How CB Radio Are You?

CB radio had it's glory days in the early 1980's- well before we had the internet and mobile phones. It was the first way ever that the general public could chat to total strangers and make friends or hurl abuse at each other without meeting.

There maybe only small numbers of people using CB radio now compared with 30 years ago, but there are still a few who have remained faithfull. Are you one of them? With starter equipment now available for under £50, there is also an increasing number of people joining the hobby. Could this be you?

Created by: Gary H
  1. Kris Kristofferson. Better known as?
  2. In what year did CB radio first become legal in the UK?
  3. What is the truckers "calling" channel?
  4. What colour would you associate with "The Modulator"
  5. What are linear amplifiers sometimes called?
  6. What does "SWR" stand for?
  7. Where would you need a "ground plane"
  8. What usually allows for long distance CB communication known as "skip"?
  9. How much power does a standard UK CB transmit?
  10. And what Frequency?
  11. Who is required to need a licence to own a CB Radio?
  12. "Foxhunting" is...
  13. Linear amplifiers again?
  14. What is a "silver rod"?
  15. When someone says "Muppets" the are referring to...?
  16. Where could you find a "dummy load"?
  17. What is a K40?
  18. Linear amplifiers- last time, I promise!
  19. What is your "20"?

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Quiz topic: How CB Radio am I?