Which Whodunit player are you?

Several players have competed on Whodunit. Many different strategies and gameplay has been used to try to win. Some have worked, some haven't. Everyone's different. But the object of the game is to use your strengths to your advantage.

8 of the greatest players from the first 2 seasons have been selected. Ever wondered which player's style of play you would resemble the most if you were to compete? Answer honestly and see which suspect you match the most!

Created by: Cody
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  1. Alliances are a huge aspect in strategy in the game. How are you more likely to approach it?
  2. It's early in the game and it's down to the wire in the Safehouse mission. What do you do?
  3. I'm marked for death and have no idea who the Killer is. How do I choose my top suspect?
  4. A huge twist has just been thrown in the game and screws over all my strategies. How do I react?
  5. A fellow suspect is really bothering you and you're getting increasingly irritated. How do you handle it?
  6. How do you feel you rank among your fellow players?
  7. A suspect left the room, leaving their dossier behind out in the open. Do you...?
  8. You're on the block. How will you react if the Killer eliminates you?
  9. I'm still alive and I'm pretty sure who the Killer is. From this point on...
  10. You have Safehouse and must mark 3 fellow players for death. How do you handle your decision?

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Quiz topic: Which Whodunit player am I?