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  • Aria is such a loser
    "WHY?! *sobs into Calypso1315*"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "Dobbie!!!!!!! *breaks down* dumbledore!!! *Banging the desk* WHY?!?!?!"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "@calypso1315: calm breathe in and out..."
  • Aria is such a loser
    "Im a russell terrier which I think is ron's patronus :D"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "Ummmmmm..DRAPPLE :3"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "Aria your last comment made me laugh :) stay strong and ignore PIM :DD"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "@calypso135: no I was talking about yours :) @natuhleegayle: kk :) I'll practically be stalking your page.. That sounded seriously f"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "*claps* that was a very good speech cal :)"
  • "Aria you are like a celebrity on GTQ! :D Hi Ashl3y :D"
  • Aria is such a loser
    "Okay PIM you said you wouldn't create a thread so you created a quiz saying how much you hated Aria. Now you start one. For God sake, everyo..."
  • "Okay. What the heck. Ariel maybe you are just jealous of Cal but she is super nice. She should not be treated like that. If you are so bumme..."
  • "Did you know where's a tv drama of it? It's really good!! I love ohshc!! It is such a great anime!"

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