Short-wave Radio Quiz

This quiz is for those who are or have been short-wave radio enthusiasts, also known as DXers. IF you are a current, frequent or occasional listener, or haven't listened in some time, give your hand a try. The questions are a combination of current as well as historical information.

BBC? VOA? CBC? RSA? RNW? If these mean something to you and elicit a melancholy fora time gone by and that not long ago, that of international short-wave broadcasting at its best, why not give this quiz a try -- see how much you recall and how much up-to-date you are in the world of DX!

Created by: Gary
  1. What are the call letters of the Canadian time signal station?
  2. For many years, which broadcaster's transmissions were often begun with the melody 'Lillibollero'?
  3. As of Sept. 2017, which of these still has broadcasts in Esperanto?
  4. If you heard 'This is Gander', which type of information would you expect to follow?
  5. What is SINPO?
  6. In its native language which broadcaster is known as 'E Fone tis Ellados'?
  7. What is 'The Pip'?
  8. If I'm listening to BSKSA. What can I expect to hear?
  9. In which year was the final Radio St Helena broadcast made?
  10. What is Radio Marti?
  11. In the past 20 years many international broadcasters have ceased short-wave transmissions. Which of the following followed suit, then, at the request of its maritime community, resumed them?
  12. NHK is which country's official broadcaster?
  13. For many years which broadcaster featured news in Latin?
  14. Which of these frequencies is in the 19 metre band?
  15. The headquarters of the BBC is known as:
  16. If my radio is set to CW mode which type of transmission am I listening to?
  17. For many years the BBC broadcast on which long-wave frequency?
  18. A carillon version of the Eighty Years War song was the unmistakable interval signal of which broadcaster?
  19. Which has for many years been a fundamentalist Christian preacher on short-wave with their own station?
  20. Which station has for many years broadcast a DX listeners programme hosted by Arnie C.?
  21. The transmitters and studios of Radio Miami International are situated in which Florida city?
  22. Which country still broadcasts on short-wave, albeit with a target only of the surrounding area.
  23. Radio Moscow's successor, the Voice of Russia, ceased its short-wave transmissions in which year?
  24. US time-signal station WWV has done experimental transmissions on which frequency?
  25. With which organisation are USB STANAG broadcasts associated?
  26. Which frequency would most likely transmit from a submarine?
  27. Which term is used to indicate that a broadcast signal is intermittent, that is, going in and out of audible reception?
  28. After many years the US Coast Guard announced in August 2013 that it would no longer monitor transmissions on which international maritime distress frequency?
  29. About when did frequencies begin to be expressed in kilohertz instead of kilocycles?
  30. In 1994 which broadcast news organisation became the first to offer continuously updated programmes on the Internet?
  31. From 1933 to 1992 which greatly popular short-wave station could claim to be the biggest commercial radio station in Europe and most powerful privately-owned transmitter in the world?
  32. Which nation, only in 2017, began short-wave transmissions to Antarctica as the only means to communicate to its citizens there news from the homeland?
  33. In March 2017, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules to allow Amateur Radio access to which frequencies?
  34. After almost 60 years of broadcasting to Asia in English, which broadcaster ended these transmissions in March 2017?
  35. Which station continues (as of Sept 2017) to broadcast in English to North America?
  36. If you are listening to a VOLMET station, which type of information would you be hearing?
  37. Which has never been used as a frequency of CHU, the Canadian time-signal station?
  38. If a broadcast consists of repeated sets of five numbers, which type is it likely to be?
  39. Which technology was adopted by some short-wave stations in order to upgrade the audio to FM-like quality?
  40. The last remaining BBC short-wave broadcasting site is located where in the UK?

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