How much do you know about radio in the 1920s

Did you ever wonder how the first commercially available radios in the 1920s worked? Well, now you can see how much you know about this fascinating subject.

PLEASE NOTE: As it has been almost 100 years since these radios were produced, not many people know much about this subject, so there is no need to be upset if you do not get a high score.

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  1. Which of the following products had they jingle "Have You Tried--------" in the 1920s.
  2. Which source of electric current did ALL radio sets operate in before 1927?
  3. What kind of the following technology was NOT employed in 1920s radios.
  4. What kind of the following technology WAS employed in 1920s radios?
  5. How many tuning knobs did one need to adjust to bring in one station in the 1920s?
  6. What following term for different types of radio circuits were used in the 1920s?
  7. Which word was another term for a radio in the 1920s?
  8. Which of the following radio sets was popular in the early 1920s?
  9. Which radio station policy was considered immoral by some radio stations in the 1920s?
  10. Were 1920s radio speakers built into the radio receiver?
  11. Which radio station from the 1920s is no longer around?
  12. What kind of radio speakers did most radios use in the early to mid 1920s?
  13. Which radio type was a status symbol in the late 1920s?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about radio in the 1920s