How much do you love Earth?

The Earth is our home, the place will live in since birth. Without it we can't exist. Without it we are nothing. Those who truly love the Earth and those who don't live together, and there is a wonder as to which side will win.

Do YOU love the planet you share with so many lives? Are you a worthy life-form that exists on Earth and cherishes enough? Are you?? Try this Quiz to find out the truth.

Created by: Kajune
  1. When you go out somewhere, what do you usually use for transportation?
  2. If your pet died, what would you do with the body?
  3. If you wanted to use some spare land but didn't have any because of all the trees, what would you do?
  4. If you could decide, would you request that on every special day there would be fireworks?
  5. If you saw an empty soda can and a piece of metal floating in the sea near you, what would you do?
  6. Which of these incidents do you think is the worst?
  7. If there was a pile of leaves in front of you, what would you do?
  8. What do you think of construction sites when you see them?
  9. Which one is your favorite element?
  10. If a forest was in flames, what would you think?
  11. Last question. Do you think that if everyone was rich and all the countries had massive cities, would it be nice?

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Quiz topic: How much do I love Earth?