Hogwarts Part Eleven

After returning to the Weasley home, or "The Burrow," you've already had a rather strange and yet frightening experience with Ron. You find that Draco and Oliver have, will you weren't around, found something that might make you happier than ever.

Thank you so much for the idea, _ViolaLover_! I hope you enjoy my quiz and please feel free to leave a comment and/or rate! My email is HogwartsLoveQuizzes@gmail(.)com without the parenthesis if you have suggestions or requests for the upcoming editions!

Created by: HogwartsLove
  1. You were sitting on the couch in the Weasley living room the next day after breakfast. You pulled your knees up to you as Molly, Ron and Ginny's mother, asked you all what had happened the night the Death Eaters had attacked you. Your heart plummeted. She'd brought you back to the Burrow because of the ambush, but you had let your mind forget the fact that she would probably talk to you about the incident. "Why would they even know who you all were?" she was wondering aloud. You shut your eyes. The woman who had helped you would find out one way or another. "Mrs. Weasley, I'm a-" "A good person!" Draco interrupted. You looked at him and gave him a "that's the best you could think of?" expression. He bit his lip as Molly furrowed her eyebrows. "Uh "” right... O-of course she is, but that doesn't explain anything." 
  2. "Draco's just "” Draco. Mrs. Weasley, I'm -" "I'm a Death Eater!" Draco shouted, standing up from the chair to your right. Molly's mouth dropped and her eyes widened. "Y-you're working for "” for HIM?" she said, gasping. He looked nervously around. "Y-yes." You shot to your feet. "I am, too." She appeared to be about to faint. "I-I'm a Death Eater," you repeated. "No," Oliver said from his seat, and he stood up and took your hand. "You're not." "Oliver, look! It's on my arm, I've been branded w-" Oliver shot Draco a glance and he led you up the stairs, Malfoy close behind and Molly left staring at you in bewilderment. The three of you walked into a room and sat at the round table that was placed lazily to the side, though making its way towards the center. "Guys, what are you doing?" you asked as you all sat down, both of them to your side. "Wood had this "” idea," Draco started. "And I couldn't help," he smirked, "but agree to help him." Neither of the boys looked at each other. "W-what is it?" you asked hesitantly. 
  3. "A way to hide the Dark Mark on your arm," Oliver answered. Your heart stopped with surprise. You looked up at him. "W-will it get rid of it?" He nodded. "Well let's do it!" He smiled vaguely, but it faded as he took his wand out. "It will hurt," he said quietly, his head down but his eyes on you. "Wood..." Draco almost growled. "I thought you said it would be pain-free!" Oliver looked guilty. "I-I thought so, too. But Voldemort wouldn't brand someone without making it hard for them to get rid of it, if there was a way-" "It's alright," you interrupted, turning your left arm over to reveal the Dark Mark. Oliver had an almost begging expression. "P-please know I'm sorry if it hurts," he stuttered. "And if it's too much, just say so and the spell will stop." Draco bit his lip again as Oliver placed the tip of his wand on the Dark Mark. "You act like you're the one being hurt," you said, giving a nervous laugh as you turned your head to Malfoy.  He looked up seriously at you. "I am." 
  4. Oliver muttered something under his breath, and immediately your arm seared, it felt, from the inside. You clenched your teeth and closed your eyes as it felt like the burning reached your bone. You turned your head away, trying to ignore it. But it wasn't done. It felt as if your shoulder was being griped at with claws, and your muscles torn apart. You couldn't help it when tears started falling, and didn't try to stop it. You felt someone grab your free hand and glanced with blurry vision as Draco did almost the same as you. Oliver was trying hard to keep himself from stopping the spell. All at once the pain vanished. You looked down at your arm, and, sure enough, there was no trace of the proof that you'd once served the Dark Lord. Like it had never happened. Like you could forget. Let go. You sighed as you felt an imaginary weight lift from your shoulders "” and you forced yourself to see the little peace that there had been in the eyes of the man you'd had to kill. Forced yourself to see that no longer would you have to look at the branding on your arm and feel your heart plummet. At the moment, though, you couldn't bring yourself to see that Draco and Oliver really cared for you. And Neville, and Harry. Even Ron. You couldn't do it. But you did force a smile. 
