Supreme Commander: Game & Gameplay

A 20 question quiz on the game "Supreme Commander." Half is on the game's plot, and half is on actual gameplay. Some of the questions are easy, some are hard, and some are miniscule facts no one should know.

A short quiz on SupCom, the new PC RTS game; a 'spiritual successor' to Total Annihilation. I'm not really planning to do anything with it, though I will post it on the GPGnet forums.

Created by: Ragnoti
  1. Game #1: The Aeon based their philosophy on an alien race known as the:
  2. Game #2: The UEF's highest ranking military officer is General Samantha:
  3. Game #3: The war is known as 'The ______ War'
  4. Game #4: The war is set in what century?
  5. Game #5: The three faction's mottos/philosphies are summed up in what words?
  6. Game #6: To get from planet to planet, the three factions use:
  7. Game #7: True or False; There are no live people on the battlefield.
  8. Game #8: The Cybran supercomputer is named
  9. Game #9: After the collapse of the original unified galactic government, which governing body took over till the United Earth Federation was formed?
  10. Gameplay #1: The Cybran experimental super-gunship is known as a:
  11. Gameplay #2: The Fatboy can't build a:
  12. Gameplay #3: Which offensive Cybran unit has build assist/repair tech suite?
  13. Gameplay #4: Which offensive Cybran unit has build assist/repair tech suite?
  14. Gameplay #5: To self-destruct, hit:
  15. Gameplay #6: Transporting/walking your ACU into your opponents base to nuke them can be known as:
  16. Gameplay #7: What are hits-and-misses based on?
  17. Gameplay #8: The Aeon Frigate (Beacon-class) is unique because:
  18. Gameplay #9: Construction units can assist in all of these functions except:
  19. Gameplay #10: Cybran aircrafts' radar stealth costs how much energy per second per unit (when in use)?

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