Hogwarts Part 47

Will you get the Hogwarts guy of your dreams? Find out in this quiz. Starting in your third year, you will get the opportunity to become friends and more with Neville Longbottom, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, George Weasley, and Oliver Wood.

*Recap* The Gryffindor trio fled during Fleur's wedding and you returned to Hogwarts.

Created by: music826
  1. Life went on at Hogwarts, though there were a few less students and punishments were much more severe under the Carrow's watch. They both taught as professors and were in charge of carrying out punishments at Hogwarts. Amycus Carrow taught Dark Arts (formerly Defense Against the Dark Arts) and his sister taught Muggle Studies. Needless to say, the classes weren't teaching students how Muggles were equals. Quidditch was just as bad as the academic side of Hogwarts. I was still Quidditch Captain, but Quidditch was no longer a source of enjoyment for me. The games were severely biased towards the Slytherins, and I rarely got to see Oliver in any case. He was already under observation regarding his loyalties in the war, and had been threatened by the Carrows for protesting at the very first Quidditch match of the season when Slytherin won over Gryffindor. When I did happen across one of the Carrows, I kept my head down, hoping that they wouldn't recognize me from any of my exploits with the Gryffindors and managed to skate by most of the time. Neville was another matter all together. He seemed to have gained an absurd amount of confidence since the wizarding world had been flipped upside down. He was pulling all sorts of stunts with other members from Dumbledore's Army to protest against the Carrows. Edward, Sabrina, Ginny, Luna, and plenty of other members were painting the walls with graffiti and going out of their way to make it known that Dumbledore's Army wasn't dead. If anything, Neville seemed to be getting more determined with each consecutive detention he earned, as if it fueled his desire to rebel. He quickly became my new best friend in the absence of Harry, Ron, and Hermione, but I became increasingly frustrated with him and his confrontational attitude.
  2. "Cassandra," I felt someone gently shake my arm. "Mmmm," I groaned, rolling farther into the couch. "How long have you been here?" Neville asked in concern. I realized where I was then – I had fallen asleep in the Gryffindor common room waiting for Neville to return from detention with the Carrows. I blearily opened my eyes, and Neville's battered face came into view. It looked as if he had just been mugged. Quite a few fresh cuts and bruises had appeared across his already beaten skin. "Neville...oh, what have they done to you?" I gasped in dismay. He shrugged. "It's nothing worse that what they've been doing," he said, registering my rather appalled look. "Really, Neville, you need to stop this with the Carrows. Just look at yourself!" I exclaimed a bit angrily. "It's just a few bruises," he said, sitting next to me on the couch and trying to calm me down. "No, it's not! You've got blood all over you, and I'm pretty sure they've probably been torturing you again, haven't they?" I looked to him for a reply. His silence was a clear confirmation. "I'm all for continuing with Dumbledore's Army, but we can't go on with all of this only to get tortured and beaten. It's not worth it." "Well, we have to fight back, don't we?" Neville insisted. I shook my head. "Not like this." He looked ready to argue his point further, and I held a hand up to stop him. I hesitated before continuing, sensing that he would be all too eager to do what I suggested. "But I do have an idea."
  3. "Well..." I started off. Neville leaned forward attentively. "Over summer break, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were visited by the Minister of Magic before You-Know-Who took over. He was there about Dumbledore's will. Apparently Dumbledore left them some items, but there was one the Minister wouldn't give to Harry. It was the Sword of Gryffindor. I know they're all on some mission for Dumbledore, and I think they're going to need the sword. For what, I don't know. But I think stealing the Sword is the best chance we've got of helping in the war," I said. Neville slowly nodded, and then smiled slightly. "You know you're planning something that blows everything I've done out of the water," he pointed out. I nodded anxiously. "I know. But hopefully it will make a difference. Do you see what I mean?" I said, desperately hoping he would see my point. He grinned. "Well, I think you know I'm in."
  4. Neville and I decided to keep our little mission limited to just Ginny, Luna, and the two of us. Plenty of others would have gladly helped, but in that particular instance, the fewer, the better. Sensing my anxiety about the entire operation, Neville put a comforting hand on my shoulder. "It's okay if you don't want to help. We've got this, haven't we?" he looked to Luna and Ginny. They both nodded determinedly. I shook my head, feeling rather sick. "No, I'm going. It was my idea in the first place." Neville smiled. "Brilliant. Well, shall we?" he asked, turning more serious as the moment came to leave. I gathered my courage and pushed my way out of the empty Gryffindor common room.
  5. The corridors were dark and intimidating as we made our way along to the Headmaster's office. No one dared breathe a word the entire way there. Amazingly, we didn't encounter any professors throughout the entire journey. We stopped in front of the Headmaster's Office, and realized that, of course, there was a password. One that we couldn't possibly know. I looked to the others. "Any ideas?" I whispered. They shook their heads. "Slytherin," Neville said. The secret staircase remained sealed off. "Vold-" Luna said calmly, but Ginny made frantic motions for her to shut up. "It's taboo, remember?" she hissed. "Does that work in the castle?" Neville asked a bit too loudly. "Shhh," I interrupted, looking around anxiously. "Dark Lord?" I tried. The gargoyle sprang aside to reveal the staircase. Neville looked at me in amazement. "You're brilliant. You know that, right?" he said with a smile. "Yes, I'm aware, thanks. Now let's get this over with," I said urgently, pushing him onto the staircase before I could run back to my common room in a panic.