  5. Oliver, though you hadn't noticed, had been holding his breath the entire time. He finally sighed, and Draco released his grip on your hand. "Are you alright?" Malfoy asked quietly, and Oliver quickly looked up to hear your reply or watch for even the slightest nod indicating you were okay. "I'm fine," you replied, giving an exhausted smile. "Thank you. Both." You all sat in silence for awhile. "Well," you finally said, clearing your throat. "Well we should get back downstairs." They only gave slight nods of their heads and stood up before walking down to the living room with you, where Mrs. Weasley, Ron, Ginny, Hermione, Harry, and Neville were. 
  6. You managed to give them a smile, but still Mrs. Weasley looked concerned. "Wh-what happened?" she asked. "What did you do?" You only showed her your left arm, indicating that the Dark Mark was gone. She sighed. "Alright, well... Well what about you?" she said, motioning to Draco. "There's nothing I can do," he answered. "T-there's the spell, of course you can," she insisted. He only shook his head. She honestly looked horrified at the sight of the two of you. "Mrs. Weasley," you said softly. "I didn't join willingly." She nodded. "R-right, of course, of course... Well, I'll um... I'll just let you all... Talk things out." "Talk what -" you were about to ask, but she had Dissapparated. "I think she's gone loony," Ginny said with a hint of disbelief, walking to your side.
  7. You looked up from the floor. Immediately you wished you hadn't. Again Ron seemed overcome with anger. You gave Ginny a gentle nudge, causing her to follow your eyes. "So you are a Death Eater?" he asked quietly. You couldn't help but feel compelled to roll your eyes "” this was getting old and out of control. "Against my will, yes," you answered calmly, gritting your teeth. "You sure?" he mocked. "No, I only had to choose between dying and becoming a Death Eater," you said sarcastically. You weren't, however, going to be the first one to raise your voice. 
  8. You would've preferred something, anything "” compared to what he said next. "You should have died." You could have sworn you felt a stabbing pain in your stomach. "Ron-" "I don't want to hear it!" "You don't want to hear it? You act like I should be apologizing!" you shouted back. "You should be! You should be apologizing!" "IT WAS AGAINST MY WILL, RON!" "No it wasn't! You should have died for us!" "But I'm not a Death Eater now! So now I CAN fight for you! Come to think of it, I wouldn't be able to continue fighting alongside you if I had agreed to be killed!" 
  9. His eyes flashed again with what you'd seen when he'd raised his fist. "Ron," you said so quietly you were sure it was barely audible. "You don't mean this. You wouldn't punch me if you wanted to." He stopped. "I understand your fear for your family. But turning on the ones helping," you continued, "isn't helping YOU." "Well-" "Don't even try to be angry." He looked completely guilty. You looked uncomfortably around the room. As you'd replied to him it felt as if everyone around you had disappeared, but now there they were, coming back, coming back with looks of surprise. 
  10. You were happy when Mrs. Weasley Apparated back into the living room. You took her arm and she looked at you. "Please," you whispered, wanting to think, "the forest." She nodded her head and you felt your stomach lurch as you suddenly were nowhere but at the same time everywhere, until finally the spinning stopped and you were in the wooded area you'd been at during the camping trip. "Thanks," you said quietly, and she nodded a second time before Apparating again back to her home. 
  11. You found the same tree you'd sat at when Draco had come up "” after Ron's outburst. You sat down against it and looked out at the lake. Amazing how things could change so fast, just before your eyes. But at the same time amazing how things could change just before your eyes "” and you didn't notice them. You couldn't help but let your legs lead you to the dock on the lake for a second time. You sat down on the edge and curled your legs up to your chest. And to think life could get worse, you thought as you remembered Voldemort's plan to attack Hogwarts. Suddenly you heard a popping sound "” two, actually. And the sun was gleaming off of the water, and you knelt down by the edge, looking in. It really was pretty, and you heard birds chirping in the trees. You heard a noise from behind as if someone was approaching you but before you could even turn around you felt someone push you and you fell into the lake. You brought your head back out of the water, your hair soaking, as well as your clothes. You opened your eyes to see Draco, grinning at the edge.
  12. It was the first time in awhile you laughed a genuine laugh. You shook your head, grinning. "What?" Draco said from the dock. "You too afraid of pulling me down with you?" You took his arm, smiling. "Lord, I've already done that figuratively," you smirked, saying it as he had told you awhile before, and pulling him in.  

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