the "who are you" test

Who am I? Better yet, who are you? What kind of person are you or are you becoming? What will happen to you later in life? Will I be someone people look up to, or be a criminal that is always on the run from the law? Will I have a good life in a few years, or will i live in a trashy mobile home.

Take this simple quiz to find out. Just answer a few questions and find out for yourself who you might be. You will find out if you are going to be a respectable person or a jailbird trying to escape the power of "The Man". You will also see if you resort to things that are illegal just for money or enjoyment!

Created by: matt

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  1. Do you like drugs?
  2. Do you like guns?
  3. Do you like barn animals?
  4. Do you like learning about car engines and what they do?
  5. are you willing to sacrifice your life to save someone.
  6. Do you care about your grades and scholl in general?
  7. Do you like recording yourself on tape and showing your friends and family?
  8. What are you doing right now?
  9. Do you have any life threatening or sexual thoughts about someone in your school or community?
  10. Are you ready to find out who you are!?!?

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Quiz topic: The "who am I" test