Beautiful Endings Part 7

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Created by: Dannica
  1. "How am I going to get into the Core when I'm human?" Auntie Lisa asked, her hands on her hips. Sadie furrowed her brow, not acknowledging that problem until now. She tapped her foot to her thoughts until a light bulb started flashing in her mind. "Pixie Dust. If you sprinkle some on you then it shouldn't be a problem." Auntie Lisa grabbed a handful of potato chips and stuffed them in her mouth. "You're a faerie?" Sadie smirked. "I'm half human, half nymph. I wish I were a faerie, however. Nymphs just aren't as fun." Auntie Lisa scratched her head. "Then how are you going to get the Pixie Dust?" Sadie sighed ruefully. "I know a guy. Unfortunately, he's my ex boyfriend, so we might have some complications."
  2. I was standing in a dark alley. Brick walls flanked either side of me, trash cans alongside them filled with rotten food and garbage. The openings on either side was smoky, the scene too blurry for my eyes to comprehend. I looked up, hoping to see the night sky for reassurance that I wasn't alone, and yet only saw a black hole. No stars, no moon, no light. I started running towards the first opening of the alley, but stopped as it turned into a brick wall. I turned to go through the other one, yet it followed suit and became sealed shut.
  3. Suddenly the walls started slanting in, closer and closer until I thought they were going to crush me. They were an inch away now, my nostrils breathing in the fowl scent of cement. I tried pushing them away, but it was no use. One more movement and I was dead. As the wall moved, the floor beneath me opened up into a huge hole, and I was sent spiraling down into the deep unknown. I opened my mouth to scream, and yet nothing came out but a shallow gasp.
  4. I landed in a chair. A single spotlight was laid on me as if I weer the starring role in a play. Unfolding in front of me was a mirror, my reflection"”looking like a stranger"”staring back at me with dead eyes. I tried moving, but my arms and feet stayed put, invisible chains binding me in the same spot. Suddenly, my reflection's expression turned dark and mysterious. Her lips started moving as she hauntingly started singing the melody of Rock-a-Bye-Baby. My eyes widened as I struggled to remove myself from the chair. My reflection's lips curled into a snarl as it started morphing into another face, still keeping the same tune. 'You should have listened!' The face screamed as it lunged at me from the mirror, bearing its teeth and talons, her long hair drooping over her face like a curtain. I felt her gnawing at me, her claws digging into my skin, her teeth biting at my arms, her knuckles punching at my face.
  5. Then it all stopped. It was pitch black, and I could feel my body on the bed, Alex next to me. I tried opening my eyes, but I was too afraid at what I might see if I did, so I kept them closed. And yet she kept antagonizing me. And I lay there for what felt like eternity, until I finally had the will to go back to sleep, being forced to listen to the song of my nightmares. 'Rock a bye baby in the tree top. When the wind blows, the cradle will rock. When the bow breaks, the cradle will fall, and down will come baby, cradle and all.'
  6. "Wake up." I was being shaken, and yet I did not want to get up after that horrific dream that I had last night. "Wake up, human. We need to time to lose." Gumbo. I groaned as he started licking my face. "Ew, stop," I protested, opening my eyes and sitting up. "Where's Alex?" Gumbo licked his nose. "I woke him up earlier because I did not want you two socializing and wasting precarious time like previous functions before." I wiped my eyes and re-did my hair in a pony tail. "It feels so early," I complained. Gumbo snorted. "We need to make a few stops before approaching the Underbelly, love. You don't expect us to go unprepared, do you?" I sighed. "Where are we going then?" The dog hopped off the bed and wagged his tail. "The Square. There's a wizard waiting in the living quarters for us, so hurry up, He's no Albus Dumbledore, although he will do for the time being."
  7. After I changed and we ate breakfast, we all met in the living room, prepared for the wizard to conjure up his magical portal to send us to the Underbelly. He was maybe 6'2 with red hair and a scrawny frame. Definitely not what you would imagine a wizard to look like. He was wearing a grey cloak and carrying a wand that looked like an ordinary stick that you would find in a park and play fetch with with your dog. "Is he a validated wizard?" Ash asked loudly. The wizard sighed. "My name is Phosphorite. And for your informative knowledge, I so happen to be one of the most greatest wizards in the Core." Ash put his hands up. "My bad."
  8. Gritzo cleared his throat. "Phosphorite here has agreed to come help you guys on account of him owing me a favor. He has agreed to open up a portal to the Square, but it's your responsibility to find a portal back. I wont be accompanying you guys this time because first off, I'm banished anyways, and second, I have a kid to take care of. In the Square you all need items that you could use to your advantage. Swords, knives, spears, whatever. Just get whichever items you think will help while in the Underbelly. Hear me?"
  9. Phosphorite made us all bind hands (Christofer and I"”whom had no contact whatsoever"”had to bend down and hold onto Gumbo's paws). He made us say our names three times, every time flicking his wrist like a conductor conducting a symphonic band. "Repeat after me," he said. "Places and time are in the mind/Eyes and ears are just as blind/Take us to our desired place/Portal between worlds reveal your face." After all of us repeated the stanza in unison, a deep rumble filled the room. Suddenly, a dark purple light cast itself on the wall behind Phosphorite, growing bigger as time went by. The wizard drew his hand and started tracing the air with swishes and curves, like a five year old with a coloring book. Just then, the light transformed into a whirl of colors, looking as if it were from a movie. "Step inside and wish to go to the Square," Phosphorite instructed.
  10. "Be careful and follow each other. Ash, I recommend you go first since you've been here before." Ash stepped forward, his sword in its sheath. "How'd you know?" Phosphorite laughed. "Those swords don't just come from anywhere, boy." Ash nodded, and with a big breath, jumped through the portal. After him went Gumbo, and then Christofer. "Go ahead," I motioned to Alex. He squeezed my hand, and then jumped through. I turned to Gritzo. "I don't have powers. What should I get?" The goblin smirked. "Silly human. You don't need powers to handle a weapon." Oh yeah, that was encouraging. I turned around and hesitated. Then without warning, I felt hands on my back, and was pushed into the portal.

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