I muttered out for everybody to hear. But was this an illusion? They looked so real and alive. And April. April was supposed to be dead. We stood there just staring at each other, a big gap of land separating us. Then all of a sudden, Zac flew through the air and landed on the other side of us so that they had us surrounded, just like the Berds had done. How the hell did he do that? "We're not an illusion," April said as if reading my mind in a voice that sounded disturbingly like hers, reminding me of the good old days in P.E. "But you're supposed to be dead," Ash replied, his sword flicking from Zac to April. "And you're supposed to be human." April's smile grew wider. "Oath resurrected me. He's such a kind man. That's why I wont allow you to hurt him." April lunged at me, knocking me off my feet and sending me to the ground.
  9. I tried reaching for one of my arrows so that I could stab her with one, but she pinned my arms back, her force so strong it was almost impossible to move. Alex and Gumbo came to help, while I guess Ash was taking care of Zac. Gumbo tried blowing his fire, but April just ignored it as if the heat didn't affect her at all. I managed to kick her off of me while Alex tried making contact with his sword at her stomach. She missed it and pulled out a knife that transformed into a spear.
  10. I grabbed my bow and reloaded the arrow that had dropped when April tackled me to the ground. I stretched my arm back and flicked my eyes at Ash. Zac was still wearing that sickening smile, but it faltered every time Ash hit him. I looked over at April, whom was double teamed by Alex and Gumbo. I was going to use my arrow on Zac, but then I saw two more figures standing by the door. When I saw them, I pointed my arrow at the ground and came running over there. It was Christofer. And Christofer. Two of them, looking similarly alike, the same expression in their eyes and on their faces.
  11. This time, I could not tell them apart.

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