Dream Story, Which Will Be Yours? (Part 7)

This is the end. It's not the best I could have done. But I felt rushed. I believe most of you will be unpleased. But if in the future I ever have time, I will make some allternate endings.

Take away people. Don't be to depressed at the end, nothing is going to turn out the way you want them to. But if I had more time, I would make more. I will probably be making some alternate endings, but IDK. So have fun with these.

Created by: musicgirl
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  1. You wake up. Slowly losing air, but you know oh so well that you can hold on to life, just to see ___ again. (True or False)
  2. You keep your eyes open, just long enough to relize, something on you, something, well, you've been cut by a knife. You don't know where, but blood is spilling throughout the room.
  3. You try franticly to find where the blood is coming from, when you relize... it's not coming from you. You look to your left, and there's _________. Laying there, motionless.
  4. You know you feel something hurting you as well, but it's not physical, it's the things that have happened between you and ______. All the good times. You....
  5. For the first time, you feel, so many emotions at once, anger, sarrow, death (may not be emotion), so many.
  6. You lay on his motionless body, only to relize you were not going to live an hour longer. You don't know what else it could be, you can feel a certain pain, and it's not in your heart. You don't know what else to do.
  7. It's over. There's nothing else you can do. You've dragged on for too long. You see _______'s eyes open.
  8. He smiles at you, and kisses you. And lays back down. You lay down next to him. You can't help but smile. But you know it's the end for the both of you.
  9. You close your eyes, and fall into a sleep, from which you will never wake up.
  10. Sorry people! It's the end of this quiz! I no longer have time to work on them anymore.

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