Twisted twilight, your story (part 6)

ok i'm sorry it too so long to get done buthere it is finally lol so enjoy and i hope it's not to boring. Sorry if the results dont exactly match with the story i stopped half way through and i couldn't really remember wat i wrote.

ok so well i need feed back after you've taken this quiz just throw in ideas i mean thats how seth came into this some one they liked him so i thought yeah not so if you've got an idea just leave it in comments and i'll see if it'll work!

Created by: Chinch

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  1. ok just a few quick questions first. Perfect date:
  2. fave type of movie:
  3. ok so your sitting with Emmett and he calls out towards the door "ok you can stop listening now" He's still laughing. Seth opens the door and strolls in. Edward comes through the door behind you, you hadn't noticed before. And Jacob climbs through the window off a branch into the room.
  4. "You boys have no trust in me?" Emmett says still laughing. "i'll go make you something to eat Bella, Jacob, Seth come help me" Emmett says "What about Edward?" Seth naggs "He needs a word with Bella" Emmett says simply and the 2 follow him out of the room. Edward sits on the bed with you
  5. "so you wanted to talk to me?" you say. "yeah, this is really awkward it's been a while since i've done this" "wat are you going on about?" "well i was kinda hoping you and me could.. i don't know... on a date?"
  6. so after you think about all he's done for you you just decide to say yes.He's over joyed as he leaves the room, you lay down enjoying the peace for a few mintues before you hear the door open. you look up and Seth's there holding a bed tray full of food.
  7. He sets the tray down on the floor instead of on the bed. you give him a confused look. he sits on your bed up near your head, "you know you have beautiful eyes, and your soft skin" He strokes your cheek lightly with 2 fingers. Your breathless as he leans towards you and starts to kiss you softly. once.. twice.. three times... before he starts to kiss you passionatly. you feel him slowly start laying over top of you. your a virgin and prefer to stay that way a little longer so you push him up and he seems to understand. Your both breathing heavily and he just stares at you. you lay wrapped in his arms untill your nearly asleep again. "the guys will be wondering where i am" he whispers and slowly detangles himself from you and leaves just when he closes the door he says "make sure you eat that food Emmett will be mad if you dont" Then closes the door and leaves.
  8. You eat the food and slowly get up. you find you are suprisingly light headed. you start to walk down the winding staircase, on the way you feel a wave a sleepiness wash over you, you nearly fall but luckly Jacob sees you swaying and catching you.
  9. He pulled you up to chest " Bella?! Dont go to sleep! keep your eyes open!" Your trying too " SETH! EDWARD!" He calls out to them "stay awake honey, stay awake" Jacob keeps whispering in your ear. Edward runs in with Seth close behind him " He's in here somewhere! Find him before he kills her!" You feel your eyes close but your not asleep yet. you twirl your finger in the air splashing yourself in the face with water to keep from falling asleep."Edward! hurry up she can't can't hold up much more!" Jacob yells. Emmett runs in as a big wolf and pins a guy against the wall! the guy seems to come out of no where.
  10. "keep her awake jake!" Emmett yells before dragging the guy outside of the room. You see Edward standing there with his eyes wide and his jaw dropped sethh just pushed past him and said "Get a grip Edward!" "come on" Jacob whispers softly in your ear then swings you into his arms and carrys you up stairs and puts you on a huge bed. the fabric your laying on is silk and it feels so soft to touch.
  11. "You can sleep now bella.. your safe i promise" Jacob whispers. You let your eyes close and you fall asleep when you wake up your tucked in under the covers you feel really hot. your even sweating you look across and see Edward asleep under your covers right next to you. you move slightly to ease the doona off but Edward is awake in a flash. He looks aorund then looks back at you "good morning sleepy head" he says laughing. He stops and just looks at you for a few seconds then he cups your cheek in his hand and leans in slowly. "Bella you are so beautiful.." is all you hear before you close your eyes preparing for the kiss. but then out of no where the window is smashed and you and Edward are showered in glass. Then-
  12. ok last question who do you love?!

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Quiz topic: Twisted twilight, my story (part 6)