Twisted Love Story part 2

Hey peoples! Twisted Love Story part 1 was my first quiz I made on so I would like to thank XXXshattered soulXX, starefire, muddin girl, xXdark kissesXx, J_ Tiger2, Itlbabeangel, peace taker, jazzy123, and Xy624 for commeting

What Just Happened- You were in your room when a bad guy/weirdo breaks in and tries to kidnap you but James, Zac, and Evan come and rescue you but the villan grabbed you and took you to his hideout but the 3 guys find you and rescue you

Created by: makeup123

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  1. You wake up the next day in a comfortable bed. You open your eyes and you see James next to you.
  2. " Guys! She's awake!" he shouts. The next thing you know, all the guys come running in and they give you a big hug!!! ( you can barely breathe!)
  3. "Are you ok? Are you hurt? " They asked. " Guys! give her some space!" Evan says."Right sorry." They say. What's your name? Evan asks. "I'm ____." you relpy. "Cute name."Zac says.
  4. " You must be hungry by now. Come down stairs and join us for breakfeast." Evan says. "ok." you reply.
  5. So, after you brush your teeth and shower and stuff, you go to your room and there is a big wardrobe and inside it there are clothes. What do you wear?
  6. You find your way to the kitchen door. You are about to enter when you hear the guy s talking about you. What do you do?
  7. You decide to stay out there and listen to what they were saying. This is what you heard. " When... tell... her... powers?" "Not ... "
  8. They stop talking about you so you decide to come in. what do you have for breakfeast?
  9. AFTER BREAKFEAST- " Hey ___! Do you want me to show you around the house?" James asks. "Sure." you reply. After the tour, James quickly kisses you and goes back to his room. You decide to go back to you room too. It's almost 4:00. You are watching TV when you hear sounds outside the room...
  10. Which guy do you like?

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