  6. We all crept up in single file, wands lit dimly, and looked around the room. "There," Luna pointed out the sword mounted on the wall. I took a hesitant step forward and looked back at the others. "Is anyone going to help?" I asked quietly, making my way over at a snail's pace. Neville followed after and helped me lift it down. "You know I've never gotten a detention before, right?" I commented nervously to Neville. "Hello, Professor," I heard Luna say in her dreamy voice from behind. "Well, it appears that has come to an end," Snape said coldly in response to my previous statement. I closed my eyes for a moment and slowly turned around. "I...er..." I searched for the words, but everything was rather self-explanatory. He summoned the Carrows, as they were in charge of punishment at Hogwarts. "We'll take care of this lot, Headmaster," Amycus said delightedly. Snape acknowledged the offer with a brief nod and looked at us with an icy disapproval before sweeping back up to his quarters like a large bat. I looked at Neville in a panic. He stepped slightly in front of me, concealing me in the shadows of the room. He knew I was terrified of being discovered as a Death Eater's daughter. Or even worse yet, Aaron Levell's daughter. My father didn't seem to have many friends on that particular side of the war.
  7. "What shall we do with you?" Alecto pondered the question with a sardonic air about her. "Sneaking out after curfew, breaking into the Headmaster's office, trying to steal a priceless artifact. I don't believe any number of detentions is going to do this justice," Alecto continued gleefully. She caressed her wand, obviously just itching to use it. She suddenly caught sight of my face peeking out from behind Neville as she was lost in her wicked daydreams. "Who's this?" she asked, edging forward slightly. "Don't touch her," Neville muttered, squeezing my hand warningly. "Oh, what's this? Have we got a couple of little lovebirds?" "She has nothing to do with this. She...she was just coming to report us to you," Neville said. I dug my fingernails into his palm. He was a terrible liar at the worst of times. Alecto seemed to consider it for a moment. "Really?" she looked to me with narrowed eyes. I cleared my throat, and couldn't seem to do anything but nod no matter how much I wanted to curse her sneering face off. Neville had found a way out for me, and I wasn't about to ruin my chances. "And what's your name, then?" she asked, lowering her wand slightly. "Er...Padma Patil," I lied. I couldn't possibly be doing her any harm; her parents had made her stay home that year. "Well then, Miss Patil, I guess you'll be better off than your friends here," Amycus cut in, clearly thinking his sister had had enough fun. "Go on, then," Alecto jerked her chin towards the door, clearly an indication that I should run while I had the chance. I looked back guiltily at Ginny, Luna, and Neville. "Go," Ginny mouthed to me. With that, I flew down the staircase and all the way to my dormitory.
  8. The next day, I went down to breakfast and glanced over at the Gryffindor table, intending to see if the others were all right. What I saw just triggered a strong feeling of guilt. Not only was Neville sporting his usual collection of cuts and bruises, but Ginny was also in the same position. Luna didn't look any better, but she didn't really act as if anything had happened. I desperately wanted to talk to them, but it would look far too suspicious with the Carrows looking on, so I just went to class like usual and prayed I would get through the day alive.
  9. I spent the next several weeks leading up to Christmas keeping my head down and hoping that the Carrows had forgotten about me. As soon as I could, I stole off to the Gryffindor common room to speak to Neville and Ginny. A nagging guilt had been eating away at my conscience since the night we attempted to steal the sword. It was my idea to begin with, and yet I was the only one not being punished for it. I knew the Gryffindors would just shrug it off, but I couldn't just let the matter rest without an apology.
  10. I got the exact reaction I was expecting. "Don't worry about it, Cassandra. We're all alive," Neville assured me. I sighed. "I thought you would say that. I just don't understand how you don't blame me for it," I said regretfully. "Look, Cassandra," Neville said, sensing my frustrated attitude. "Do you remember you got you out of trouble in the first place? Ginny and Luna didn't want you going to detention with us anymore than I did. It's not your fault." I smiled slightly and reached over to hug him. "You are way too nice to me, Neville," I said gratefully. He shrugged and the familiar blush spread across his cheeks. I grinned. I had missed his timid embarrassment from those first few years I had known him. In the face of all we had been going through at Hogwarts, it had been oddly absent. On impulse, I gently kissed his cheek and settled in next to him, my head on his chest. And for the first night in a while, I slept peacefully. Little did I know what was coming.
  11. As I was sitting in Charms class, idling packing up my things to leave, I noticed Professor Flitwick standing a couple feet away. He looked at me sadly. I straightened up and looked at him with a questioning glance. "Hello, Professor," I said anxiously. It wasn't usually good news when a professor looked at you so solemnly. I figured I really was in some sort of trouble with the Carrows after all. "I'm sorry, Miss Levell," he said formally (pretty much all friendly student-teacher relationships had been obliterated by then). "Your grandparents are dead."
  12. *music826* Wow, two in a row! I guess I've exhausted everything I could possibly tell you by now. Until next time :)

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