Dark Love part 1

Hey guys. This is my 2nd quiz series and if you took Twisted Love Story, you'll know Zac. I took him from that quiz and put it in mine cause I can do that cause I created these series and Twisted Love Story. I also added another guy named Kevin. If you got Zac or Kevin for the result, it isn't true! The guy you get in part 2 is true.

Ok, let me tell you a little about yourself in the quiz. You have long black hair silky hair that covers your midnight blue eyes. You are wearing dark blue shorts, a white top, and a black hoodie. This is what happened this morning in the quiz. You woke up late and you heard your mean parents yell at you to go to school. When you got up your parents wouldn't drive you to school. So you walked there. When you got to school, your horrible teachers yelled at you for geing late. So, you pretty much have a horrilbe life.

Created by: makeup123
  1. You're at school, and it's lunch time. You get up to buy it. What do you eat?
  2. You and your best friends, Taylor and Jamie sit at a lunch table. You guys start talking about music. "Do you guys like T.I?" You ask. "I love T.I.! He's my fave singer!" Taylor says. "Really? I sorta like him." Jamie said.
  3. A couple minutes later, Mac shows up. He's the meaniest guy in the school. He made of you thorugh kindergarden to 7th grade.
  4. "Hey___! Remember the time when you _____(
  5. You become sooo humiliated that you throw all your food at him. Then something strange happens. The whole room became dark and fire comes shooting out of the floor. You put your hands in the air, your palms facing up and a dark ball comes up. You aim at him you didn't want to but you couldn't control yourself.
  6. Then, the room turns back to normal. Everyone including your fiends stare at you like you're a freak. You become nervous and scared. You run into a small dark room and you sit there crying, hoping that no one would find you. You hear the police coming.
  7. You decide to run away. But before you do that, you grab you backpack, coat, and some food and money and run. You sneak outside and try to stay hidden while running out of the city. You've been running for hours!
  8. You get tired and decide to rest for a couple minutes. You are eating an apple and you start to wonder what happened back there. What are you thinking?
  9. You're almost finished with your apple. You hear the police coming. You throw away the core and start to run. You're almost away from the city and away from the cops so you decide to walk. You start to relax and think about your friends and family.
  10. It's getting dark and the moon comes up. You start to get bored. You remember that you have your ipod with you so you listen to it. What song are you listening to?
  11. You aren't watching where you're going so you trip over a rock. You get up but, when you do, your head hurts really bad. It feels like some hit you on the head really hard...
  12. Sorry the guys weren't really in this quiz so just pick a guy. I f you get Zac or Kevin, it really doesn't mean that you'll like them cause you didn't met them yet. In part 2, the guy who you get will be the one who you'll really like.

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