Hogwarts Part 52

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* You escaped Malfoy Manor. Draco returned your wand, and Dobby died. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are about to leave to, well, you're not supposed to know. ;) You're still currently stuck at Bill and Fleur's cottage with all the other escaped prisoners.

Created by: music826

  1. I slept very lightly that night. As soon as I heard the telltale sounds of footsteps, I crept out the door and into the dark hours of the morning. Knowing I really shouldn't be eavesdropping, I still couldn't resist lingering around the corner before meeting the Gryffindors out in the open. "How do I look?" a grating voice asked. "Terrifying," Harry's voice replied. I couldn't resist a peek around the corner, and let my eyes catch a quick glimpse of the scene by the other side of the cottage. I let out a small shriek, and clapped my hand over my mouth, pressing my back against the wall. Standing a few feet from our safe haven, imposing and maniacal as ever, was Bellatrix Lestrange. "What was that?" Bellatrix's voice drifted over to me. I shifted down the wall as far as I dared, knowing she had heard me. Harry started walking towards my hiding place. He poked his head around the corner and his eyes widened as he saw me. We stared at each other, me in fright and confusion, and him in shock and anger.
  2. "How much did you hear?" he demanded. "What is Bellatrix doing here?" I managed to squeak out in an unnaturally high-pitched voice. I really couldn't imagine why on earth the Gryffindors would be talking to her, provided she would've been able to get there in the first place. Harry actually laughed. He needed a moment to regain his composure, and I glared at him, wondering why my quite reasonable question had caused his reaction. "That's not Bellatrix Lestrange," he said finally, the laughter dying as quickly as it came. "What do you mean that's not Bellatrix Les-" I stopped mid-sentence, coming to a sudden realization. Harry, Ron, and Griphook the goblin were supposed to be leaving with Hermione. So that meant..."Polyjuice Potion," I muttered to myself. I pushed past Harry and made my way around the corner. "Hermione?" I asked the figure of Bellatrix. She smiled awkwardly, tilting slightly in her uncomfortable shoes. "Hello, Cassandra."
  3. I tried to return the smile, but I had to get over the fact that this person – this WITCH in front of me was really Hermione. "Did you really think she was Bellatrix?" Ron sn-----ed. I threw him a glare, and he promptly fell silent. "Why are you...this is just...just why?" I asked, unable to come up with a reason for the odd change of appearance. "I told you – we can't tell you," Harry cut in, approaching from behind. "But why can't you? Why are you three the important ones?" I asked, feeling a bit envious. Harry shook his head and looked at me a bit regretfully. "I've been asking myself that question for seven years now."
  4. In the end, I had to let them go. I wasn't exactly sure what I had expected by following them out there, but I knew it wasn't going to stop them from going. I gave Hermione a very awkward hug as they prepared to leave. "I'm sorry, this is just a little too strange," I said, pulling back with a grimace. I gave both Harry and Ron quick hugs as well. "Keep him out of trouble," I told Ron, gesturing to Harry. He grinned. "But who's going to keep HIM out of trouble?" Hermione asked, sending a pointed look at Ron. Griphook looked rather impatient at that point, and Harry sent an apologetic glance at me. "We'll come back soon," he said, before they all disappeared with a crack. I was left staring at empty air. "If you can," I added quietly.
  5. I returned to the cottage and waited for the others to wake up for the day. I just returned to my designated room and started practicing various spells from my old school books. If I wasn't at Hogwarts, I might as well be spending some time honing my skills. Bill barged in just as I was absentmindedly levitating a lamp around the room. I lost concentration and the lamp smashed to the ground. "Damn," I muttered, and quickly repaired it and levitated it back onto the bedside table. "There's someone here to see you," he said shortly, and left the door open as he walked away. I followed him out to the kitchen, curious as to who would have come to see me.
  6. My mouth practically fell open. "Oliver!" I exclaimed, running over to give him a hug. All things considered, I hadn't really seen him in months. The trip to the Burrow was the last time I had been able to talk to him. "Why – what are you doing here?" I asked breathlessly, leading him into the kitchen. Bill and Fleur had conveniently left to tend to their guests. "I got the news that you were staying here yesterday. I had to see if you were all right," he said, looking rather irritable. "So you just left? What about your Quidditch duties?" I asked, getting the feeling that he probably hadn't left with permission. He didn't usually pay much attention to that sort of thing. He fidgeted uncomfortably. "I, er, I don't exactly have any Quidditch duties anymore." I raised a suspicious eyebrow. "What did you do now?" "Nothing! ...Okay, well, I may have threatened one of the Carrows, but it wasn't really anything bad. Gryffindor deserved that goal," he insisted upon seeing my exasperated expression. "So now you got kicked out of Hogwarts?" I asked. He shook his head. "Not exactly...I disappeared before they could get to me. Things have changed around the castle since you left," he said seriously.
  7. "Changed how?" I asked, getting a bit worried. What could have possibly gotten worse? Oliver saw my expression. "No, it's not really bad news. The group you started in fifth year – Dumbledore's Army – they've starting rallying together. Not just the students at the castle. The old members are there, and some new ones, too. I've been hiding out with them in the Room of Requirement," he explained briefly. "And you came all the way here to tell me that?" I asked. He grinned. "Well, knowing you, I thought you might want a ride there."
  8. *music826* So, we're getting very close to the Battle of Hogwarts. Until next time :)

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