Never Alone (Part 2)

Hello, and welcome to part 2 of my quiz Never Alone There's only two guy's in this one because my imagination Isn't working so give me a chance. Also if you want you can make a character possibly a guy?

Oh well I will choose the best one's it doesn't matter on gender, but can it be a guy? I will use the character to be chosen by anyone so hope ya don't mind if you do make a guy character, but I also need some other girl character's. Hope ya like it I worked hard on it my life is complicated lol.

Created by: xbox360fan
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  1. I woke up to hear Bear barking. I knew that was to mean someone is coming, but I couldn't sense anyone coming so I just stood on the ledge of the hayloft with Knight on my shoulder. Solo doesn't seem to like me that much so I rarely see him around. I don't seem to notice someone behind me until "Look's like I have a stalker can't blame ya I am hot" I hear someone say. I jump startled turning around seeing a guy with flippy blonde hair, and sparkling blue eye's "What!? I am not a stalker!" I snap "Your reaction prooves it cutie" he smirks saying, and wink's at me "You don't even know what I look like now do you?" I say clearly confused. He walk's over to me, and takes my hood off my head. He notices my scar, and tilts his head to the side "Your still cute" he says again winking "I dont even know you" I frown as i say that "well I'm Nick the man of your dreams" Nick says
  2. "So whats your name cutie" Nick said I was not going to tell him my name since I just met him. I just frowned, and I pet Knight gently on the head I then turned around standing on the edge of the hayloft again. I started to get annoyed because Nick kept asking me all these quesiton's so I jumped. The hayloft is twelve feet off the ground so I had no trouble, and I landed swiftly on my feet.
  3. Knight had jumped off my shoulder before I jumped although I have jumped off worse thing's like a hundred foot cliff. I sighed, and I saw the shock on Nick's face, and I laughed softly as I threw my hood over my head, and walked out the barn. I went over to Prince who then tryed getting me on his back after a while Prince succeded, and he galloped to the forest. I wondered where he was taking me because I've never been to this part of the forest before.
  4. I looked around, and there was nothing really intrest although there was a cave I could probaly stay there, and since there was a stream, and Prince seemed to know about he could come to visit me, but what about Knight, Bear, Blue, Shep, and Snow, and Solo? Solo like I said never really liked me, but he still would come, and visit me.
  5. I walked over to the cave as Prince grazed on the grass I looked around the cave when I heard someone behind on instint I turned around, and accidently punched the person in the chest. He groaned in pain "what was that for?!" he asked in a yelling question "oh um, sorry" I mumbled. Prince then casually trotted in, and over to us Prince nuzzled my side, and I rubbed the side of his neck. I then got a closer look at the person he was the person from class the one I hit with the paper ball I then frowned hoping he wouldn't remember me or recognize my face Prince seemd to notice how I felt, and he nuzzled my side again trying to calm.
  6. I then saw Nick walk in, and i frowned, and looked at Prince "Oh we meet again how about I take you for a ride with the man of your dream's" He said, and bowed. I frowned, and just shook my head as I hopped onto Prince's back prepared to leave soon. The other guy glared at Nick "Nick leave her alone can't you tell she doesn't want to be bothered?" he said Nick frowned "well I hate to rain on your parade, but I don't want to be bothered by either of you" I said Nick frowned even more "well at least tell us your name I'm Kyle" Kyle said I shook my head, and didn't say anything.
  7. Prince then trotted out the cave with me on his back Prince galloped back to the ranch, and I hopped off his back then quickly turning into a wolf before anyone can see me although I'm pretty sure someone would notice a giant wolf with snow white fur with golden streak's in the fur. I trotted to the forest, adn headed back to the place, and I stayed in the shadow's of the tree's growling at Nick, and Kyle trying to scare them off.
  8. It didn't work so I got closer my growl turning into a snarl it still didn't work so I trotted off turning human glad they didnt spot me though. I grabbed my Ipod, and put in the headphone's listening to the song The Catalyst by the band Linkin Park.
