Which Inazuma Eleven 2 character are you most like?

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This quiz will tell you which character from Inazuma Eleven 2 you are most like! Remember to answer them as accurate as you can, if one of the options doesn't suit you just choose the one that looks the most appealing to you!

Keep in mind that this quiz is just for fun and is by no means 100% accurate! Just have a good time while answering the questions and don't take them seriously, This is meant to be a quiz for

Created by: Katelyn
  1. 1. What is your idea of fun out of these options?
  2. What do you fear the most out of these options?
  3. Pick a clothing item from the ones listed
  4. Choose an animal!
  5. What type of house appeals to you the most?
  6. What are you most likely to do to someone as revenge?
  7. what is your gender?
  8. what do you think people see you as? if none of them fit you just choose "none"
  9. Choose a character (If you don't like any choose nobody)
  10. Which place would you play in a game of soccer?
  11. If you could dye your hair one of these colours, which would it be?
  12. In your friends group, what age range are you?
  13. What do you look like?
  14. Did you like my quiz? :D

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Quiz topic: Which Inazuma Eleven 2 character am I most like?