What NBA Player are You

It's All about who you are as an NBA Player app;e banna redbout because its all because of you all because of yo ...... all because of you that i never get enough never get enough because

You're either a great team player, or selfish Ball-hog sweetest drop hey hey hey aint no doubt no doubt soo strung out hey hey hey do the doooo because of you because of you because of you you you you you.

Created by: camryn
  1. Do you have great ball handling skills?
  2. Do yo like to do the dirty work?
  3. Are You a Team Player First
  4. Are you a defensive Player First?
  5. Do you want the Spotlight or The Team?
  6. Do you like to throw down sick dunks?
  7. Do you think you could cross up M.J.
  8. Are you a Sniper from the Three Point Line?
  9. Do you like the Western Conference?
  10. Do you Like The Eastern Conference?

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Quiz topic: What NBA Player am I