How well do you know about Inazuma Eleven?

This quiz is related upon the Inazuma Eleven programme in cartoon network. It is a football cartoon.The questions are the hardest in the world about it.

How much do you know about Inazuma Eleven? Are you what it takes to be a genius in Inazuma Eleven? Find out by taking the quiz. Please take it and best of luck!

Created by: Shuvam Das
  1. Who is the real 'Flamestriker'
  2. Which one of these have 2 persons in him?
  3. What does axel's father want axel to be?
  4. What is Mark Evans strongest save?
  5. What is Shawn's position
  6. What is Jude's first team?
  7. Which one of these moves is Kevins?
  8. What is the colour of Jude's goggles?
  9. Which is xavier's present team?
  10. Which is not in Inazuma Eleven Team?
  11. Who are the strikers in Crossfire (shot)?
  12. Which of these are teams of raimon?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Inazuma Eleven?