Hogwarts Part Three

Part three of the Hogwarts love series is here! See as things really heat up! I hope you enjoy it; same results as normal: Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Oliver Wood, and Ron Weasley.

See if you get the same result as last time and please feel free to comment with suggestions! I am sorry if this isn't what you expected, and yes, I'll be continued it!

Created by: HogwartsLove
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  1. "I mean..." you trail off. You would have never guessed Draco could make you uncomfortable. Just then, Crabbe and Goyle come up and grab Draco away from you. Draco yells back "Sorry!" You...
  2. After lunch you begin walking to your next class, Herboloy. "Hey, ________," says Neville, running up to you. "Oh, hey Neville," you reply, books hugged against your chest. "Are you ready for today's lesson?" he asked, eagerly looking at you. You look at him, perplexed. "Er — that is, if I knew what today's lesson was," you say. "Well, I don't know what it is," Neville stated. "Then why are you so excited?" "It's Herbology!" he laughs. He runs ahead of you to Greenhouse Three. You can't help but shake your head, laughing at his excitement. "Pfft... 'Suffer unfortunate events,'" you hear Harry say behind you just as you are entering the greenhouse. "What else could happen to you?" you hear Ron say. "Wow, thanks Ron." "What?" he cries. "I was only agreeing... ________! How are you?" he asks. "Fine," you say, sitting down in a seat around a table with a lot of plants on it. Harry and Rob sit on either side of you. You can't help but surpress a sigh. You were already very overwhelmed. "________, are you — um... Well, there's some rumors," Harry began, emphasizing "rumors." "About me?" you cry. Ron lays his hand on your shoulder. "Don't worry!" he says. "It's just about who you're dating." "What?!" you scream, scooting your chair out as you jump to your feet. Ron stands as well and pushes you down gently to sit. "Don't worry, ________, it's only-" "Only kids talking about me?! Assuming things! Yeah, that's nothing to worry about!" you respond. Ron opens his mouth, but before he can speak Professor Sprout comes in and starts the lesson. Harry and Ron pat your back, amused, as you slump in your chair.
  3. After another class you decide to try to do a little investigating. You don't even take your Defense Against the Dark Arts text book back to your common room. You storm around the school looking specifically for Malfoy. It's not that you want to direct your anger towards him (unless he's the one spreading rumors), but you still needed to talk to him and clarify where the incident had left you. You bump into him. "Ah, hello ________!" he said cheerfully. "Wow," you smirked, "you're awfully happy." He laughs. "Well, I just-" "What do you think you're doing, Malfoy?!" you hear someone yell. Then you hear stomping foot steps and out of the shadows comes Ronald. "Er-" Draco stutters. Ron stamps over to him and shoves him. "What do you think you're doing, huh?" Ron yells, pushing Draco against the wall, holding him by the scruff of his Slytherin sweatshirt. "Ron! RONALD WEASLEY, YOU GET OFF HIM RIGHT NOW! Leave him ALONE!" you scream, stomping over. Ron continues, however, so you hit him with your textbook. "I (hit) said (hit) to (hit) let him (hit) GO!" you cry. Malfoy looks up weakly, a smile on his face. You step back, breathing heavily, surprised by the look in his eyes. "Stupefy," Draco whispers under his breath. Ron is left stunned. Draco slides out under him and looks up at you. He smiles again, his eyes still giving off the same feeling, and disappears behind the corner.
  4. In your anger you decide to leave Ron there. You can't hold back your tears, and they begin to fall, harder than ever before. In a flourish you trip on the stairs and hit your arm on one of the stairs. You know that'll leave a bruise. But you don't bother with getting up. You're sprawled out sobbing on the staircase when suddenly a Scottish accent says, "I do believe you deserve better." You look up and a gloved hand reaches out. You smile as you look up at Oliver. You wipe away some of your tears. "Why are you in your Quittich form? It's dead night; I'm surprised Filch hasn't spotted me." "Thought I'd go for a spin," he said, smiling. He takes your hand, and, surprised, you let him. The two of you get to the Quittich field and he picks up a broomstick and gets on. He looks over at you. "Well?" "What?" you ask, startled. He pats behind him. "Oh, no, I-" the look in his eyes make you agree and you hop on behind him. "So when do we-" suddenly you're up in the air, the wind in your ears; you've felt nothing like it. You can't help but laugh. Oliver looks behind him at you and laughs too. "Like that?" "Totally!" you reply.
