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There are many Inazuma player that is hoping for someone to notice them. How do they know they are noticed? They don't because only you know what is it to be noticed. - Kageno Jin.

Are you the what so-called Grand Inazu-fan? Get on. I mean hope on to the world of Soccer. I will protect this goal no matter what, Soccer Yarouze! - Endou Mamoru.

Created by: haruna
  1. What is Fuyuka's name that Endou called her?
  2. What is the name of the alien team Kazemaru create?
  3. How old is Toramaru?
  4. What is the occupation of Touko's father?
  5. What made Kogure lose trust in people?
  6. Which one of them is not 13 years old?
  7. What color is Kidou's eyes?
  8. What is Goenji 2nd learned individual hissatsu technique?
  9. What did Megane said about Haruna's name when she became noisy?
  10. Which one of their name is related to them?
  11. In all of the populars, which one is popular among girls?
  12. What does Tobitaka's hair look like?
  13. How many Aliea Academy Soccer team are there?
  14. What is the famous character that the person that voices Endo voiced?
  15. Which one of them have a twin?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Inazuma Eleven