the allied protectors of Earth (Part 2)

Hello! Welcome to my Part 2 of "the allied protectors of Earth"! I hope you will enjoy it and don't forget to comment or rate! Scroll down for more excitement!!

Woaaahhhh....Part 1 was freaking huh? A cliffhanger too! I think I was being too mean :P Anyways, did you survive? Who will save you? Well, down the page will shock some of you guys!

Created by: ayamesho
  1. Then the man with the scar swung his sword down towards you. You watched him frozen, unable to move. Closing your eyes, you braced yourself. But nothing happened. You heard the sword clatter to the ground. Slowly you opened your eyes and gasped in horror.
  2. Shards of sharp ice stuck out of his chest. The man stared down to his wound and then vanished into thin air. The other duplicates stared at you with hatred. Then they all began to walk towards you, lifting their swords simultaneously, ready to attack.
  3. Someone quickly grabbed you by your hands then pulled you up. "Come on!" they hissed. Obediently, you quickly began to run. You did not stop. You ran for your life, all you could hear was your breath and your heart slamming in your chest. You felt the grip on your hand loosen. "Wait!" you cried. "Please, don't leave me!" You turned round and saw who had just saved your life.
  4. Mason Alden. He quickly appeared in front of you, his back to you. He spread his arms from his sides as if protecting you. You could not believe it. Were you dreaming? "You are not going anywhere near her." you heard him say. Thats when you saw others helping Mason to protect you.
  5. A boy with curly brown hair and grey eyes punching one of the men in one punch which made the man vanish. The girl who you saw at detention earlier on suddenly managed to flex her body to kick through one man. A boy who has a double ended sword quickly slashes one of the men with no trouble of all. Last of all a girl who was so pretty you almost want to cry. With one swift moment of her hands, shards of ice went flying into the last man's body. You realised that she was the one who saved you earlier.
  6. All of the men disappeared including the original one. Mason turned to you. His eyes look into yours, then quickly looked at your wound. "You're hurt." he said. "Umm, yeah but it's no big deal." you said, trying to laugh it off. There was an awkward silence between you until the others came over. "You're hurt." said the beautiful girl. "We should get you back to base." You looked at all of them. "No seriously I'm fine!" you mumbled. "And what exactly would you mum say if you came home looking like that?" the boy with curly hair said. You hadn't really thought about that.
  7. "We are taking you back _________," replied Mason. "We will explain everything later but right now you need to come with us." He put his arm around you, carefully not to touch your wound. He pressed a button on the cuff of his sleeve and then suddenly, the whole entire park seemed to disappear away.
  8. You were then suddenly in a completely different place. The room was modern and looked completely pristine. The room was huge. There was a huge white sofa in front of a flat screen TV. There was a huge grand piano in the corner of the room. But the biggest thing that you found awesome was the huge balcony which overlooked a forest. As you stepped out of the large glass tube which you came from, your eyes widened at the whole room.
  9. You then realised that Mason still had his arm around you. "Take deep breaths," you thought to yourself. Inside your heart was beating so fast. "Jack!" Mason called. "Come out!" A young man with hazel hair and green eyes came into the room. He noticed you and looked at the wound on your arm. "Who's this?" he asked. "__________," replied Mason. A guy tried to attack her and she ended up getting hurt." The man looked at you then walked towards you. "I'm Jack, nice to meet you. If you could come this way, I can treat to your injury." Jack smiled. "Indiana, come and keep __________ company," The girl who you had detention with came skipping towards you. "Sure!" she smiled reassuringly. And with that you three headed out of the room. You turned you head to see Mason looking at you, his gaze looked so sad as if he blamed himself that you got injured. He quickly turned away from you as the doors closed behind you.
  10. Thanks for taking this! I hope you enjoyed this and I'll look forward to see you too! Bye!
  11. OH one last thing, I'm really sorry, I accidentally wrote your power in the results! I thought I would be able to write about your power but it turns out i didn't! So I guess you'll know the spoiler which was supposed be for the next part -_- way to go ayamesho

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