Hogwarts Part 15

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* After the fight at the Yule Ball, Oliver said he was leaving Hogwarts for good. Seeing you were rather distraught about it, Neville cheered you up with a dance and you even kissed him at one point. Unfortunately, Ron ruined the moment, and you got into another small fight with him. During the holidays, you visited Arianna, where you saw Draco in the Slytherin common room. That was about it.

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  1. After what seemed like ages, the holidays finally ended and classes started up again, accompanied by a new wave of homework. Unfortunately for Harry and I, we also had a second task to figure out. Luckily for us, Harry received a helpful hint from Cedric and managed to figure out the clue for the both of us. I was surprised he shared it with me since we were both competitors, but I guess he decided he didn't want to see me drown. We were supposed to rescue a stolen treasure from the Black Lake. The twist – we had an hour to do it. I didn't think I could hold my breath for that long, so once again, I found myself researching with Harry in the library. Ron and Hermione tagged along, but I did my best to ignore the hopeful glances he sent my way every few seconds. We still hadn't reconciled over the cause of Oliver's departure. Strangely enough, Ron and Hermione were both called to Professor McGonagall's office, so it was only Harry and I after that. We spent a long time researching in the library until Madam Pince forced us to move to the Gryffindor common room.
  2. We tried to stay awake as long as we could, but inevitably, we both ended up falling asleep. I woke up in a panic, realizing that we still hadn't found a solution to our "breathing problem". A house elf bursted into the room suddenly, carrying a slimy plant. He woke Harry up and started babbling about Gillyweed, a plant that would allow him to breathe underwater for an hour. We also learned that the "possessions" they had stolen were actually the people who were dearest to us. I watched silently, realizing that I was, once again, the only one without a plan. Harry looked at my pale face and smiled reassuringly. He passed over some of the revolting substance. "You didn't think I would forget about you, did you?" he said jokingly, going slightly pink. I grimaced at the slimy feel of the plant, but gave him a grateful smile before realizing the time. "Harry, we've got to run!" I said frantically, dragging him all the way down to the Black Lake. We got there just in time, and I shoved the Gillyweed into my mouth before diving into the lake.
  3. The impact was rather shocking. I was expecting cold, but the water was simply freezing. I waited for the Gillyweed to take effect, and realized that my hands and feet had become webbed, and I had sprouted gills on my neck. I didn't wait to marvel at the transformation I had just undergone. I started swimming through the water, searching for any sign of where the hostages were being kept. Harry was trailing a little farther back, and soon, a song reached my ears from the murky darkness of the lake. I followed the sound and soon reached my destination without encountering much more than a single Grindylow, which I sent swimming away with a spell. Ron, Hermione, Arianna, Cho Chang, and a small silvery-haired girl were all tied up in a row, appearing to be in a deep sleep. With Harry directly behind me, I grabbed a sharp stone from the bottom of the lake and spent a minute cutting through the ropes that tied Arianna down. I freed her as quickly as I could and started swimming upwards before remembering Harry. He had freed Ron, but hadn't made a move towards the surface. I gestured towards him exaggeratedly, trying to silently voice a question. He just shook his head and waved his arms towards the hostages. Either way, the message was clear. He was staying. Shooting a warning look at him, I kicked towards the surface, surfacing with Arianna just a few moments later.
  4. Luckily, the effect of the Gillyweed had worn off on me by then, and Arianna woke up as soon as her head was above water. After being assured that she was all right, we both reached the bank of the lake. We were covered in heavy, warm blankets to wait for the others. Fleur had already surfaced, but she had failed to save her hostage, who was apparently the girl I had seen. I went over to give her some words of encouragement, and watched as first Cedric and Cho, and then Krum and Hermione surfaced, but I didn't see any sign of Harry at all. That meant that he, Ron, and Fleur's sister were all still trapped down there.
