The allied protectors of Earth (part 1)

Hello! This is my first quiz which I created, from daydreams in my head actually! It will be full of action, jealousy and romance! Not to forget to mention, cliffhangers!

I hope you will enjoy this quiz and look out for my part 2 if people do really like it! Remember, it is only still my first quiz!! Urgh, that is all i have to write but the minim is 150!!

Created by: ayamesho
  1. The sound of my alarm beeped loudly from my bedside table. Groaning, I take my arm from my side and press the snooze button. I sat up and stretched, and got out of bed. I brushed my teeth and got changed into my school uniform. The shirt hung loose over my body and the grey skirt reached above my knees. The murky blue strip on the blazer sleeve and collar clashed with the grey.
  2. I quickly went down the stairs half awake and went to kitchen. The kitchen was silent and empty apart from the dripping of the tap. You noticed a note on the fridge door. "Hey honey, the hospital wanted me to come in earlier, things are pretty busy today. Remember to pack your bag and you'll have to walk home by yourself after school. Your dad's going to be home around noon. Love you, Mum x"
  3. I read the note slowly and sighed. Geez, I seriously hated waking. I quickly ate my breakfast, grabbed my bag and headed out the door. It was cold outside and you began to walk quickly to keep warm. You went to Aquinas Academy, a private school for boys and girls. Even though the school is co-ed, the boys and girls are separated after primary school. The building for boys are on the other side from the girls. When you are nearly at the school, you begin to see people with the same grey and murky blue uniform on. Suddenly, you see him.
  4. Mason Alden. The boy who broke your heart 3 years ago. Along with another few girls hearts. With his dirty blonde hair, tan skin and eyes as blue as the ocean, who can resist? Only his personality sucked. He was a player. He was always mean to you, call you names and practically bullied you. But you ignored all that. In your eyes he was practically a God that you worshipped. But when you finally decided to confess, he rejected you with no sympathy in his voice. "You? Why would I like you? Forget it __________, who would even lay his eyes on you?!" You would never ever forget those words.
  5. You stopped in your tracks, not being able to move. Mason glanced at you for a second, put his hands into his trouser pockets and walked off to join a few of his friends. You sighed. You could never forget him. You watched him as his friends greeted him and patted his back. His blue eyes shone brightly as if there was nothing in the world that could bother him. You couldn't help with feeling a little angry and upset but you took even breaths and calmed down. Slowly, you turned you back on Mason and began to walk to your building, slowly trying to painfully forget him as a tear rolled silently down your cheek.
  6. You could not stop thinking about Mason for the rest of the day. You ended up getting told off by teachers which resulted in you getting detention. You texted your mum, saying that you are working on a project and will be back home later. You sighed and slowly walked to the detention classroom. Your evil maths teacher, Mrs Croft was supervising. Her body was bony with baggy old granny clothes hanging off her. Her grey dry hair was piled on top of her head in a messy pile. She glared at you from her glasses. "Detention again __________?" You nodded and took a seat at an empty table. The room was empty apart from a girl a few years younger than you. Her hair was as black as charcoal reaching down to nearly her waist, her skin was tanned and her build was slender. The thing that fascinates you the most was her eyes. They were a strange colour of brown with a hint of green. She looked at you and smiled and waved slightly. You smiled politely and continued with you physics equation.
  7. After detention, you walked out of the school, walking at a fast pace. The street lamps were on as the sky had already began to darken. You walked through a large park as it was a faster route home. You couldn't help but notice that you felt someone watching you. Suddenly it happened.
  8. Someone clasped their hand around your mouth and the other round your waist. You froze in terror. You felt someone breathing down your back. Instinctively, you elbowed him hard into is body. But he didn't let go. "Think you can get rid of me like that did you?" he laughed. You struggled hard until you bit his hand which was round you mouth. The man yelped in pain and his grip loosened. You quickly pushed him off and began running. Suddenly quicker than a second, he appeared in front of you. You could see him now. He had a long scar running down from his right eye to his chin. He carried a big sword which glistened in the street light. He grinned evilly at you then suddenly there were six of him, all looking at you. You didn't know which one was the original.
  9. One of them charged at you, swinging his sword. You dodged but not quick enough. His sword slashed you in the upper arm. You cried in pain and fell back onto the grass. You clutched your injured arm, feeling the warm blood oozing out from your fingers and dripping down to the floor. The man laughed. "You were such an easy target." And with that he swung his sword down towards you.
  10. I'm going to end it there! Haha, sorry for the cliffhanger! Please rate and comment! Remember, it's my first time writing a quiz so please go easy!

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