the allied protectors of Earth (Part 7)

Here is Part 7! I had no homework this week so I decided to make Part 7 :) Hope you enjoy!

This is the ULTIMATE part 7!!! AHHH I'm excited!! Hehhhhh...scroll down for more....

Created by: ayamesho
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  1. The next day at school, you couldn't concentrate. You kept thinking about the words Mason had said to you. You couldn't sleep last night. Today was even worse as you had Hockey. One of the girls had accidently whacked the ball into your face so now you have a huge bruise on your forehead. You were trying to find Indiana and Sophia but they were nowhere to be seen. You sighed. Today was truly the worst day ever.
  2. When the school bell finally rang for home time, you couldn't wait to get home. You just wanted to go home and sleep. If anyone came to pick you up for training, you will just try to bail out. There was no way you could talk or see Mason today. You see Indiana waiting for you by the side of the gates. "Hello ___________!" greeted Indiana. "Hi, listen I'm really tired today so I don't think I'll be able come to training today," you explained. "I want to show you something," said Indiana. "Please just come!" You sighed giving up. "Hmm, fine, I suppose so then." You said giving in. Indiana squealed with delight and dragged you over to a nearby bush. You guys quickly disappeared to the base.
  3. When you saw the base, your eyes widened. The whole entire place was covered in balloons, streamers and buntings. "What is this?!" you gasped. Everyone came out then. Jack, Mason, Lucas, Austin, Sophia and Indiana. You looked at Indiana with the team in surprise. Then looked over to the Indiana who was standing behind you. Now you were confused. "˜Erm, which Indiana is real?" you asked. "I'm real!" laughed Indiana from the team and ran towards you. "That," she said and pointed to her duplicate behind you, is my duplicate. Sophia probably told you about us have duplicate and more right?" You nodded and then everything made sense. But... the duplicate alike. They had the exact same length of hair and every little detail was in perfect place. The real Indiana took out her silver compact mobile and pointed it to her duplicate. The duplicate disintegrated back into the compact. "We want to say Thank You for saving our lives." Said Austin. "And to show our appreciation, here is a small gift." Added Lucas and he handed you a small silver gift box with a white bow on it. You took gently opened the lid and could not believe what you saw. It was a silver compact mobile like the ones the team has. "Why?" was all you could say. "Because, you're officially in the team!" cried Mason and smiled at you. You looked at them all dumfounded. Was this real?
  4. "Oh My Gosh! " you whispered. You quickly hugged Mason. He looked at you in surprise then returned your hug, wrapping his arms around you. He smelt of that typical cologne that the guys wore at Hollister. Yup. This was definitely real. You took out the compact out of its box and stared at it. It was round, just like compact mirror. You flipped it open and saw a screen on the top half and some buttons and a screen. You then realised that it was touch screen. "I...I don't know what to say!" you whispered. "Well first, we need to create you a duplicate." Jack told you. He gestured you down the hall into a room. It was pitch black but when Jack said "Lights on.", the lights came on! The room was very big, everything was white. It was completely empty. This was when Jack pressed at some tiles on the walls and shelves, drawers and cabinets began to come out from the walls. The front wall was in fact a big screen. Jack led you to the keyboard and suddenly, a light began to scan your whole entire body. Then Jack took your hand and put it on a scanner and it also began to scan your hand. Lastly Jack told you to look to your side and to your surprise, a duplicate stood before you. It looked exactly like you. "She is now your duplicate. She will listen to you and from those scans, she is exactly like you."
  5. You went up to the duplicate and looked at every inch of it. Everything was pristine. Jack then pressed a button and the duplicate of you disappeared. "Now it's time for the exciting part!" giggled Sophia and she and Indiana dragged you off leaving the guys to stare at you with confusion. "Guys where are you taking me?" you giggled. Shh, we're almost there!" Sophia giggled back. That was when they both shoved you into a bright room. The doors closed behind you. You realised that it was a bathroom. "Hey let me out!" you cried laughing uncontrollably. That was when you noticed the silver jumpsuit on a hanger by the radiators. You enhaled deeply and walked towards it. You quickly tried it on. It was perfect. The way that the jumpsuit clings on to you in a nice way, the silky touch and the way it slides over the shape of your body. You could not believe your eyes when you saw yourself in the mirror. You didn't look like a weak girl in her school uniform but instead you liked like a superhero who was strong and confident. "Well come on! Show us then!" called a voice from outside. You quickly pulled on your white boots which reached just below your knee. You said in a clear voice "Open" and the doors automatically opened.