  5. About half an hour later you two get off. You're both laughing. "Oh, that was AMAZING," you say. "Isn't it?" "Yeah," you reply. "Now I see why you play Quittich!" You look around, your right hand holding your left arm because you're beginning to feel awkward. "You know..." you say quietly, "it's not hard to see Quittich is important to you." He looks confused and waits for you to say more. "And yet," you continue, "you skipped practice for me." He walks closer to you. "Well..." he whispers, and leans close. "Some things are more important." He moves towards you slowly and stops right in front of your face. When you don't pull away, he puts his lips against your's and his hands are holding your's. He, like Draco, was gentle, but your ease of backing off was easier. He pulls away and looks at your eyes. When you smile, he starts smiling, too. Then you two return to your dormitories and separate to go off to your beds. You're left to think about today.
  6. The next day during Potions you sit by Draco. You almost can't bear to look him in the eye. Finally, you gather up the courage to say, "Draco, about last night-" "No need to apologize." "You looked so hurt," you say. He smiles. "Tons of guys like you, ________. it shouldn't have come as a surprise when Weasley jumped at me."
  7. "That doesn't mean he had the right to jump on you!" you cry. "Yeah, I know. But wanna know a secret?" You nod. "I don't blame him." He winks. Before you can respond Professor Snape walks in. "Okay, class," he says, "today we'll be learning about..." Class dragged on, but you were still thinking about what Draco had said. He was obviously right, but you'd never really — well, thought about it. You were so surprised when Oliver had kissed you, but perhaps pleased as well.
  8. Before you knew it, it was lunch time. You looked around but Oliver and Harry were gone. "Quittich," says Neville. "WHAT? WHAT'D YOU HEAR? I SWEAR, IT-" "I don't know what you're working yourself up about," Neville says anxiously. He pats the seat next to him and you sit. "I only meant they were practicing." "Oh — OH!" You laugh. "I thought you were talking about last — Er, never mind. So, how's it going?" you say with unease in your voice. You're looking around nervously. Neville looks worriedly at you. You look at him. "Wha-" you begin to say. Neville hugs you. It stuns you and you don't know what to do. "Um..." "I know. It's hard. I know what happened, ________." He pulled away. "Neville..." He smiles vaguely at you. "Free period. See you around."
  9. You decide to go talk to Harry; you haven't seen him forever, at least not talked to him. You find him, of course, in the Quittich field. He flys down on his Firebolt. "Oh, ________... Did you come to talk to me?" "Why yes, I did." You smile. "What about?" he asks, grinning. "You know — I'm not really sure." You two laugh. "Well... I'm glad you did." "Oh, are you?" "Yep. Wanna watch us practice?" You debate about it in your mind. What if Oliver saw you and... Harry takes your hand and leads you to a seat in the bleachers. He winks then takes off into the air. You grab your binoculars and see Oliver motion Harry over. They start talking and then spread out. They practice diving and for awhile you forget all about everything. You just remember the feeling of being on a broom, wind in your ears... "Hey, ________..." someone beside you says. You jump and when you look over it's Ron. You immediately blush. "Um... Ron..." "Look, I'm really sorry about the thing with Draco." "Mm... Well, I just don't understand... Why'd you have to jump at him?" you ask, curious. He runs his fingers through his red hair. "Like I said with Oliver-" "WHAT ABOUT OLIVER? NOTHING HAP- oh, you mean being jealous. Okay, so you like me. Great." Ron stares at you and looks slightly afraid at your outburst. "Yeah... And — um... Anyways, I just wanted to see if you would forgive me." "I'll think about it," you say, laughing. Ron smiles. "Good." Then the both of you continue watching Quittich practice.
  10. You're walking back to Hogwarts when suddenly Harry runs up to you. "You KISSED him?! You KISSED our captain?!" he cried. "What? How'd you find out?" "Ron told me! But never mind that! I want to know WHY!" Your thoughts...
  11. Before you can respond, Oliver comes up behind you. He looks like he is worried. You...
  12. Oliver's mouth drops open. Harry storms off, and you start crying for him. Oliver hugs you quickly and holds you to prevent you from running after him. He knows where he's going... *To be continued.*

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