Which criminal were you in your last life?

In this quiz you will find out what sort of criminal you were in your last life. Many and varied characters have occupied the planet and some have been very colourful indeed. This quiz will determine just how colourful.

So take this quiz and learn what you have always wanted to know. What sort of horrible monster were you in your last life? What is the very worse you have done against other people? How have you made the earth a worse place to live.

Created by: Gogo

  1. How much do you drink?
  2. What is your favourite colour?
  3. What is you favourite language?
  4. Which is your Favourite city?
  5. What is your favourite decade of the last century?
  6. What is your favourite musical instrument?
  7. For entertainment I
  8. I am a(n)
  9. For religion I
  10. Your favourite sea?

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Quiz topic: Which criminal were you in my last life?