Beautiful Endings Part 8

@singin234 is announced in this part! I might be able to add another person while we're still set in the Square, but I'm not 100% sure. And I apologize...

...for the crappy cliffhanger because my phone totally crashed in the middle of the night while I was pre-writing the story and I lost most of Part 9, which means I have to start over. :'(

Created by: Dannica
  1. I was spinning out of control. Literally. Unfamiliar blurs of images whirred past me in palettes of color. I closed my eyes as the wind whipped my face. How fast was I falling? I felt like my stomach was about to fall out and my head was about to explode. Suddenly everything stopped as I landed in something prickly and rough.
  2. I opened my eyes and found myself tangled up in a bush next to Christofer. He got up stiffly and held out his hand to help me up. I took it half heartily and stood up. "Thanks." Christofer nodded and stepped his way out to meet with the others. I followed suit and stood next to Alex. "It's huge," I muttered under my breath. I looked at the cobblestone ground of the Square and felt a sort of belonging. We were standing smack in the middle of the Square in a circular foyer with paths running along the outside like rays of a sun. Shops and boutiques lined the streets, mythological creatures roaming around freely. "Hey, strangers," a girl voice said from behind us.
  3. We turned around and saw a brunette girl with a snake around her neck. She was a striking girl with hypnotic eyes. First you would think they were blue, but then they would just magically transform green or grey. The snake hissed at us, following my gaze with its head. "You seem lost." Gumbo eyed the snake. "What makes you think that?" She giggled. "Most people who come here often don't portal into bushes." She held out her hand." I'm Isabella (@singin234). Izzy, Bella, Iz—whatever." I didn't want to shake her hand in fear of the snake biting me or something. She noticed all of us staring and pat the snake's head. "Don't bite," she said in an angelic voice. The snake hissed in response. "His name's Euro. He's a nice snake unless I tell him to do something. I can communicate with animals, if that's what you guys were wondering."
  4. Christofer shook her hand first, and then we all followed. "Why are you helping us?" Ash asked with slightly narrowed eyes. Bella lowered her voice and said, "Oath has made alliances with some of the shop keepers here. And although fighting is forbidden in the Square, it doesn't mean they can't notify Oath of your whereabouts. Such little things can make a huge difference." Gumbo tilted his head. "How did you know it was us?" Isabella laughed. "First of all: you guys are what everybody's talking about. Second: my friend Sam told me to keep an eye out for you guys."
  5. Did she know that he was dead? "So what are here to do, show us around?" Ash asked. "That was my intention," she replied with a bubbly smile. "Unless, of course, if you've been here before." Ash raised his hand. "That applies to Gumbo and me then. I'm heading out to get a new sword. You two—" he said, pointing to Alex and Christofer, "—you guys need more weapons than your minds. So I guess that means it's just ______ and Bella. Cool?" I looked at the snake hesitantly, but then nodded. The boys took off in one direction, and were soon lost in a sea full of people. I looked at Isabella and smiled uncomfortably. "So...where do we start?" Bella put down the snake and watched it slither away. "I don't know. What kind of weapons are you aiming for?" Something that doesn't require much of me doing anything, I thought in my head. "I'm not really sure what I'm good at, so maybe we could experiment with some stuff?" Bella smiled. "Of course." She took my hand and then started sprinting the opposite direction that the boys went. She led me through strings of witches, gnomes, centaurs, and nymphs before finally stopping at a rustic store. She opened the shop with a ding of a bell and shook hands with the person at the counter. "Isaac, my friend would like to try out one of your spears." Whoa.
  6. "How did you guys break up?" Auntie Lisa asked while Sadie parked her car along the curb. "In-reconcilable differences. Let's just say we came from different worlds." They both got out of the car and started walking towards a house with a freshly cut lawn and a brand new looking paint job. "Fancy," Auntie Lisa murmured. Sadie rolled her eyes as she rung the doorbell twice. "I see to it you guys aren't friends?" Auntie Lisa asked with a small chuckle. "We're acquaintances," Sadie corrected. Auntie Lisa heard a lock unraveling itself, and then the door opened. A handsome young man stood before them with deep violet eyes and dark blonde, almost brown hair.
  7. "Sadie," he said, almost with a tone of disappointment. "Why are you here?" Sadie crossed her arms. "I...need" The boy smirked. "Really? Well, I would invite you guys into my house, but I'm not sure if you're going to start throwing my kitchen appliances at me again." Auntie Lisa gave Sadie a look. "Don't ask," she said with a sigh. "Look, Chant, I'm desperate. If I weren't then I wouldn't be here right now." Chant slid to the side and motioned them to go in. "You can call me Auntie Lisa," she said with a smile. Chant took her hand and then closed the door, putting the chain in its place.
  8. Auntie Lisa followed Sadie and sat down alongside her on the sofa. "Your parents aren't home?" Sadie asked, shifting uncomfortably. "Work," Chant clarified. "So what do you guys need?" Auntie Lisa spoke up this time. "Pixie dust so that I can get into the Core. I take it you're a faerie?" Chant laughed. "I'm half on my mom's side, but I don't have enough just from me. You can ask my mom though." Sadie rolled her eyes. "Are you serious? You know your mom doesn't like me." "Either you talk to my mom, or it's a no go." Sadie gave Auntie Lisa a look and thought about how important this all seemed to Sam. "Fine. We'll wait here until she comes back."
  9. Isaac, an old man with wispy grey hair and half moon spectacles, led us to the back of the shop to show us his collection of spears. "I don't have any money though," I whispered into Bella's ear. "Don't worry about it," she replied with a wink. From a bronze case, Isaac pulled out a nice looking spear with a newly sharpened tip and a greenish-brown rod. "This is our newest product," he stated proudly. "The rod is made up of layers of durable bamboo to last throughout any kind of attack that you might face. The tip is made up of silver, a weakness of many werewolves, but with one stab can make your opponent feel agonizing pain." Wow, okay. "I haven't really had any experience with a spear before so—" "Here, take it," Isaac cut off, putting the spear in my hands.
  10. The thing felt light, which was good, since I'm less clumsy with objects that feel weightless to me. "Now try throwing the spear at that red target over there," Isaac instructed, pointing to a red dot on the far end of the wall. I glanced at Bella, whom nodded approvingly. Alright, I thought to myself, I can do this. I mean, how hard is it to throw a stick with a potentially hazardous tip on top of it? Psh, probably not too hard. I positioned myself in front of the target, pointed the tip, and threw the spear. Okay, attempted to throw the spear. It landed maybe four inches ahead of me, hitting the ground and bouncing lamely to the sidelines. "Maybe spears aren't your specialty," Bella said optimistically. "Agreed," Isaac said. "I suggest you check out the bows and arrows boutique across my store." Bows and arrows? If I couldn't even throw a spear then what makes them think I can shoot an arrow? "Alright. Thanks, Isaac." Before I could say my thanks aswell, Bella stole my arm away and started maneuvering me again through the cluttered little street and pushed me through another store.

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