  6. Sophia and Indiana both looked at you in excitement. "My God __________, you look fantastic!" shouted Sophia. "Now for the finishing touch," added Indiana and gently clasped a belt to your jumpsuit. It was the belt with all the gadgets and weapons. "You look like one of us!" screamed Sophia and Indiana and they both grinned. They too were also wearing the jumpsuits. "Lets show the boys," nodded Indiana and they whisked you off back into the living room. Then when the boys saw you they looked surprised. Mason also looked like he had blushed slightly.
  7. You guys spent rest of the evening watching movies and ended up having dinner. Jack was an excellent cook. He cooked curry and rice with pitta bread. You ate all of it and even had seconds. While everyone was watching a movie, you decided to get some fresh air. You walked everywhere trying to find a way outside when you accidently stumbled into a room. It was pitched dark. You fumbled around, trying to find the light switch when you realised that the whole entire building was voice activated. "Switch on lights." You commanded. The lights all turned on and you looked around the room. It was a white and green bedroom, which was fairly large. Every single piece of furniture seemed to be unused. There was a large king sized bed with a vanity and a chest of drawers. There was also a desk and a large vintage wardrobe. You gently made you way along to the chest of drawers, which had several photos on it. You looked closely at it and saw a girl who was maybe the same age as you with red hair down to her waist, skin as pale as snow and eyes, which were like ambers. She was wearing a murky green jacket with a black mini dress. Standing next to her was...Mason. They looked so happy together. It was the first time you ever saw Mason smile for real. Wait it couldn't be. That girl was the same girl that was in your dream! You noticed that there was some kind of engraving at the bottom of the frame, which was covered with dust. You gently wiped it off and you couldn't believe what the engraving said. "Milla Avalon Johnson" it read. The girl in your dream was Milla. "What are you doing here?" someone said angrily. You turned around quickly and saw Mason looking at you. "I..I'm sorry I was trying to find a way outside but then I accidently stumbled into here..I..." you whispered stuttering. Mason took a deep breath. "Follow me."
  8. You quickly followed Mason up a few flight of stairs. You were right up at the top of the base. There was a square window where you could see the night sky clearly. Mason opened the windows and helped you up to go out the windows. You reached a small space where you could see clearly all of the area around the base as well as the city. Mason sat down and you did too. There were a few minutes of silence before Mason spoke up. "This was where I sat all the time when Milla died." He said sadly. "I'm...sorry." You said. "Look, Mason, Sophia told me what happened, but it wasn't your fault." "I know. I know. I still blame myself though. And I'm sorry for getting angry at you. It's just, no one has ever been in her room after she died and I was the only one,"Smiled Mason sadly. After that there were another few minutes of silence. "Yes." You suddenly said. "What?" Mason asked, looking at you. "Let's start over." You grinned. "Hi I'm _________ and you?" you said. Mason looked at you then started laughing. "Hi________, I'm Mason nice to meet you." Mason held out his hand and you shook it. You both laughed and admire the night sky, which were scattered with stars that shimmered like diamonds. This was too good to be true.
  9. You managed to transport back to your bedroom. You sighed with relief and quickly changed into your pyjamas by pressing your touch screen contact. You duplicate was sitting on your bed, reading a book. "Hello __________," she smiled. She stood up and place her hand on your cheek. Suddenly you saw what had happened when you were gone. Your parents were out and "you" watched some television. You looked back at her shocked. Jack never told you about any of this. You pressed a few buttons on your compact and you duplicate disintegrated back into the compact.
  10. Today was truly a crazy night. You smiled. All the problems in your head just disappeared and you felt so free. The best thing was, you had joined the team and you have now created a bond with Mason. It was everything you could of wished for. Little did you know that things were about to change very soon...

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