Are You a True Softball Player

This quiz is going to test you on how much you know or how much you play softball. This will let you know if you are absolutly a true softball player or if........

You are a rookie of a player. You may not have played at all or just do not pay attention to the game. Well right now i am just babbling because i do not know what to say right now. But Thanks anyway.

Created by: chewy12
  1. How many innings does softball usually have?
  2. When you back up 2nd base, what position are you playing?
  3. When the person at bat hits the ball really high, what is that called?
  4. What position is the one the coach puts their best player?
  5. How many outs do you need to end a whole inning?
  6. Have you ever played softball?
  7. If the ball is hit on the ground to the left side who is to go to secound base?
  8. How many players do you need to play the game?
  9. How Many years have you played softball, if ever?
  10. What is the thing you need the most to be a good player?

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Quiz topic: Am I a True Softball Player