  5. After a short time, the girl and Ron appeared at the surface. Just a short time later, Harry also broke the surface. I ran to the bank and helped the girl to Fleur, who appeared to be her sister. I immediately smothered Harry with a hug, demanding to know why he had stayed down there so long. He only gave me a sheepish look before being dragged away by Hermione. I turned to Ron awkwardly. He gave me a hopeful smile, but I just glared in response. "Look, I'm really sorry. I was jealous, and I didn't mean for Wood to leave," he said heavily. I raised an eyebrow at him, questioning his last statement. "All right, I didn't like him being here. But if I had known it would cause all of this, I never would have said anything at the Yule Ball," he said, as honest as I had ever seen him. I pursed my lips and thought about everything he had put me through that year with his jealousy, whether it was related to the Triwizard Tournament or not. "How do I know you're not going to do this again?" I asked, my face a stony mask. "I won't," he said firmly, and I couldn't see anything that suggested anything else in his eyes. After a few silent moments, I relented yet again. "Don't mess this up," I said sternly, but the corner of my lips tilted up at thought of having one of my friends back. I punched him on the arm rather hard. "That's for everything you've done. Now we're even," I said, giving him a brief hug. He smiled and Neville appeared next to me, having come from the stands.
  6. "Are you all right?" he asked worriedly. "I'm fine," I said reassuringly, and then the announcement for the scores resounded throughout the area. I had received forty-nine points, Cedric received forty-seven, Harry received forty-five, Krum received forty, and Fleur received twenty-five. That put me in first by a single point, with Harry and Cedric tied for second, Krum in third, and Fleur in last. I stood in stunned disbelief for a moment, before throwing my arms around Neville in celebration. Unfortunately, my robes were still completely sodden from the lake, so I soaked Neville in the process. "Sorry," I said with a trill of laughter, drying both him and myself off with a wave of my wand. My friends all congratulated me, celebrating wildly. "I shouldn't have given you that Gillyweed," Harry joked, joining in on my little celebration. Unfortunately, it ended after a short time as Madam Pomfrey ushered us all inside.
  7. Life at Hogwarts had changed significantly from the beginning of the year. Since I had been chosen as a champion, almost everyone knew who I was. After receiving all of the negative attention preceding the first task, I was now a sort of celebrity at Hogwarts. Seeing that I had placed first, however near it was, most students were quite supportive of me, even if it was grudgingly. Of course, some Slytherins were always an exception. They were the only house without a champion, and they stuck behind Cedric, who many regarded as the "real Hogwarts champion". So, naturally, I was still a target in their eyes. I cursed once again as the Leg-Locking Curse hit me from behind, sending me tumbling to the floor. I used the counter curse and started to get to my feet, preparing to defend myself if it was necessary. "Rictusempra!" somebody said from the crowd, and laughter followed as the tickling charm took control of my body. As I yelled for help, the sensation suddenly stopped.
  8. "Come on, guys, leave her alone," a rather soft voice said. I groaned and sat up, gathering the things that had fallen out of my bag. Someone kneeled to the floor and helped me, picking up spare quills and books from the stone floor. It was Draco. He replaced some of the fallen books in my arms and smirked at my shocked expression. "And you didn't think I could be nice," he said, his arrogance quickly returning. "You haven't given me any reason to think that," I said pointedly, and he shrugged in response. I noticed the corridor was almost completely empty by then. Everyone was in class. "Thank you, but I have to get to Charms now," I said distractedly, picking up my bag and starting down the corridor again. "You know, I'm really not as bad as those Gryffindors say," he said hesitantly. I turned around, unable to find the words to counter his vulnerability. "If only you'd show it," I said quietly, and then continued on my way to class. I could feel his eyes on my back the whole way there.
  9. The day seemed to slip by fast as the third task drew nearer. With all of my friends at my side again, with the exception of Oliver, everything seemed to be going right again. Even Draco stuck up for me in the corridors when his Slytherin friends were getting too unfriendly. For the first time in my fourth year, life was going well. I had no idea what was in store when the third task arrived.
  10. Well, I think the next edition will be the third task, which is really what I've been aiming for in fourth year. That level up bar is moving...so...slowly. *pokes at bar in attempt to make it move* Never mind, enough of my complaining. I'm off to write Part 16! Oh, and my holidays end in two days, so I'm not sure how fast I'll be getting these out after that. I'll try to shoot for once a week, but I'm making no promises.

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