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This is Part 1 of my new series Beautiful Creatures. You (This quiz is really for girls )want to get away from your town, when a mysterious boy comes into your town.

This quiz is all about you, you are a Angel and a mysterious boy comes into your room at night after you get a letter from him. Some of you may be scared, Flirty, Prankster. So please read my Story I'm coming with more soon :) :).

Created by: Darkangelz
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  1. It all started with a letter in the mail. Today, just a normal day a little hotter than usual but nobody really minded. "Bye___" said Jasmine. Jasmine is a pretty girl with dark browning hair, and green eyes. If you saw her you'd think she is emo but if you know her she is bright and hilarious. "Later" you say back. You and her are Best friends Btw..
  2. ANYWAYS.. You get on the bus and sit next to your friend Arlyn. Arlyn is Blonde headed, blue eyed, and Bright and flirty. Btw you love your friends but you have lived in this town all your life and so you have always wanted to leave. You've had dreams, you know silly dreams about just flying away and stuff.Like that would happen. You get out your earphones and listen to music looking out the window wondering if you will ever leave this town.
  3. You get off the bus with Aryln and you guys walk home together ( She is a block away from your house ). When you get home your mom tells you to get the mail. " Goodbye ___ see you tomorrow morning. " "Bye mom! " you yell. You go inside as your mom drives away to go to work. You looked and saw if you had any mail and see this. To ____ From -h---(It's scratched out but you can make out a "h".) You run upstairs and put your backpack down on your bed. You stare into the mirrow looking at your reflection, then quickly open the letter, inside in beautiful writing you see this: Hello, ___ This is Chase remember my name. WARNING!! Do not show this message to anybody... Your heart stops and you drop the letter.
  4. "What who's playing a prank on me? Who is Chase?" You kept thinking. Ok this is a joke I will forget it! You throw away the letter and get out your homework. Soon enough it was time for dinner, You eat and go outside to ride your bike to a park you go to almost every day to hang with your friend Dylan. Dylan is a cute shaggy blonde haired guy, he has brown eyes,the awesomest smile, a six pack and he always wears sneakers. You ride to the park to find Dylan not there you go to the Oak you and him climb up and sit in usually and he's not there. "Hmmm" You think. You walk up to his house and ring the doorbell. No answer. " Dylan is never gone he hates his parents always tries to stay away from them.Their gone and Dylan's gone that's to weird...
  5. Your ride back to your house and find that you should be getting ready for bed. "I've had a long day and I want to go to sleep early." You think. You head upstairs. " Night mom!... Wait she's not here.You sigh and crawl into bed. " Ah I am so... so tired you think as you close your eyes."Thump..Thump bangg-gg-gg you hear. " UGHHH " You say groggily. You look at your alarm clock. 3:00 A.m. "Probably some rats or something up in the attic making noise, You think. All of a sudden you hear a noise and see a figure fall from your attic door at the top of your bedroom roof You:
  6. and back up against the wall. All of the sudden the figure says " Calm down ___" " Wh-who are you??!" you say with your voice couragous but with a hint of fear in it." " Chase.... I am Chase the one in your letter. Let me explain on the way about why I'm here." he says. " I am not going anywhere with you! " You exclaim. " ____ you have to please " he says. "Explain why your here and I'll think about it.." you say. " Ok ____ you are very powerful and I have been watching you for years. You are a um.. uh..... Angel like with wings and all. Suddenly you hear a car door close and you realize your mom came home from work. He suddenly grows wings from his back and you barely have time to open your mouth before he pushes you and him out the window into the cold night.
  7. You had dreams about flying out of this town but not in a strangers arms with wings claiming that you are a angel with special powers. " So.. Chase if you say I am a angel where are my wings? " I say with annoyance in my voice. " Push your back shoulder blades back a little and they will pop out" he whispers into my ear. I do what Chase says and then the weirdest thing he let goes of me and I shoot back into the night then I look and see I HAVE WINGS!! They are exactly like his black ones but with white tips. He then teaches me how to fly and helps me learn swooping and landing tips. Then for the first time he touches my cheek and the moon reflects off his face. He has dark brown-blackish hair like me, and violet eyes, he has a tiny nose, dimples like me, and his smile makes me wanna faint... I quickly swoop away laughing. "What are you laughing about? " He asks. " Here I am flying with wings! With a hot stranger... Isn't that a little weird? "____ we should find a place to rest " he says not answering my question.
  8. Chase swoops down to a junky abandoned car "Here's good" he says finding 2 blankets left in the back of the rusty truck. After that I get situated and end up falling asleep on his shoulder... "Whirr Whirr" I wake up to see I'm still in the truck none of that was a dream and Chase is working on the truck outside. "Goodmorning sleeping beauty" He says teasing with a flirty smile. " Hey Prince Charming " I say teasing back. " Is the truck running or something now?"I say tiredly. "Yup, get in were going to drive for a while." about a hour later I am full from snacking on some of my favorite snacks Chase had and I suddenly hear my favorite song come on.Which is:
  9. You start humming to the song, when Chase starts humming too. " You know this song? " you ask curious. "No I don't know this song" Chase says trying not to smile, but you and him end up laughing anyways. You started staring out the window and you see a Oak Tree. Suddenly Chase swerves the car over to the Oak tree on the country road, and he comes to your side and helps you out. You both fly up to the top branch of the tree and sit there side by side, hand in hand, and converse swaying back and forth. Then suddenly the wind picks up, and the leaves and grass start dancing. Chase grabs your face in between his hands and slides them down your back and you both are very close, then he kisses you.
  10. You were amazed by how good he kissed you and how long it lasted. After that you fell asleep watching the sun go down sleeping in that Oak Tree, next to Chase... To Be Continued

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