the allied protectors of Earth (Part 6)

Here is Part 6! Sorry that I'm a bit late with posting this up :( I had Geography camp (yay...) and I was gone for 3 days :) Also I'm really tired and I may have caught the flu...

This Part..will be exciting...ENJOY! If have any questions to ask or any ideas for this quiz series then feel free to comment and I'll give you my email address!

Created by: ayamesho
  1. Your first subject was Maths. Great. The lesson was so boring. You were learning about trigonometry and Mrs Croft kept rambling and RAMBLING on. You kept thinking about the team. Even if they were strong, they could easily get hurt. You kept thinking of Mason, even though you were supposed to be mad at him.
  2. At lunch you were sitting by yourself when you saw Indiana coming towards you. She waved and sat next to you and sighed. "Did you manage to defeat the monster?" you asked. "Sort of, it was a guy. He was had the powers of changing into animals. He was not fun. He managed to hurt Mason pretty bad." You froze. "Mason got hurt?!" you shouted. "How is he? Is he okay?" "__________ calm down. He's fine. He broke a few ribs but now he's doing okay. He's resting in the base." " Indiana, for telling me," you said, relaxing. "It's okay, I'm taking you to the base today after school," smiled Indiana. " yeah..." you muttered as you began to eat your lunch.
  3. FAST FORWARD TO TRAINING IN THE BASE A car smashed right into the centre of the target and exploded. You smiled and looked at Jack. "That's great ________!" said Jack. You smirked. This was getting easier than you thought. "_________! Wooooooo! That's awesome!!" shouted a voice. You looked up and saw Austin, hovering just above you. You looked up at him, your mouth opened with surprise. He dropped down in front of you and grinned. "Hiya!" he greeted. "How did you do that?" you whispered at him with amazement. "Duh, I can fly and I have super strength. Sounds like Superman doesn't it?" Austin laughed. "Austin, stop disturbing __________ training," said Jack. "Don't worry Jack, I'll be away in a minute. I just wanna talk to __________as we don't really know eachother and-" Austin never got to finish what he was saying. A giant beeping sound filled the air. "What's that?" you whispered. "Sensor. There's an attack." Jack informed you. Austin and Jack quickly ran back into the building. You quickly followed them. Everyone was in the living room including Mason. He had dark circles underneath his eyes and he clutched his ribs, it was obvious that he was still hurt. "Right the attack is by WestHart shopping centre." Jack told everyone. Everyone then transformed from normal clothes, to their silver jumpsuits. You stared at them in amazement. You focused on Mason. He was hurt. He couldn't possibly fight. Not now.
  4. Mason you can't fight!" pleaded Indiana. "You are still hurt." "I'm fine. I can't back out. Besides, Jack has already healed me. Stop worrying." reassured Mason. He looked at you for a swift moment before all five of them disappeared. "Will Mason be alright?" you asked. "Hopefully he won't push himself too hard." Sighed Jack. You sat down on the leather sofa and did not move. You were scared. Scared that Mason might hurt himself again. After 30 minutes of no reply, Jack tried to contact the team but there was no answer. On the screen, there was suddenly a massive beeping. A video came up with Sophia. She was covered with bruises and cuts. A massive gash was on her forehead. "˜Help Jack. It's the guy from this morning. He's back. And he's got everyone. We can't defeat him. Mason's hurt. Jack HELP!" And the video was cut off. "What was that?" you gasped. "It's a distress call." Whispered Jack. Your mind was empty but there was only one thing which you thought right now. "I'm going there." You announced. "__________, what?!" cried Jack. "They are going to get killed out there. I need to help them." "Wait! ________ no!" exclaimed Jack but it was too late. You quickly stepped into the teleporters and disappeared before Jack to even stop you.
  5. You arrived just outside WestHart Shopping Centre. You gasped in horror. All 5 of them were on the floor, struggling to get up. They were covered in bruises and cuts. Then you saw him. The demon who had hurt your friends. He walked towards Mason, who was clutching his ribs in agony. "Not so strong are we now?" laughed the Demon. "Don't worry. This won't hurt a bit." Then he changed into a wolf-like creature, with sharp fangs baring at Mason. "No!" you shrieked and you lifted up a lorry from the road with your telekinesis and threw it towards the demon. The demon crashed into a brick building and collapsed into a heap. You ran towards Mason who was lying on the road. "Mason!" you shouted. Mason looked at you. "___________? Why are you here?" he said through his teeth clutching his ribs. "Stop talking." You said quietly gently helped him up. "Wait, did you just save my life?" he gave you a faint smile. You ignored him. You were just glad that Mason was still alive. "You won't get rid of me that easily." whispered a voice behind you. You turned around and saw the demon again walking towards both of you.
  6. "Run!" you screamed at Mason. You both began running. You both quickly dodged behind a car. "Stay here." You commanded. "____________ no. You are not fighting him." argued Mason. "Look, I'm practically the only one that can save you here. Now shut up and stay here." You snapped and ran out to the open. The demon changed into the wolf-like creature again and charged at you. You quickly threw some cars into it but it just bit threw them, tearing them to shreds. You began running, trying to find some sort of weapon. You turned around and noticed a jagged piece of a lamp post. "Here goes nothing," you thought to yourself. You lifted it up in deep concentration and aimed at his chest. The lamp post then pierced right into his heart.
  7. The demon howled in pain and vanished. You panted and turned around to see the whole entire team, staring at you in amazement. You ran towards them. "I need to get you all back." You commanded. Lucas nodded and reached to his belt to get the compact mobile. You all suddenly appeared back at the base.
  8. *FAST FORWARD* You sat by Mason in the medical room. He was resting on the bed, his eyes closed. He looked so vulnerable when he was sleeping. "I'm leaving." You announced. "Get some rest and don't push yourself." You stood up and was about to leave when Mason grabbed you by the wrist. "No. Stay please." Whispered Mason. You sat back down and realised what Mason had just said. Were you dreaming or did you just hear Mason being nice to you? He opened his eyes and looked at you. "Thank you _________, for saving my life." Smiled Mason. "You should be," you said trying to laugh it off. But Mason stopped smiling. The smile from his face vanished and you knew that he was serious. "___________, the things I said before about you being inexperienced, I was wrong. You are the strongest person I have ever met and I'm sorry for all those things." You looked at his speechless. "Do you think we could start over?" pleaded Mason. "I,I......." you stuttered. You stood up and began to run. "___________, please come back!" was the last thing you heard from Mason before you ran into the teleporters to be transported back home.
  9. When you arrived back home, you quickly ran upstairs to your bedroom. You collapsed onto the floor, unable to think. Mason saying's hard to believe. You didn't know what to do. Forgive him and let him harass you again? Or not to forgive him and regret it?
  10. Your mind was full of things. To forgive him or not? It's your choice. What will you choose?

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