  9. I bobbed my head to the music since I'm a huge rock, metal, and dubstep fan that is all I will listen to. I leaned against Prince, and he managed to keep steady as he grazed I barely noticed that I was softly singing the lyric's of the song, and that Kyle, and Nick where there staring at me. The only reason I noticed this was because Prince lifted his head and pushed me slightly still listening to the song I noticed them standing there Nick having a smirk on his face, and Kyle slightly smileing.
  10. I frowned instantly then I remembered I had work, and I quickly ran to the barn climbing up to the hayloft, and grabbed my backpack. I then ran to where the waterfall is hoping they aren't following that wouldn't be good so I quickly bathed my self changing into a yellow top, white skinny jean's, and brown leather boot's that came up just below the knee's that had a slight heel to it. I dyed my hair back to jet black oh before I forget I work at a local hospital as a volunteer to help the patient's, but they don't make me where a special outfit as long as I don't wear my hoodie sigh. Oh, and I never actually told you where I live did I? Oh well I live in Augusta, Georgia.
  11. I grabbed my backpack, and walked off to the hospital some of the patient's know what I am, and they don't say anything so in return I heal them when they need it. It's actually a mental hospital, but I don't care my favortie patient is a kind man in his thirty's that remind's me of my dad I think they could be brother's, but I don't know if my dad had one. I reached the mental hospital, and was greeted by some of the patient's that were waiting to be checked out by a doctor I smiled, and I gave them each a hug, and the one's that knew what I am I healed them from any injurie's they have I know they aren't mental because I see the thing's they see It's just not normal. I then headed to see him oh his name you say It's Kameron yes It's spelled with a k, but I think It's unique.
  12. I hugged Kameron, and actually I wanted to ask him something. I sat down on one of the bean bag chair's he has "Kameron can I ask you something?" I said as he looked at me clearly confused "sure" Kameron said "By any chance have you heard of a person called Charlie Walker?" I asked yes my last name is walker. He nodded his head slowly "Well yes-" he started, but I inturupted him "That's my dad! By any chance are you related to him?" I asked he nodded "Well yes I'm his brother how is he doing I haven't heard from him in so long, and It's so great to see he raised a beautiful daughter" he said "well actually he died, but I can't blame ya for not knowing since you have been locked up in here for year's" I said he nodded his head frowning "I can't believe I missed my own brother's death..." he said. I frowned, and I hugged him tightly "If you want I can get you out of here I don't have any family that care's about me anyway's so might as well give you a chance?" I asked
  13. Kameron nod's, and I grab his arm walking to the front desk asking if I can check him out. The clerk nod's, and gives you permission, and you run out still holding Kameron's arm "so where are we staying?" Kameron ask's "I hide in a ranch in a hayloft, but I got caught so I'm going back to the cave I found" I say Kameron nod's as I lead him through the forest to the cave I frown seeing Kyle there. "whos that?" Kameron asks Kyle lift's his head seeing us "I could ask the same" Kyle say's I frown, and grab Kameron's arm, and walk off to the ranch to go visit Prince. I get there, and Prince trot's over to me "Kameron this is Prince, Prince this is Kameron" I say Kameron nod's "anything else?" Kameron ask's I nod my head "There is a Silver Maine Coon cat with tabby like marking's named Knight that is attathced to me even though he Isn't mine, then there is a black Bombay cat named Solo that doesn't like me to much. There is a light red Australian Cattle Dog named Bear, there is a black, and white Border Collie named Shep, there is a blue Australian Shepherd named Blue, and a white German Shepherd named snow. So that make's snow the only female dog, and that's pretty much it" I say. Kameron nod's slowly trying to take in all that I said I laugh slightly
  14. Sorry, but I'm stopping it here my medicine make's me tired so ya I'll make the next one after I sleep.
  15. Oh, and if you havent read the first few paragraph's I'm having trouble coming up with guy character's so you can make a character if ya want doesn't matter on gender, but I will only let the first two people that comment if they have a girl character to be in the story. The guy character's I will pick the one's that are best.

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