Current Supreme Court Justices

This quiz tests your knowledge of the current day supreme court judges. You will be asked who appointed them to the panel, as well as what side of the spectrum they associate with.

Take this quiz if you want to see how smart you are in regards to the current day Judicial system. See if you are smarter than the majority of Americans by answering these questions.

Created by: Amanda
  1. Who appointed Sotomayor to the court?
  2. Under which political spectrum does Sotomayor most associate with?
  3. What are some specifics about Sotomayor
  4. Who appointed Kagan to the Supreme Court?
  5. What political spectrum does Kagan most identify with?
  6. What are some specifics about Kagan?
  7. Who appointed Alito to the Supreme Court?
  8. What side of political spectrum does Alito associate with?
  9. Who appointed Roberts to the Supreme Court?
  10. What side of the political spectrum does Roberts associate with?
  11. Who appointed Ginsburg to the Supreme Court?
  12. What political spectrum does Ginsburg associate with?
  13. What are some specific features about Ginsburg?
  14. Who appointed Breyer to the Supreme Court?
  15. What side of the political spectrum does Breyer identify with?
  16. Who appointed Thomas to the Supreme Court?
  17. What side of the political spectrum does Thomas associate with?
  18. What are some specific details about Thomas?
  19. Who appointed Kennedy to the Supreme Court?
  20. How does Kennedy identify on the political spectrum?
  21. What are some specific details about Kennedy?
  22. Who appointed Scalia to the Supreme Court?
  23. What side of the political spectrum does Scalia associate with?
  24. Who is the Supreme Court Justice?

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