Never Underestimate The Wizarding World~Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of my new Harry Potter-themed story series! I'm going to try to keep it pretty straightforward, but sometimes I throw in something nonsensical, so I hope you don't mind that XP

Thanks to Wackogirl, Ericat, and everybody else who took the first part of this series. Note: Some of the characters that I use in this story series will be my own creation, and others will be JK Rowling's. I do not intend to take create for all of them.

Created by: goodgirlo
  1. I look out the window as the landscape roars by, my elbow resting against the sill. The sky outside is beginning to darken, stars sprinkling across the horizon. Adonis fell asleep several hours ago and Lily Potter is quietly flipping through her copy of The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 by Miranda Goshawk.
  2. I stand up and pull my wand out of my bag from the overhead rack, run my fingers over the smooth wood. My wand is 13-and-a-quarter inches long with a unicorn hair core, made of holly wood. I've missed using it over the summer. I don't think it's fair that you're not allowed to use magic outside of school until you're seventeen.
  3. Lily looks up from her book and says, "We should probably change into our robes now." I nod in agreement, stow my wand away, shake Adonis awake, and grab my bag. I leave the compartment and walk to the bathroom, where I change into my robes. Walking out of the bathroom, I nearly run into a second year in a Hufflepuff robe.
  4. The second year is a boy with dark hair who is a little bit taller than me. "Sorry," I say, hastily backing away from him in embarrassment. "No, it's fine," he says, shaking my hand. "I'm Lorcan Scamander." "I'm Liana Westwind," I introduce myself. "So, are you a first year?" he asks, glancing at my robe that doesn't yet specify my House. "Oh, no, a third year," I tell him. "I transferred from America." "That's cool," Lorcan Scamander says. "My great-grandmother was American." "So, how was your first year? Is Hogwarts as amazing as they say?" I ask him. Lorcan smiles a little. "You have no idea," he says.
  5. I say good-bye to Lorcan and head back to my compartment, where Adonis and Lily have both donned their school outfits. "Are you excited to be sorted into your House?" I ask Lily. She nods. "I'm hoping to be a Ravenclaw or a Gryffindor," she tells me. "Both my parents were Gryffindors, so it's probably more likely than Ravenclaw, but my friends always talk about me having an oddball streak." I laugh a little, and then realize that the train's starting to slow down.
  6. We all grab our bags as the train stops completely, and Adonis eagerly climbs out of the compartment, only to get swept away in a crowd of students fighting to get to the exit.
  7. Adonis and I meet up with each other in the center of a very busy Hogsmeade Station. I spot Lily among the crowd, and she gives a quick wave before running over to two older boys who I assume are her brothers, James and Albus Potter.
  8. Walking beside Adonis, I leave the station and that's when I get my first sighting of Hogwarts. Words can't describe the way it looks, lit up in the light of the moon; it takes my breath away completely. After a couple of minutes of staring, Adonis pokes me. "We should probably get to the lakeshore. You know, so we can get into a boat on time."
  9. Adonis and I walk down to the shore, and I see a ten-foot-tall man waving a lantern and backing toward the edge of the water. "First years over here, first years!" he bellows. "First years over here!" Little kids are already gathering around him and hesitantly stepping into the lake, climbing into rowboats that are stringed together.
  10. I walk up to the man, and he turns around. "Well, yer a mighty bit tall for a first year, ain't ye?" he says, studying my face. "I'm Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of the Keys, Care of Magical Creatures teacher at Hogwarts." "I'm Liana Westwind, and I'm actually a third year, I'm just transferred," I reply. Hagrid looks a little startled at my American accent but escorts me into a rowboat near the front. Adonis sits a couple boats behind me and starts chatting with a small red-haired boy who looks familiar to me for some reason. I turn around and face Hogwarts, wanting to drink up as much of the sight as I possibly can before I'm inside the castle.
  11. As the rowboats slowly glide across the lake, I look up at the moon, and a warm sense of contentment settles over me. My friend Carsyn Coffee once said that the greatest joy lies in the simplest moments. I'm still not quite sure if I believe that, but sitting here now, about to start my first year of school at Hogwarts, I think I can see her point.
  12. "Liana! Liana!" Adonis says in a half whisper, half shout behind me. I turn around and see him still sitting next to his new friend. "Do you know who this is? This is Hugo Granger-Weasley, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's son! We've met two famous kids already and we haven't even been sorted yet!" I laugh a little at his enthusiasm, then I realize that we're at the opposite shore of the lake.
  13. Adonis says good-bye to Hugo and climbs out of his rowboat. I'm already halfway up the hill leading to the front doors of the castle. "Miss Westwind!" Hagrid calls after me. "Miss Westwind! We're going in through a back way!" I turn around and blush furiously whenever I see that all the first years are staring at me like I've just swallowed a Chocolate Frog whole. What is it with little kids and staring?
  14. Hagrid leads the first years (and me) up the hill and through an ivy-coated door into a dark hallway inside the castle. I breath in the musty air and run my fingers across the stone wall. It feels strange and foreign, but in a welcoming way, if that's even possible. "This way," Hagrid whispers into the gloom. "Don't want ol' Filch to catch us now, do we?" I don't know if Argus Filch, the famous caretaker of Hogwarts, is really trying to catch us or if Hagrid's just entertaining the first years, but I'm not sure if I want to find out. I walk next to Adonis as we travel through the maze of halls, but he's engrossed in the very walls and floor of the castle and I'm not sure if he's even noticing me. Finally, Hagrid opens a large door and light floods into the hallway. I step into the shadow of the doorframe and find myself looking out into the Great Hall.
  15. Well, I hope you enjoyed the second part of my new Harry Potter fanfic series! Stay tuned for part three, and if you want you can comment. If you don't *pulls out wand* Nah, just kidding. Bye for now!

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